Casting agency in Charlotte List 2023 Updated

Casting agency in CharlotteCasting agency in Charlotte

Casting agency in Charlotte


Diverse perspectives focused on a common goal.

After working together for more than a decade in several client/agency relationships, Lee James and David Soliday joined forces to create Mythic. David grew up on the client side. Lee comes from the creative side of the agency world. These two perspectives – accountability and innovation – foster Mythic’s unique understanding of what a client’s needs are and how best to deliver on them.

By assembling a talented and diverse team from across the country, Mythic is able to provide the kind of strategic thinking, insight-driven ideas and creativity that maximize brand potential today while setting a course for the future.

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Phone:+1 704-227-0700

Address:200 S Tryon St 9th floor, Charlotte, NC 28202, United States


2.Wray ward

We believe in giving everything we’ve got to our work, our clients and our community.

Wray Ward is a team of more than 130 smart, passionate and creative problem solvers. We’re an independent agency with the energy and enthusiasm of a startup and a deep appreciation for our 45-year history, even as we keep our sights set squarely on the future. We thrive on generating wildly creative ideas and then transforming them into real and measurable results for clients in the home and building category.

Every task, project and entry on our to-do list is an opportunity to think bigger and deliver not just great work, but better performing work. Our relationships with our clients — and each other — are open, honest and collaborative. And because of that, we’re not afraid to embrace bold strategies or make tough decisions. We learn from failures, we stay humble in our success and we never, ever stop asking “what if?”

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Address:2317 Thrift Road

Charlotte, NC 28208


3.Boone Oakley LLC


We do it by creating provocative work. Work that gets noticed, talked about and shared.

We believe in work that creates an emotional response, a reaction. If not, it’s a complete waste of time. And especially money.

We help brands identify and get to the space they are meant for. Your space. The space that only your brand can own.

To get there, you have to learn new truths, make meaningful creative and always do better than good.

But most of all you have to be fearless.

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Phone:+1 704-333-9797

Address:1445 S Mint St, Charlotte, NC 28203, United States


4.Mindstorm Communications

We do things differently yet focus on doing things right. For over 20 years, we have been igniting businesses and brands, creating graphics, developing websites, building marketing plans, building brands, managing research, and launching advertising campaigns.

Our focus is branding and marketing for business-to-consumer and business-to-business in a variety of industries. Our marketing knowledge is regional and global. Our branding and marketing industry experience ranges, from industrial to medical to consumer goods to biotech.

Our focus is to never lose sight that our business is based on helping our clients achieve results. From small to big. If our clients do not succeed, neither do we! Our purpose is to help your business to where you want to go.

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Phone:+1 704-331-0870

Address:10316 Feldfarm Ln STE 200, Charlotte, NC 28210, United States


5.Hodges Advertising Inc

30+ Years Of Top Ad Agency Experience

Advertising Agency-Charlotte, NC

You’ll always get our A-players on your project. We aren’t like other agencies, we don’t close the deal and then put our B-team on your account.

Have you had an ad agency shoe horn your business goals into a campaign template that doesn’t fit your goals? 

Hodges Advertising, Inc has been producing carefully crafted, industry specific, result driven media buying programs since 1988. We have a long history of successful advertising partnerships.

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Phone:+1 704-351-7426

Address:615 S College St 9th floor, Charlotte, NC 28202, United States


6.ABZ Creative Partners

Your marketing &communication zealots

We solve marketing and communication problemswith strategic solutions to achieve your goals.

Marketing agency services

Strategically intelligent marketing that produces long-term results

Marketing strategy


Digital marketing

Advertising & design

Photography & video

Corporate communications

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Phone:+1 704-374-1072

Address:1000 North Carolina Music Factory Blvd suite c6-203, Charlotte, NC 28206, United States


7.Birdsong gregory

Whether you call them key accounts, industry verticals, or target segments, your brand needs to resonate with the PEOPLE inside a business – the individuals who make decisions, in part, based on how your brand makes them feel … and how your marketing makes their job easier.

We start with in-depth


We differentiate through


We build awareness with


We specialize in understanding and distilling highly technical products and services into memorable experiences that customers connect with.

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Address:715 North Church Street – Suite 101, Charlotte, NC 28202


8.the brandon Agency

We ignite growth.

We wake up every morning focused on ROI, KPI’s and turning data into weapons. As a digitally centric, data-driven integrated marketing and communications firm, our mission is to develop and execute revolutionary business building ideas that help our clients grow.

We have locations in Charleston SC, Charlotte NC, Orlando FL, and Myrtle Beach SC.

We are not an ad agency, we are a growth agency.

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Address:3023 Church St Myrtle Beach, SC


9.Hey saturday

We create strategies and advertising for Saturday Brands—the kinds of  brands you seek out on Saturday, the day of the week when you do what you love most.


Brand Strategy & Identity Development

Website & Development

Digital Marketing



Social Strategy & Management

Public Relations

Media Planning, Placement, & Stewardship

Contact details

Phone:(704) 919-0034

Address:1310 S. TRYon St #110

Charlotte, NC 28203


10.Ashland Advertising

Our agency was built to take on crazy challenges.

We believe if you have a brand and you have something to add to people’s lives you should let them know about it.

We’re here for you. And we are proud to be voted Charlotte Magazine’s Best Ad Agency for our 2nd year in a row.

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Address:704 East Blvd. Suite #1

Charlotte, NC 28203


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