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Top Christian Business Directory, Business Listing Christian 2023 Updated

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Top Christian Business Directory, Business Listing Christian 2023 Updated

  1. Christianbusinessdirectoryonline

A special thanks goes out to all the businesses and customers who use the Christian Business Directory. It started in Fort Collins, Colorado in 1989. We had a vision of a directory to enable Christians to seek out one another for the purpose of strengthening and bringing together the Christian community. Since then, our Lord has opened the door for us to grow to over 31 Directories throughout the country. Please call if you would like to know more about Red Letter Publishing, LLC or have a suggestion for improving the directory. The Christian business people represented in this directory would rather choose a good name than all the riches and silver. They have verbalized their beliefs in Jesus Christ as the Son of the living God and have confessed that He is Lord over their lives, homes, and businesses. The members are not exploiting their Christian faith, nor is this any type of discount program; but they are desiring to represent Christ in service to you. The vision of this directory is the belief that Christians should support their brothers and sisters in the Lord, if at all possible. To make this possible we feel that there is a need for these businesses to be made known to the Christian community

Services: Marketing

Small business

Increased your givin

Business has gained a custome

Additional funds for the work of the ministry.

Address: Red Letter Publishing LLC PO Box 272682 Fort Collins, CO 80527

Contact: 970-267-9669


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  1. Christiansinbusiness

To help churches establish or enhance ministry to their business leaders. OUR VISION STATEMENT: To change the culture of America by better connecting the church and encouraging Christian business leaders to do more for God’s Kingdom. HOW WE FUND OUR VISION: By harnessing the natural desire most business owners have to grow their businesses, and giving them the opportunity to utilize advertising dollars that would most likely be spent elsewhere, we are able to provide the connection tools and consulting necessary to help churches find ways to engage their business leaders. This website exists to provide a resource where Christian consumers and Christian owned and operated businesses can find each other. First, within their own church, then their city, state, country and the world. We believe it is the responsibility of every believer to search for a Christian source for the products and services they need whenever possible. Romans 12:10 says that “We should prefer one another in Brotherly Love

Services: Search Locally

 Advertise Your Business

 Church Partners

 Claim Your Listing

Address: Christian

Contact: 423-385-5335


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  1. Missionalmarketing

A great starting point for churches who are new to Missional Marketing products and services would be to explore the Google Ad Grant and Local Church SEO Boost. As industry experts, we’re proud to say that we have an arkload of experience with online church advertising, church website SEO, and reaching millennials. Everything we do focuses on putting more ‘cheeks in the seats’ at your church – and it works! Among a large collection of marketing tools we offer, our Sermon Video Library, Church Writing Services, and Church Landing Page Services help churches to build their website domain authority with valuable SEO Content. We welcome a scheduled call to walk you through these effective tools.

Services: Sermon Video Library

 Sermon Video Consulting

 Church Tools

 Online Giving Consultation

 Church Writing Services

Communications Consulting

 Church Plants

Address: 10115 E. Bell Road Suite 107, Box 146 Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

Contact: 480.420.2007


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  1. Christianbusinessonline.

We at Integrity Publishing Solutions believe that together we can change the world through our faith in Jesus Christ. To do this effectively we must be willing to step forward, publicly declare our belief in our Lord and demonstrate our faith in our daily life. Each of us must take our place as community business leaders, profess our belief in the Word of God and demonstrate our belief in how we conduct our businesses with both believers and non believers. Integrity Publishing Solutions is dedicated to bringing Christians and Christian businesses together in an effective and professional manner that honors God.  We achieve that by connecting Christian consumers with Christ centered businesses through online, print and mobile media.  In today’s economy, Christians are looking for businesses they can trust. They want a fair job for a fair price. But more than that, Christians want to know that the dollars they are spending are going back to serving the Lord, whether through tithes, offerings, missions, etc.

Services: Supporting Christian Businesses help support Christian Families

 Christian values

  Christian lifestyles

 Dollars spent with Christian businesses go back to serving the Lord through tithes, offerings

Christian Non Profit organizations are given a free ad to tell about their ministry

Address: Christian

Contact: 888-398-9511.


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  1. Goodnewsfl

 Each of us must take our place as community business leaders, profess our belief in the Word of God and demonstrate our belief in how we conduct our businesses with both believers and non believers. Integrity Publishing Solutions is dedicated to bringing Christians and Christian businesses together in an effective and professional manner that honors God.  We achieve that by connecting Christian consumers with Christ centered businesses through online, print and mobile media.  In today’s economy, Christians are looking for businesses they can trust.







Address😛 O Box 670368 Coral Springs, FL 33067

Contact: 954-564-5378


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  1. Christianpages

As we have therefore opportunity let us do good unto all men especially unto them who are of the household of faith. ~Gal 6:10 The community of advertisers included on support and endorse these steadfast truths: I am a Christ follower and have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I support efforts to protect human life from conception to natural death. I desire to connect with Christians in my community and pledge to provide them with fair, honest, and reliable service. The Directory is designed to create a contact point between Christian business professionals and the Christian community, for those church members who desire to do business with other Christians. Advertisers are committed to their faith and Support Life. is updated daily with new listings and contacts, and contains vital links to web pages and web sites of advertisers, affording the reader detailed information on many of our business advertisers. All of our advertisers have endorsed this statement, I understand that it is my responsibility to be fair and honest in all business dealings while providing the finest quality products and services in my field of business.

Services: Christian Living

Bible Studies



Address: P.O. Box 4967 Troy, MI 48099



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  1. Shepherdsguide

The Shepherd’s Guide was founded in 1979 and the first print directory came out in Baltimore, Maryland in 1980.  It was introduced to Canada in 1988 where, to this day, local publishers independently own and operate the directories for their designated area. The Canadian Shepherd’s Guide has grown to serve seventeen areas across five provinces in Canada. Each year 200,000 copies of The Canadian Shepherd’s Guide are printed making it the largest Christian directory in Canada. Its online presence receives on average 3,000 unique visitors per month. Our Purpose At the Canadian Shepherd’s Guide we strive to strengthen, edify and unite the Body of Christ through the marketplace. Our directories provide a vehicle by which consumers can find Christian professionals in every area of business and ministry.  The Canadian Shepherd’s Guide is also a means by which Christian business people can connect with each other to establish alliances for mutual encouragement and synergy. We desire to break down the walls of division and build a community among Christians so that Jesus’ prayer would become a reality, “May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me.” (John 17:23 NIV)

Services:Events & Jobs posting


Address: Box 42003 RPO Millbourne Edmonton, Alberta T6K 4C4

Contact: 780-463-4506


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  1. Christiandirectory

The Christian Internet Directory : Christian Business Directories Business directory listings of christian business directories on the internet. “An unbiased, non-partisan solution to help slow the spread of Coronavirus Pandemic (Covid 19). I suggest that we are ‘American Strong’ and that we have the ability to conquer this disease as a Nation.”

Services:Christian Business Directory

Christian Business Guide

Christian Search Engine

Products Christian Directory

Address: Christian

Contact: ———————–


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  1. Trustbluereview

To develop a connected community of consumers and businesses, based on trust and Christian values, where product and service needs are met, and the kingdom of God is extended. Our Vision To become the national leader in the marketing of Christian product and service providers. We desire to impact the world by uniting the body of Christ and encouraging business owners to live out their faith as leaders in the marketplace. Faith We affirm the historic Christian faith that proclaims the life-changing Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and encourages its advertisers to do the same.

Services: Certified Public Accountants

 Public Accountants

 Acupuncture Adoption Services

 Advertising Directory & Guide Advertising

  Newspaper Advertising

  Radio Advertising

  Specialties Advertising

  Television Advertising

Air Cleaning & Purifying Equipment

Address: Christian Blue Network 521 Byers Rd Ste 102 Miamisburg, OH 45342

Contact: 1-800-860-2583


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  1. Integritybusinessreferrals

Integrity Business Referrals was founded in April, 2010 by Lew Frye Lew saw the need for cooperation among Christian business people, pastors and believers. When it comes time to make a purchase decision it would seem to make sense that Christian buyers would prefer supporting Christian businesses. But in reality there seemed to be very little loyalty in relation to the values and beliefs of the business or owner of the business that buyers are supporting. Lew’s vision was to create a network of reputable, bible-believing business people that the marketplace could rely on. By supporting a Christian owned business you are really supporting the entire Church and the Body of Christ. Isn’t that what we, as believers, are called to do? Here is Lew’s story Starting with being drawn by God to a relationship with Jesus and later being let to be active in Christian Marketplace Ministry. Is this all there is? Is this what success is supposed to feel like? I

Services: Christian Business


Address: 7922 Sioux Lane Lakeland, FL 33801

Contact:(863) 521-3360


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