Best Chiropractor in Coimbatore 2023 Updated, Chiropractor Near me

Chiropractor in CoimbatoreChiropractor in Coimbatore

Chiropractor in Coimbatore

  1. Sri Ramakrishna Hospital (Multi-Speciality)

Located in the traditional textile capital of South India, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital has attained an iconic reputation since its inception in 1975. Situated on 18 acres of land right in the heart of Coimbatore city, this hospital has in many ways become a part of medical history. In fact, it has been an integral part of the healthcare revolution of modern India.Established and run by the SNR Sons Trust, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital treats thousands upon thousands of patients each year. The most advanced oncological procedures to treatments for everyday ailments, we bring relief to patients from all walks of life. We use state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge surgical and medical techniques to deliver outstanding outcomes.

Treatment: Anesthesiology


Cardiovascular And Thoracic Surgery

Clinical Laboratory



Diabetology And Endocrinology

Emergency Care



General Medicine

General Surgery

Address: 395, Sarojini Naidu Rd, Siddhapudur, Balasundaram Layout, B.K.R Nagar, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641044

Contact No.: 0422 450 0000



Edamanaassery Spine Hospital, an ISO 9001:2015 certified institution, is the only Ayurvedic spinal cord treatment centre in India. Backed with Varma treatment method, the neurological section of Ayurveda, Edamanaassery Spine Hospital offers complete cure from any form of disc diseases. It is an ancient wisdom. It can be traced back to an age even before human kind started using medicines to cure illness. Bare hands are being used to diagnose and treat illnesses in this method of treatment. Invented by the sages of ancient period, the Varma art was classified in to three

Treatment: Long time suffering due to undiagnosed illness

Unrecognizable pain in body

Discomforts due to obesity

Left uncured by any other treatment methods


Declared incurable by any system of medicine

No time to perform physical exercise

Lethargic to perform day to day activities

Address: Manikarampalayam, Ganapathypudur, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641006

Contact No.: 083300 40100


  1. Cauvery Ayurveda Gramam

Cauvery Ayurveda Gramam, has more than two hundred years of inherited experience in the field of Ayurvedic treatment and rejuvenating therapies, and has branches in different parts of the South India. We have considerably contributed to the knowledge pool of Ayurveda by persistently putting efforts to reinvent the ancient traditional system and disseminate the same to the rest of the world. We have created thousands of happy clients who lead a better life after having our treatment and relaxation massages. We have a rich pool of professionally qualified and trained therapists. A qualified Ayurvedic doctor is available around the clock for consultation. We strongly recommend a detailed consultation with the doctor before any therapies.













Address: Left From Welcome Hotel, 50, West Club Road Opposite Sarvvam, Race Course Near Welcome Hotel (ITC), IInd, Desaba Colony, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641018

Contact No.: 0422 439 4181


  1. Doctor’s Yoga

Naturopathy deals with the healing power of nature since it believes that all healing powers are within your body. This means that within every human organism there is a healing energy, which includes our immune system in the fuller sense of both the physical and the psyche, which is responsible for our wellness and our ability to heal and maintain health. Since we fall ill only when we go against Nature, the cause of diseases (toxins) is expelled from the body to cure it. Fasting has been described as Nature’s way to recover. A thorough rest, which includes fasting, is the most favorable condition in which an ailing body can purify and recoup itself..

Treatment: Color Therapy

Hydro Therapy

Juice Therapy

Mud Therapy

Mudra Therapy

Address: No 53/13, Bharathi colony West, Peelamedu,Near, Haribhavanam, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641004

Contact No.: 099520 89464


  1. SAFA Health Care Center

Among the finest Acupuncture Doctors in the city, Safa Health Care Centre in Kavundampalayam, Coimbatore is known for offering excellent patient care. The clinic is located centrally in Kavundampalayam, a prominent locality in the city. It stands close to Near Mosque which not only makes it convenient for people from the vicinity to consult the doctor but also for those from other neighbourhoods to seek medical guidance. There is no dearth of public modes of transport to reach the clinic from all major areas of the city.

Treatment: Acupuncture

Varma Therapy


Mesmerism Therapy and Training


Energy Healing

Distant Healing

Address: 5/19, Mosque Street,, Near Padhmavathy Hospital, Kavundampalayam, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641030

Contact No.: 099655 20121


  1. R K Nature Cure Home

Dr. R. Krishnaswamy Gounder was born on 15 September, 1907 to devout parents. He went on to become a proficient Tamil scholar and earned the title of “Pulavar” i.e. poet, early in his life. Blessed with an eager eye for everything around him and a thirst to better the life of people and society in general, he pioneered several innovations, like inventing Gobar Gas Plant to designing and developing charcoal gas plant to run buses and trucks during the Second World War to novel farming techniques.

Treatment: Prithivi chikitsa (Mud Therapy) – Element Earth

Jalachikitsa (Water therapy) – Element Water

Vayu chikitsa (Air therapy) – Element Air

Akasa Chikitsa (Detoxification therapy) – Element Vacuum

Surya / Agni Chikitsa (Heliotherapy) – Element fire.

Yogic Healing


Therapeutic Diet

Address: No.12, Krishna Layout, Ganapathy, behind Roots Group of Companies, Tamil Nadu 641006

Contact No.: 0422 433 0337


  1. Poorna Ayur

At Poorna Ayur we offer all popular Kerala ayurveda treatments, massages and therapies, either individually or as packages. We have a team of experienced doctors and therapists on call to understand your medical needs and suggest solutions. Our services also include a full-fledged Ayurvedic retail outlet offering a range of classic formulations and OTC medicines. We offer all popular Kerala ayurveda treatments, massage and therapies, individually or in packages after our on-site doctor have delved deeply into the needs and medical conditions of the client.

Treatment: Abhyangam

Swedhanam / Kizhi











Address: No.128, A2, 1st Floor, Rathna Giri Towers Between Orga Foods and RK Photo Centre, Race Course Rd, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641018

Contact No.: 0422 421 2142


  1. Dr Positive Homeopathy

Dr. A.M. Reddy founded Positive Group which includes the chain of Positive Homeopathy and Positive Dental clinics across India in the year 2005. He is known to be one of the renowned Homeopaths in India and has been practicing Homeopathy since decades. He not only played a pioneering role in the development of Homeopathy in India, but also took every measure possible to ensure that its significance and awareness has reached millions of people across the nation. Now Positive Group is considered one of the leading chains of clinics in India characterized by its great percentage of success rate in treatments.

Treatment: Diabetes Mellitus






Address: D.No 574-A, Diwan Bahadura Road, Vayaluran Tower, Rathina Sabapathy Puram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641002

Contact No.: 076750 09000


  1. Santhigiri Ayurveda and Siddha Hospital

From time Immemorial, India has been known as a land blessed with spirituality that transcends religion. Sanathana Dharma holds that spirituality is the essence of man that goes beyond life, death and belief. By the will of the Brahmam, to NAVAJYOTHI SREEKARUNAKARAGURU was revealed the total reality of human existence. Guru was born in modest circumstances at Chandiroor, Cherthala 90 years ago. After relentless spiritual endeavor Ashram. Santhigiri Ashram is situated in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, having branch Ashrams in Cherthala (Janmagriham), Haripad, Kottarakkara, Thrissur, Kozhikode, Kannur, Sultanbathery, Palghat, Kallar, Kumily, Cochin, Kottayam, Madurai, Kanyakumari, Bangalore and appropriate for our Yuga by Guru.

Treatment: Annadanam




Mangalya Nidhi

Vidhya Nidhi



Address: 2, Annaporna hotel, 30, Near, Alagesan Rd, Saibaba Colony, Tamil Nadu 641011

Contact No.: 090426 32120


  1. Arya Vaidya Sala,Kottakkal, (AVS)

 Arya Vaidya Sala,Kottakkal, (AVS) is an 119 years old Charitable Institution engaged in the practice and propagation of Ayurveda, the ancient health care science of India. AVS offers classical Ayurvedic medicines and authentic Ayurvedic treatments and therapies to patients from all over India and abroad. AVS was established at Kottakkal in Kerala State of India in 1902 by the visionary physician and philanthropist, the late Vaidyaratnam P.S. Varier. Started essentially as a village clinic, it has now grown into a multi-unit, multi-disciplinary, multi-functional and multi-crore organisation.

Treatment: DHARA






Address: 4, Bharathi Park 7th Corss Rd, Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641011

Contact No.: 094450 23388


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