Acting agencies in Charlotte, Talent Agencies in Charlotte, NC

Acting agencies in Charlotte NcActing agencies in Charlotte Nc

Acting agencies in Charlotte Nc

  1. Jta Talent Agency Inc

JTA is known as one of the top talent agencies in the Southeast. We’ve represented professional actors for over 50 years; booking them in feature films, television commercials and made for television movies, corporate training films and commercial photography. Our agents have over 50 years experience collectively and we know talent when we see it. We represent a relatively small book of talent because we’re committed to providing great service to our clients.

Specialization:  feature films

television commercials

television movies

corporate training films

commercial photograph

Address: 820 East Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203, United States

Contact No.: +17043775987


  1. Carolina Talent

Carolina Talent is Charlotte’s longest-running and most respected modeling agency. Established during the 1960’s and incorporated in the 1980’s, Carolina Talent has served the Fashion industry longer than any other. Our professional staff is dedicated to providing our clients with the most diverse and extensive portfolio of modeling and acting talent, including access to nationally recognized faces from major markets like Miami, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles

Specialization: Hair Models

Beauty in Glam Makeup

Fashion Model     

Hair Stylist

Male Model

Swimsuit Model

Fashion Model

Girl Sitting on the Path

On the Rocks

Handsome Young Guy

Out of gallery





Address: 1201 S Graham St, Charlotte, NC – 28203

Contact No.:  +17043323218


  1. Model & Talent Management

Model and Talent Management Agency (MTM) was founded almost three decades ago by Mr. John Casablancas. John Casablancas is the founder of the Elite Model Management Agency, the largest modeling and talent agency in the world. Elite has represented most of the world’s top supermodels. The MTM Agencies were created to serve the graduates of the John Casablancas Modeling and Career Centers and other qualified models and actors/actresses in local markets. 

Services: unway modeling


fashion shows


commercial acting

promotions and film

Address: 810 Tyvola Rd # 100, Charlotte, NC 28217, United States

Contact No.: +17045232986


  1. John Casablancas Center

For over 30 years, the internationally renowned John Casablancas Centers have developed the undisputed path for people seeking to improve their self-image and learn what it takes to enter the entertainment business. Founded by John Casablancas, the leader in the modeling/talent development business, the John Casablancas Centers have flourished in cities throughout the United States, South America, Asia and Europe. 

Specialization: Life Skills

Self Confidence

Public Speaking



Professional Dress/Image Development

Proper Skin Care

Age Appropriate Make-Up

Personal Development Skills

Address: 810 Tyvola Rd #100, Charlotte, NC 28217, United States

Contact No.:  +13147883100

E- Mail:


  1. Legacy Talent and Entertainment, LLC

Legacy Talent and Entertainment is the most established and recognized Talent Representation and Entertainment Development Company in the Southeast, maintaining a presence in Los Angeles, California. We represent some of the highest profile actors, musicians, media companies, film-makers, media personalities, social media influencers, and athletes. Legacy Talent has an extensive network of relationships within the entertainment industry including networks, sponsors, Fortune 500 Companies, studios,  and sports franchises, with whom we have closed many high profile projects and corporate endorsements

Specialization:  Featured Celebrities

Featured Digital Media Personalities

Featured Actors and Artists

Featured Athletes

Featured Television

Featured Motorsports

Address: 1300 Baxter St #100-A, Charlotte, NC 28204, United States

Contact No.: +17043347727

E- Mail:


  1. Cima Talent Management

Cima Talent Management is proud to accept and develop new models in the entertainment industry.  Our agency has built a reputation for its personal approach when dealing with models, clients and it’s agency partners globally. Our team believes it is imperative to convey our commitment to quality-over-quantity philosophy in all of our professional relationships. Cima Talent Management, Inc. was founded in 1995 in Columbia, Maryland, by Gigi Soto, who initially developed and managed various entertainers and recording artists internationally. 

Specialization: FASHION





Address: 8401 Society St, Charlotte, NC 28277, United States

Contact No.: +14107729141

E- Mail:


  1. Tommi Jones Talent Agency

The Tommi Jones Talent Agency has been serving the Charlotte and surrounding area since 1995. Started by none other than Tommi Long Jones who had spent more than fifty years in the Charlotte television, radio, and theatre scene – in management and as a performer. From Tommi’s perspective, it was necessary that an agency be well connected and well respected in its business community and know the product and the community that it serves. Tommi was retired Vice President of Personnel and Training with Jefferson Pilot Communications, having served at the corporate level for all the JPCC properties throughout the country.

Specialization: major film



industrial films

Address: 320 Settlers Ln, Charlotte, NC 28202, United States

Contact No.: +17045831782



  1. Barbizon

For more than 75 years Barbizon has been a driving force in the modeling and acting industry; all while operating with a mission of helping young people gain confidence and develop unparalleled life skills. The Barbizon experience is about discovering what makes you special, and developing your one-of-a-kind “star” quality for the whole world to see. Our expert modeling and acting training, along with life-skills instruction, will give you the confidence and tools to shine for a lifetime.

Courses: Audition Practice

On Stage Showmanship

Voice and Diction

Industry Information


On Camera Classes

Commercial Acting

Art of Self Promotion


Self Confidence Development

Address: 2030 S Tryon St #3g, Charlotte, NC 28203, United States

Contact No.: +18003308361

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