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Mobile Apps For School‌ ‌Management List 2023 Updated

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Mobile Apps For School‌ ‌Management List 2023 Updated

Mobile Apps For School‌ ‌Management. Schools are not only educational institutions where students get their knowledge imparted, but schools have become a platform where they can learn all the skills to become successful in life. One can’t even imagine how many activities go on there in a single day and ever wondered how difficult it would be to manage all those activities happening in a school. Thanks to several apps that help schools to manage all that happens every day.  Veraxe is one of the best mobile apps for school management. Used by many schools, this app has never failed its users and provided them the best facilities. 

What all comes under School Management?

School Management is very vast instead of just managing students and their studies. A lot of things take place every day inside and outside the premises of a school to elevate its goodwill.  The following things are included in the process of School Management.

  • Creating timetable for students.
  • Providing medical aid and other basic amenities.
  • Organizing events and ensuring their proper conduction.
  • Appointing teaching and non-teaching staff for the school.
  • Ensuring the smooth execution of all the activities. 

                             Mobile Apps For School‌ ‌Management

  1. Veraxe

What is Veraxe?

Veraxe is an online platform which provides school management software. Using the software, schools can improve their management and enhance their results.  It also provides ease to the parents regarding admission, information, examination, attendance and fee submission. It becomes a mediator between teachers or the school management and the parents. 

Veraxe provides School ERP to the educational institutions. ERP or the Enterprise Resource Planning ensures managing school activities easily. An ERP allows multiple functions at the same time, and is able to give multi-user access simultaneously. This helps the teachers uploading daily homework and the parents can view it and get it done. 

Benefits of Veraxe

As Veraxe lets a school connect with the parents, it also facilitates many activities. Some of its benefits are listed down. The software is easy to use and can be accessed by teachers, school management, and the parents at the same time.  The software is available all the time and one can access it from all the devices, including web. Veraxe also facilitates choosing the best schools according to one’s choices. The software is not expensive and is under the budgets provided by the schools. 

Why Veraxe?

Veraxe is one of the best mobile applications for school management. Its mobile app has several attributes, and has separate characteristics for teachers and the parents. Through Veraxe, one can keep a close eye on the progress of a child’s studies and other activities. It works as a communication channel between teachers and students. This will also help in the smooth conduction of management by any school. 

Hence, to conclude, it would be appropriate to state that with Veraxe, any school can definitely smoothen its management system, as well as keep in touch with the parents for everyday activities. To get this best school app for school management, one can visit its official website

  1. Vidyalaya

for schools, colleges, universities, training centers and other educational Institutes. It assists institutes to manage all administrative and academic tasks in the single integrated system. Vidyalaya provides access to appropriate information and functions to all members of the school community, including school Management Administrators, Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff, Students, and Parents. It carry user-friendly interface, advance technology to integrate with school process.

Contact Us: 

Address : C-102/103, Ganesh Meridian,
Opp. Kargil Petrol Pump,
Nr. New Gujarat High Court,
S.G.Highway, Ahmedabad-

Mobile No- +91-942-644-2424, +91-942-647-6084

Email Id :

Website :

  1. SkoolBeep

School & Parents can communicate with each other over mobile devices or computers. For online classes, we highly recommend teachers to use computers as it helps to organize the presentation materials. Students & parents can access from their handhelds using SkoolBeep iOS and Android apps. SkoolBeep is a comprehensive, easy to use software solution, that can take your school operation to next level.

Contact Details :

Tangsys Technologies Pvt Ltd, #108, Startup Huts, 27th Main Rd, opposite Corner House, Sector 2, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

+91 96868 10743, +91 80956 83479

Website :

  1. YourMobileSchoolApp

Our apps directly help with Parent Engagement by allowing Parents to stay up-to-date with their students school information. This allows schools to pay for our apps with Title 1 Funds! We design your Mobile School App specifically to your needs. Mobile Apps for Schools are packed with great features and many options for you to chose from. Our Mobile School Apps are published in the App Store and Google Play Store for all your students, teachers, and parents to download FREE of charge.

Contact Us



Website :

  1. Teno app

Teno is India’s leading free to use mobile app for school-administration, academic management, e-learning, parent-teacher communication and much more. It is designed after collecting feedback from India’s leading educators, principals and parents to facilitate better schooling and improve learning outcome for the children, thus delivering happiness to all. Teno app allows school administrators, teachers and parents to stay connected at all times via real time messaging. Teno has comprehensive features ranging from multimedia messaging support to a complete school management system. Teno communication platform for your school helps in strengthening your school’s reputation and brand. Parents connected with teachers are highly appreciative of school and get thoroughly involved in the studies of their child.


General Support

Toll Free Number: 1800 209 8366

Partnerships & investment queries:

Website :

  1. Hello Parent

School Parent communication app which allows the parents to communicate easily with the schools and stay updated about their child. Our app allows the parents to pay the fees online and keep a track of the child.

Website :

  1. Myly 

 Myly can easily meet the needs of all of them. With an integrated solution, myly is one of the best school management software.

 Website :

  1. MySkoolApp

 mySkoolApp™ , as a complete one-stop-destination product for all the needs of basic and higher education sector in different academic settings.“mySkoolApp™” comes as fresh gust of air, with a promise to usher in Smart Technology in all attributes of 21st education. It opens a wide vistas that will change education management is done in schools by bringing a futuristic SMART solution on to mobile touch screens and computer monitors. “mySkoolApp™” is a SMART communication tool, which brings on a common footing: school, parents and students.

With “mySkoolApp™”, educational institutes can share real time updates of activities/happenings/reports emanating in the confines of classroom and school campus with parents, without dissipating efforts on underlying clerical drudgery. Intelligent features of “mySkoolApp™” will reinforce the scale of teacher-parents interaction, with an objective to bring an element of real time information and transparency regarding the student’s activities and accomplishments. Naturally, this will infuse more involvement on the part of the parents, in contributing towards the advancement of their child’s studies and other non-curricular activities.

Contact Details : 


Mr. Amarpreet Singh +91-89688-12357.

Mr. Navdeep Singh +91-98153-81624

Email :

Address: Hex Technologies Pvt. Ltd.SCO 158 – 159, Level – 4 Sector 34-A, Chandigarh.

Website :

  1. MyClassCampus

MyClassCampus was born out of an idea of three young engineers: “When everything is getting digital, why not an educational organisation?” Since then the team is working hard with a mission to help 1000s of schools, colleges and educational institutes get digital through it’s easy to use and very advance all-in-one School Management software with an advance Mobile App. We’re working to solve day to day communication, operational, learning and management issues through very much organised and effective solutions by providing many of the important features on School Management app which brings a lot of convenience and efficiency.

Contact Details : 

Raj Kothari +91 7016834515 Rachit Dave +91 8320650320

Address : MyClassCampus, 2nd floor, Shaligram House, Behind Rajpath Club, Off. S.G. Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad-380059, INDIA

Email id :



Website :

  1. ESchoolApp

eSchoolApp is a state of art cloud-based Educational Institution Management Software, which helps School, Preschools, Colleges, Coaching Classes manage complex functions. This can be Fees, Results, Attendance, Library, Stock, Timetable, Staff, Salary, Notifications, Scholar, Documents, Transport, online exam, Hostel, etc. It features a revolutionary mobile/tablet communication tool between an institute, its staff, its students, and their parents. In this way it keeps all stockholders informed, happy, and impressed. 

Contact Details: Madan Bhawan,10, Shanku Marg, Freegunj, Ujjain (MP) – 456010


Website :

  1. Skooly

Skooly enables instant communication, online enrollments, automated billing & payment processing, mobile apps, attendance, class bookings & scheduling, live or virtual classes & more. Join the best schools from early education to K12, online schools, coaching or learning centres !!

Contact Details :

Website :

  1. Bidyaaly

Unite Parents teachers and educational organizations all under one platform. The Mobile App keeps every member organized and updated about day-to-day school or institute activity. A unique School management app or educational institute app Bidyaaly join hands with Parents, teachers and educational organisation to make education system better.

Contact Details : 09641631360

Website :

  1. My Ed app

The My Ed app shows you up to date information about all aspects of your child’s school life.

Website :

  1. Evidyaa

evidyaa offers a simple intuitive user friendly web interface to manage communication effectively and in timely manner amongst Teachers and Parents. Through evidyaa track students progress at your fingertips in real time.

Contact Details : E-190, Industrial Area Phase 8-BMohali Punjab India, 160059,, +91-977-913-5856

Website :









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