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  1. Himalaya Drug Company

ABOUT US : In the forests of Burma, a curious young man looked on, as villagers fed the roots of a local herb to calm a herd of agitated elephants.

That man was Mr. M. Manal, the founder of Himalaya, and that herb was Rauwolfia Serpentina, the inspiration that led to the creation of Serpina®, the world’s first natural antihypertensive drug, launched in 1934. Mr. Manal’s dream of discovering the mysteries of nature began in the year 1930. He was determined to bring to people the promise of nature’s healing power, harnessed through scientific research.

Himalaya began its journey at a time when herbal products were regarded with skepticism. But, our founder persevered to follow his dreams. Pawning his mother’s bangles, he bought a hand-operated tableting machine.

PRODUCTS : Animal Health , Baby Care , Himalaya FOR MOMS , Home Care , Nutrition , Personal Care , Pharmaceuticals , Wellness 

ADDRESS : 233, Turner Rd, Subhash Nagar, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248002


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  1. Clover Organic Pvt. Ltd.

ABOUT US : We created Clover with the promise to create global transformation through innovative ecological solutions.

“ If we look at both process and design solutions from nature, innumerable solutions emerge, which are simple, inspiring, ecological, economical and sustainable.”

With this vision in mind, we have been working tirelessly for the past 10 years. We have been striving relentlessly to create solutions, which are unique, organic in nature, simple to implement and inexpensive. Clover firmly believes that substantial development can take place along with environmental conservation. We have always embraced biomimicry to seek solutions to any challenges faced by us. At Clover, we believe that nature has all the answers to problems faced by humans.

We consider ourselves as an entity striving to achieve the impossible and enjoy all challenges that come along the way. Our solutions are unconventional, i.e we do not use any toxic chemicals or energy, instead, we have positioned ourselves as a technology hub, which creates need-based products and solutions. We market these products through a wide network of dealers, B2B, and B2C arrangement. Each of our targeted segments carries a set of solutions, where we use our organic products as tools to implement the same.


ADDRESS : Clover Organic Pvt. Ltd., 16 Pritam Road, Dehradun – 248 001 (UK)


Phone: +91-8126430444 & 7060014447


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  1. Windlas Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

ABOUT US : Founded in the year 2001, Windlas Biotech provides pharmaceutical development services, large-scale manufacturing services and authentic yet affordable products to its customers and consumers around the world

We employ over 1500 people at our four state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Dehradun, Uttarakhand India. We also have a salesforce and distribution network catering to almost all districts across India. We market our own manufactured authentic nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and ayurvedic products to serve the semi-urban and rural communities at affordable prices.

PRODUCTS : Allopathic Pharmaceutical Products , Consumer Healthcare Products

ADDRESS : Windlas Biotech Private Limited

40/1, Mohabewala Industrial Area,

Dehradun – 248 110

Uttarakhand, India

PHONE : +91 135 6608000


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  1. Quickmed Biotech & Research Lab.Pvt Ltd.

ABOUT US : To carry on the business of manufacturing, to formulate, process, develop, refine, import, export, market or otherwise deal in all kinds of pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, drugs, medicines, biological, neutraceutical, healthcare, ayurvedic and dietary supplement products, medicinal preparations, vaccines, chemicals, chemical products, proprietary medicines, veterinary medicines and tinctures extracts and to carry on the business of vialling, bottling, repacking, processing of tablets, capsules, syrups, injections, ointments, etc. and also to carry on the business of chemists, druggists, buyers, sellers, agents, distributors and stockist of all kinds of pharmaceuticals and allied products.

To carry out medical research by engaging in the research and development of all fields of medical sciences, and in therapies of medical treatment, so as to afford medical relief in a better way, to provide, encourage, initiate or promote state of the art research laboratory facilities for carrying on research, basic and applied, in all systems and discipline of medical, to develop pharmacological standardization of indigenous medical plant and to provide training for societal development.


ADDRESS : Khasra No.231/1 Arcadia Grant, Mohanpur, Prem Nagar,

Dehradun-248007, UK (INDIA).

E-mail : , ,


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ABOUT US : Ana Biotech is headquartered in Uttarakhand, India and it diligently works to make its slogan, committed to care; for those who need it most a true benchmark in all aspects.

We are able to timely offer quality products to our clients due to the fact that we work in well-managed warehouses. The flow of product is arranged in such a manner that saves on time and money without compromising on quality.

We have set stringent quality measures right from the stage of acquiring the products from trusted vendors till the final packaging. We believe that quality can be affected at any stage and hence maintaining throughout standards is the best way to stay committed to quality product offering. We work as a well-knit team of professionals, who have gained credible skills and experience of working in similar domains. The team comprise of pharmaceutical experts, quality controllers, transport in charges and client-servicing agents. All members are given trainings on the changing quality standards so as to bring the best to the final customer.

PRODUCTS : Pharmaceutical Capsules , Pharmaceutical Dry Syrup , Pharmaceutical InjectionPharmaceutical Suspension , Pharmaceutical Tablets Analiv-DS Liver Tonic , Lysi-B Syrup , Oflorab-IT Cream

ADDRESS : Shyampur.P.O-Ambiwala,Prem Nagar –, Prem Nagar, Dehradun, Uttarakhand – 248007, India

PHONE : +91-9219697042



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  1. Technica Labs & Pharma Private Limited

ABOUT US : Technica Labs & Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd is involved in the manufacturing and markting of Pharmaceutical formulation-Therapeutic and Prophylactic. We are GMP/GLP accredited and manufacture both pharmaceutical specialties patented as well as generic in accordance with WHO norms. Our Company is licensed to manufacture both biological and non Biological products. Our Company manufacturing unit is located in Hardwar in approved Industrial Estate developed by State Industrial Corporation of Uttranchal Ltd. With all amenities to manufacture and export pharmaceutical.

PRODUCTS : Health and Beauty Supplement , Over The Counter Products

ADDRESS :  L-122, Ist Floor MDDA Complex

Dehradun – 248001.


PHONE : +91 9412059653


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  1. Hema Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

ABOUT US : Hema laboratories was established & started in 1987, with a focus to cater to domestic needs of health care in India. Since 1989, we began marketing our products and we have 60+ products of our own. Today we are one of the most reputed contract manufacturing organization engaged in the manufacturing of various Pharmaceutical Formulations. We are working efficiently and effectively in this domain for the last 33 years. The caliber of our customers speaks volume about us. With a world class development and manufacturing facilities, we have become a trusted ally to a diverse range of organisations in the pharmaceutical industry as well as grown to become a reliable name around the Healthcare sector. We offer a large-scale contract manufacturing facility to other various national and multinational organizations like we have been working with Alembic Pharmaceutical Ltd since 1991, BlueCross Laboratories Private Ltd – 1994, JB Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Ltd– 1996, Cadila Pharmaceutical Ltd– 1997, Abbott Healthcare Private Ltd -2011, Lupin Ltd– 2014, Zydus Cadila– 2015 and many more.

We have a state of the art, WHO-GMP approved manufacturing facility located at Dehradun (Uttarakhand, India) consisting of two separate blocks out of which, one is for General Oral Liquids with category of Syrups, Suspensions, Malt and Paediatric Drops and another is specifically dedicated for Cephalosporins Tablet and Dry Syrup.




DEHRADUN – 248 011,



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  1. Sharon Bio Medicine Limited

ABOUT US : We are committed to the continual improvement in Environmental Health and Safety performance and meeting regulatory compliances. We will strive to conserve natural resources, systematically and scientifically improve our operational processes to eliminate adverse effect and risk to environment and our employees.

Our goal is to structure our EHS practices to provide enhanced quality work-life to our employee, reduce and eliminate hazardous substances causing environment damage and improve health and happiness of our employees. Training and development will be our engagement and enablement tools to build skills, knowledge and competence of our employees.

PRODUCTS : API Products , Formulation Products

ADDRESS : Khasra No 1027, 1028, 103 Central Hope Town, Selaqui, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001

PHONE : 0135 269 9165


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  1. Cooper Pharma Limited

ABOUT US : Among Pharmaceutical manufacturers in India, Cooper Pharma Limited is a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer of generic & ethical medicines, headquartered in Delhi, the capital city of India. Our organization believes in fulfilling our social responsibilities, maintaining our core values, and extending support to society beyond business motives. As a pharmaceutical manufacturing company in India, we have a genuine endeavour to alleviate the suffering of mankind and make our medicines available to all at affordable prices. We do so without any discrimination and strive to improve the quality of the drugs.

Cooper Pharma Limited, is a part of the Cooper Pharma Group, founded in 1959, by a renowned and visionary pharmacist Dr. O.S. Bhargava, in Delhi. As a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company in India, Cooper has gradually but vastly spread its network both internationally & domestically. We sell both in the branded generics & ethical segments, across 28 states of India. We have achieved the hallmark of quality and efficacy for our 450 distributors and 8,000 retailers. Being one of the topmost drug manufacturers in India, we began exports in the year 1991 with an extensive range of specialized products that were categorized across segments and dosage forms. Eventually, within a couple of years, exports rose and soon accounted for 60% of the total turnover of the organization. We are currently exporting our products to more than 30 countries, across the world.

PRODUCTS : Antibiotics-ARV , Anti-diabetics , Anti-malarials , NSAIDs , Cardiology , Respiratory Anti-allergies , Ointments , Health Supplements

ADDRESS : C-3, Selaqui, Industeil Area, Rajpur Road, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001

PHONE : 0135 269 8730


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  1. Zegchem ! Top pharma pcd franchise company in Uttarakhand/Dehradun/Roorkee

ABOUT US : Zegchem is professional managed pharmaceutical company located at Dehradun, in state of Uttarakhand, India.

Zegchem was launched in may 2000. Today the company’s product are available in most of the states.

The team of Zegchem comprises individuals with specialist expertise and successful track record and thus understand the need of the customers. We always strive to identify develop & market products.

PRODUCTS : Gynae Products , Ortho Products , Gastro Products , Other Products

ADDRESS : 40 Keshav Road, Dehradun,

Uttarakhand, 248001


PHONE : +91-9358130161 , +91-9359902816


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