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Benefits of Online appointment booking with Doctor’s – Here is an Example

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Benefits of Online appointment booking with Doctor’s – Here is an Example

In today’s world people have become prisoners to technology. Of course, technology has its own advantages and disadvantages and hence it can act both as a boon and a bane too! It is rightly said,

“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master”

So, we can use technology in whatever way possible, mould it in our own way and force it to function in the way we want. Now, one of the ways in which we can force our technology servant to function is in booking online appointment with doctors. Oh, I can see so many of you all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! So, before I tell you how the technology can help in booking an online appointment with doctors, let me first consider an example of Cardiologist in Mumbai

Quite some time back, these bunch of heart specialists in Mumbai started with the concept of online appointment booking to free their patients off the hassles of booking appointments via phone calls or physical reporting. This concept eased out their work by leaps and bounds! Want to know how they got benefitted with this concept? Well then become all ears as I tell you what benefits they enjoy. So, sit back and fasten up your seat belts as I take up on a ride which goes through the various benefits of online appointment booking!


The concept of online booking of appointments helped the cardiologists in Mumbai grab new patients. People often are less aware of the doctors in the proximity of their area and go too far away places in the search of a good doctor. But this system allowed the patients to try at new hospitals. Thus, it helped them to get new patients.


This new concept of booking online appointment helped these heart experts in Mumbai to fill up the empty slots that they had. These empty slots might have resulted from the cancellation of certain appointments at the last minute and hence could dearly cause the doctors a large amount of time. Hence online appointment could immediately display these empty slots automatically on the web and hence could be easily filled by people. Hence these doctors saved on their time and money too! And guess what, they got on a gravy train as a penny saved is a penny earned!


How many of us love to play that ‘waiting game’? Of course, none of us! We want things to be done on the go. But think about those old traditional methods of going on the ‘waiting zone’ on the phone continuously for hours in order to book an appointment. It eventually leads to a lot of frustration and hence we drop the idea of visiting that doctor. This could of course cost dearly to the doctors! So, the doctors have successfully dealt with this problem too! With the advent of online appointment booking, these doctors have cut down the waiting time of patients from hours to a few minutes! It takes about 5 minutes for a person to book an appointment online! What a cake walk appointment booking has become! And for sure, the cardiologists were benefitted too!


It is rightly said,

“Master your time and you’ll master your life too!”

Time is money. And of course, with the advent of online appointment booking systems that came into being, ample amount of time savings is done. By using this new system, these expert doctors in Mumbai have saved the work of receptionists and other staff from putting down manual appointments which might also sometimes get wrongly recorded due to the disturbance in phone communication. Also, with the help of this new concept, an average of 8-10 minutes per call are saved. So of course, this has resulted not only in greater time savings of the doctors but patients too!


How mundane and exhaustive it becomes to stand in those never-ending queues in the scorching heat or the thrilling cold, trying to book an appointment with doctors! But as technology takes shape, it also gives us the opportunity to sit leisurely in the close shade of our sofas and under the chilling wind of our air conditioners and hence conveniently book an appointment within a fraction of seconds. Doesn’t it sound so convenient? Well, of course it is! And the doctors in Mumbai have made efficient use of this technique and prevented their patients from bearing the harsh weather conditions and book appointments in the leisure of their homes. Surely, they deserve a standing ovation for this!


Are you living in areas which are not quite well connected by hospitals and doctors? Well, if that is the case then you don’t have to feel down in the dumps anymore! With the advent of technology, some apps have been developed which can help you find the best doctor nearest to you as per your location and hence help you to book an online appointment too! Such a seamless experience technology provides us! What more? Well, to add an icing on the cake, let me tell you that these doctors have also waived off the appointment booking fees for the online appointment booking for its patients! Truly said, doctors are like Gods!


These days it is Achilles hill to get an appointment with some of the best doctors across the world. Well, technology is here to ease out your work! Taking all your details online and storing them in their database and looking for the best doctor who is free as per your timing, they thus provide you with an appointment within fraction of seconds. No hassles of physically visiting the place and then spending ample of amount of time to get the appointment and that too of months later! The online appointment booking systems show you the approximate waiting time for your appointment and if you wish to still have that appointment, you can go ahead with it or even take up some other appointment! Totally hassle-free services they provide!


The cardiologists have come with another concept in which they have begun to reach out to people more easily. What a person needs to do is just sit back and book an appointment, subsequently share the reports online and get prescriptions on the go at minimal charges! So, this helps you save the time and adversity of physically visiting the hospital. What a walk in the park the appointment booking has become!


Since India is a country which goes through almost all kind of seasons, be it the scorching summer heat, or the heavy downpour, or the chilly winters, India has a lot many seasons in its kitty. Different strokes for different folks indeed! Hence, it becomes quite difficult for the ambulances to reach out to people and also people find it unable to book an appointment physically. So, in case of emergencies, these online appointments booking systems keep you on priority and address you at first. So, no more delay in reaching the patient to the hospital!

For sure the cardiologists of Mumbai have provided us an access to world-class amenities in terms of online appointment booking systems. So, use these services and save on your time and money!

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