Top 10 Chiropractors in Bristol 2024 – Ranking, Review

Top 10 Chiropractors in BristolTop 10 Chiropractors in Bristol

Top 10 Chiropractors in Bristol

Explore the top 10 chiropractors in Bristol with our comprehensive list of the Top 10 practitioners. Our expert rankings, insightful reviews, and real-time updates will guide you to the most trusted chiropractic care in Bristol. Make an informed choice for your health and well-being.

                Top 10 Chiropractors in Bristol


  1. Willow Chiropractic

 Doctors of Chiropractic are trained to diagnose, treat, manage, and prevent disorders of the musculoskeletal system (bones, joints, and muscles), as well as the effects these disorders can have on the nervous system and general health. 

Service—Back pain



Neck pain


Knee pain 

Address— Unit 8B, Clifton Down Shopping Centre BS8 2NN, United Kingdom.  

Contact—+44 800 511 8966 



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  • Bristol Chiropractic Clinic

 If you believe you could benefit from chiropractic treatment and you’re looking for a well regarded, professional chiropractic clinic in Bristol then look no further than Bristol Chiropractic Clinic, located at Precision Fitness in Warmley.  

Service—Begin this hip strengthening exercise lying on your back in the position demonstrated. Slowly lift your bottom pushing through your feet, until your knee, hip and shoulder are in a straight line. Tighten your bottom muscles (gluteals) as you do this. Hold for 2 seconds and repeat 10 times. Add on repetitions of 10 as you get stronger.  

Address—Chiropractic Clinic, Precision Fitness, Southway Dr, Warmley, Bristol BS30 5LW, United Kingdom.  

Contact— +44 117 214 0785 


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  1. Bristol Chiropractic Sports and Family Clinic

 Bristol Chiropractic Sports and Family Clinic was established in 2012. Since this time, the clinic has evolved into an all-encompassing multidisciplinary clinic. 

Service—Our friendly reception team will greet you and ask you to fill out the relevant paperwork required for your consultation, please allow 15 minutes prior to your appointment to complete these.

Your Chiropractor will then take you into a private one to one consulting room and go through a thorough history and examination with you. 

Address— 2 Kellaway Ave, Bristol BS6 7XR, United Kingdom. 

Contact—+44 117 962 0100 



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  1. Kasa Chiropractic

 At our first appointment together, we’ll listen to you and ask some specific questions about your symptoms. We’ll be keen to know your past medical history too, just so we can build up a complete picture. 

Service—Muscular strains

Tennis elbow

Golfers elbow

Muscular dysfunctions


Sports hernias and injuries 

Address—33 Alma Vale Rd, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2HL, United Kingdom.  

Contact—: +44 117 974 1501   



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  • Bristol Back Pain Clinic

  The Bristol Back Pain Clinic is a friendly, caring, family run chiropractic and osteopathic clinic offering effective treatment, specialist care and ongoing advice and support for a wide range of conditions.

Service— The Paintworks (past the Boca Bar on the left) there is some cycle parking on the right. Directly opposite, behind the Zone A information sign and below our Bristol Back Pain Clinic sign on the large red brick building, there are some steps that lead up onto a wooden walkway that runs along the edge of the building.

Address— 4.23 Paintworks Bath Road, Arno’s Vale, Bristol BS4 3EH, United Kingdom. 

Contact— +44 117 972 3518 


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  1. Cotham Chiropractic Clinic

 If you have any questions or want to book an appointment, please call or email. We look forward to meeting you and helping you to help yourself.

Service—Sometimes, dysfunction of the shoulder can lead toward a compression of the blood vessels and nerves supplying the arm and hand. This condition is called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and is characterised by numbness, pins and needles and pain in the arm and hand. 

Address—: 3 Cotham Rd, Bristol BS6 6DG, United Kingdom. 

Contact— +44 117 946 6200 


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  • Clifton Chiropractic Clinic

 Residents of Bristol can seek chiropractic care from the Clifton Chiropractic Clinic and regain their mobility. We are a well-established chiropractic clinic that provides many different types of wellness and chiropractic treatments so you can achieve a healthy balance in life. 

Service— All of our chiropractors are highly-educated and have their Masters or a Doctorate. Some are fellows or members of the Specialists Faculties of the Royal College of Chiropractors in Paediatrics, Pain and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation. 

Address—123 Pembroke Rd, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3EU, United Kingdom.   

Contact— +44 117 974 4217 



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  • Reco Spinal Centre

 A set of X-Rays required to understand your exact needs which our trained and certified chiropractors will analyse to deliver the perfect solution to your wellbeing, health or recovery. 

Service—Next, we may perform chiropractic, orthopaedic and neurological tests, examine motor function and if necessary take some X-rays with our in-house facilities. 

Address—118 St Michael’s Hill, Bristol BS2 8BU, United Kingdom. 

Contact— +44 117 925 2886 


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  • Cleve Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Centre

 The practice of pain relief – Providing treatment to the stars since 2003

If you need to find a path toward proven pain relief, look no further than Cleve Chiropractic – it really is right up your street

Service— most prevalent between the ages of 35 and 65. Chiropractic treatment mainly involves safe, often gentle, specific spinal manipulation to free joints in the spine or other areas of the body that are not moving properly.

Address—20A Cossham St, Bristol BS16 9EN, United Kingdom.

Contact— +44 117 957 5388


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  1. Merchant logoWillow Chiropractic

 At Willow Chiropractic our aim is to make a meaningful and lasting impact on your health and quality of life by relieving you of pain and enabling you to live your life to the full.

Service—Is your back pain preventing you from living the life you want? Do you have sharp back pain that keeps you up at night? Leg or buttock pain that won’t go away? Back spasms that leave you feeling helpless? If you’re suffering from these, and other back pains, we can help.

Address— : East St, Bedminster, Bristol BS3 4HH, United Kingdom

Contact—+44 117 325 7075



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