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Biotech Companies in Colorado, solar Companies near me

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Biotech Companies in Colorado, solar Companies near me

  1. ​SaigeneBiotech

​Saigene’s patented molecular biology analysis system has been used since the late 1990’s for detecting harmful algal blooms in sea water and fresh water. Scientists at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) developed the original assays and instrumentation. We serve customers in leading marine biology and public health laboratories.

We acquired intellectual property from MBARI because we saw great potential value in molecular biological analyses that overcame the limitations of existing alternatives. In our new mission we explore potential applications where this unique technology promises substantial benefits.


Oil and Gas Solutions

HAB Solutions

R&D Solutions

Universal Assay Processor

SRB Kits

HAB Kits

R&D Kits

Contact no:303-909-9695

Address:400 S. Steele St.

Denver, CO 80209



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  1. Edgewise Therapeutics

At Edgewise, patients are at the core of everything we do. We recognize that for patients with rare and debilitating diseases, every day without an effective treatment is a day too late and we are driven by this urgency to evolve disease knowledge with an aim to develop novel precision medicines for severe and debilitating rare muscle disorders. Our intimate knowledge of muscle biology and biophysics along with our ability to identify and design muscle specific precision small molecules have enabled us to rapidly advance our lead product candidate into clinical development while advancing our preclinical pipeline. From this foundation, we are continuing to build a leading, global biopharmaceutical company focused on rare diseases involving muscle in order to develop transformative precision medicines to treat and possibly cure these disorders.

Contact no:720.262.7002

Address:3415 Colorado Ave

Boulder, CO 80303


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  1. Atlas Biologicals

Atlas Biologicals, Inc. (Atlas) is nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Fort Collins and is proud to be a Colorado company. Since 1998, Atlas has manufacturing high-quality bovine serum used in animal health, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and diagnostics. We provide high-quality bovine serum and expedient, friendly customer service.

We’re engaged through the entire process: from blood collection, final filtration and filling, packaging and distribution; while adhering to good manufacturing practice standards. We do not charge a premium for the extensive testing we report on our Certificate of Analysis. We are independently audited and ISIA traceability certified. We are inspected for compliance with Regulation (EU) 142/2011 and approved for bovine serum export. TRACES number CO-TEC-0005.

Contact no:866.222.8988

Address:2649 East Mulberry St, Suite A-3

Fort Collins, CO 80524


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  1. Avidity

Avidity, LLC was founded in 1996 by Millard Cull, Larry Lansing, Dr. Ron Gill, and Dr. Mark Seville to develop peptide tags and molecular biology products based upon the extraordinary affinity of biotin for avidin or streptavidin. While working at Affymax as a researcher, Millard was involved in the discovery of the AviTag technology, saw its commercial potential, and obtained the exclusive rights from Affymax. He started Avidity as a reagent company that sublicenses the right to use the AviTag technology to other companies and sells products for use with the technology.

AviTag was a patented biotin-tagging technology discovered at Affymax by Dr. Peter Schatz from a Directed Evolution approach called “Peptides-on-Plasmids.” The Directed Evolution approach identified a number of peptide sequences that can be biotinylated by the BirA enzyme of E. coli, and the best of these sequences was called the AviTag. E. coli enzyme BirA biotinylates the 15 amino acid AviTag twice as fast as its natural substrate, the Biotin Carboxyl Carrier Protein (BCCP).

Contact no:720.859.6111, 877.333.6063

Address:12635 East Montview Boulevard Suite 138

Aurora, Colorado 80045 United States


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  1. Growcentia

Growcentia was founded by a team of three Colorado State University soil microbiologists with PhD degrees that share a passion for enhancing soil health and promoting sustainable agriculture. Using innovative proprietary technology, this team developed an approach to identify and apply nature’s very best microbes to improve nutrient availability to plants. Growcentia aims to help growers and farmers maximize the health of their soils or growth media to enhance plant health, quality, and yields while minimizing environmental impacts of agriculture.

Our technology has been extensively tested by growers and farmers around the world and by leading US academic institutions and is proven by these institutions and independent labs to increase growth. We are a Colorado company based in Fort Collins and all production is done in-house for quality control. Our beneficial bacterial formulas run clean in hydroponic systems and are an excellent way to derive organic benefits (OMRI listed in the US and Canada as well as California OIM certified) without sacrificing water quality.

Contact no:(970) 818-3321

Address:500 E Vine Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80524


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  1. PanTheryx

PanTheryx™ is the leading nutrition and biotechnology company committed to the global commercialization of bovine colostrum-based solutions for human and animal health. From establishing ourselves as the world’s premier supplier of colostrum, to driving cutting edge research, to commercializing novel solutions, we are dedicated to harnessing the power of nature’s superfood to develop revolutionary approaches to health and wellness – creating enduring value for our customers, our shareholders, and society at large.

PanTheryx began with a mission to create a nutritional, colostrum-based solution for occasional pediatric diarrhea, the second leading killer of children under the age of five in the developing world. And our product, DiaResQ, does just that. A colostrum-based nutritional intervention that helps to overcome a seemingly intractable problem, DiaResQ is distributed in countries around the world.


Product Development

Production & Supply

Contact no:602.353.8800

Address:4845 Pearl East Circle, Suite 101 , Boulder, CO 80301


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  1. KromaTiD

Launched in 2015, KromaTiD’s research products and services are paving the way to a deeper understanding of genetic diseases, including cancers and developmental disorders.

We leverage science, teamwork, and an innovative mind-set to advance primary genomics research. Continual improvement in our technology and processes drives us, and contributing to the future of personalized medicine inspires us.


Gene Editing

Genetic Diseases


Radiation Biodosimetry

Delivery Monitoring

dGH in-Site

dGH Screen

Pinpoint Fish

Contact no:303-775-1512

Address:1880 Industrial Circle Dr. Suite A

Longmont, CO 80501


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  1. Cerecin

Cerecin is a healthcare company with almost 20 years of innovation and leadership in brain health.

We develop novel evidence-based therapeutics and products that aim to help millions of people. These solutions are designed to target conditions ranging from memory impairment to Alzheimer’s disease and other devastating neurological diseases.

Cerecin is a global company headquartered in Singapore and the USA and our therapies are developed for persons around the world.

Contact no:+1 303 999 3700

Address:44 Cook Street

Suite 100-71

Denver, CO 80206

United States of America


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  1. Velocity Sciences

Velocity Sciences creates and develops the next generation of assay technologies for diagnostic products. We have experience in a variety of technologies to develop unique, specific detection methods and apply those methods to the most suitable platform depending on application. Come to us for rapid, sensitive methods that are innovative and cost effective.

We own an extensive IP portfolio with patents issued worldwide that cover the next generation in molecular recognition technology to target proteins, peptides and small molecules.

We maintain an internal Quality System which includes GMP documentation, SOP’s, data reporting, sample tracking, and sample archival.

Contact no:720-552-8060

Address:4909 Nautilus Ct N

Ste 120

Boulder, CO 80301


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  1. Z Biotech

Z Biotech is significantly impacting glycobiology and glycomics markets by providing its leading carbohydrate products and services to biotech and pharmaceutical companies, as well as leading research institutes. Z Biotech’s advantage lies in increasing the accuracy and efficiency for analysis of carbohydrates (or glycans) and their binding partners in therapeutic biologics, medicines and biosimilars, as well as producing glycosylation profiling for biological samples and therapeutic biologics.

Following on the explosive impact from the genomics and proteomics era, glycomics is a new and important field for studying carbohydrate modification of proteins and protein-glycan interactions. Z Biotech’s glycan microarray and lectin microarray platforms are built on its proprietary microarray substrates which can create sensitive and multivalent detection of protein-glycan interactions. The current glycan libraries in Z Biotech represent glycan structures in mammalian, human and bacteria, including N-glycans, O-glycans, ganglioside head-group glycans, blood group glycans, human milk glycans, glycosaminoglycan glycans, and bacterial glycans.


Glycan Microarray Services

Lectin Microarray Services

Flow Cytometry Profiling Services

Custom Microarray Printing Service

Contact no:(720) 285-3587

Address:12635 E Montview Blvd, Aurora, CO, United States


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