Sketch Artist in Jaipur List 2023 Updated, Sketch Near Me

Sketch Artist in JaipurSketch Artist in Jaipur

Sketch Artist in Jaipur

  1. Artbeniwal

Hi, Its Mohit Beniwal, Professional Portrait Artist. Welcome to my website ArtBeniwal. I am doing Portrait Sketches Last few years on Commissions. It’s a simple process you send me the photo, pay 30% In Advance and then I will start making your sketch. I can also Combine Multiple Photos Into One Sketch. If You want quality work you can contact me, I will not disappoint you. You can Trust Me.

Services:Pencil Sketch

Colored Pencil Drawing

Address: Jaipur,Rajasthan,India.

Contact : +91-9718035202


  1. Deepaliart

It is said that artists are a different league and it’s no exception with Deepali Sharma who despite of all odds has become a welcoming artist for the best art galleries in Jaipur India. Deepali Sharma being an artist takes inspiration from some famous art galleries in Jaipur India and quite frequently displays her canvas painting in Jaipur, oil pastel painting, charcoal painting, water colour painting in some of the best art galleries in Jaipur India and also showcases her painting gallery online. Deepali is an avid follower of art exhibition in Jaipur because this is what inspires her to setup her very own Deepali art gallery in Jaipur India. Though she cannot hear and speak since birth but she engraves her emotions through her paintings. Deepali Sharma has collaborated with many painting gallery online and many other online painting selling website and is one of the best pencil sketch artist in Jaipur. Deepali Sharma aims at providing a ray of hope for all those budding artists through her Deepali art gallery in Jaipur India. Upon asking what has made her to develop inclination toward painting and to be an artist, she tells through sign language that when you are short of words, art is the only way to express you and let the world know. She is a regular and acclaimed artist at art exhibition in Jaipur.

Services: Sketch painting

 Oil pastel painting

 Paper painting

 Canvas painting

 Charcoal painting

 Water colour painting

 Acrylic painting

Address: Nirman Nagar, New Sanganer Road, Jaipur

Contact: +91-9414442460


  1. Nidhiartgallery

Welcome to our Web Site!  Here you will get to see our artworks and know more about us. We would love to receive your comments/suggestions on our work. We view each art lover as a potential friend and would much appreciate building a relationship, because anyone who reacts to our work is very important to us. There is plenty for your viewing pleasure. Do go ahead and browse through what interests you. We hope that by the end, it will excite some interest in you to respond to our request and let us know your thoughts. Our “Nidhi art’s exhibitions (are held)…..not to demonstrate a uniform internationalism in art, but to show that art is a universal language in which the beauty and vitality that have their roots in each separate region can be communicated to every one. It is with great sense of satisfaction and pleasure that we present this glance. Of course! Nidhi art has an interesting period ahead, as it is set to take on a new momentum with its futuristic plans



Portrait ,






Address: 15, Shatabdi Nagar, Opposite E.P.I.P Gate, Sitapura,Tonk Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India-302033 

Contact: +919314874533


  1. Dartism

We are having a team of well-experienced staff. We view each art lover as a potential friend and would much appreciate building a relationship, because anyone who reacts to our work is very important to us. There is plenty for your viewing pleasure. Do go ahead and browse through what interests you. We hope that by the end, it will excite some interest in you to respond to our request and let us know your thoughts.

Services: Wall art/Graffiti




Design Consultancy

Address: E-108,Opposite Ghiya,Girdhar Marg,Malviya Nagar,Jaipur.

Contact: +919414166111


  1. Artforte

Since 2013, Art Forte has helped realize thousands of design excellence dreams for students preparing for national and international institutes. Years of experience, artistic ambience and expert global faculty along with personalized attention is what makes us one of the best in India . An exclusive school for design entrance exam, study abroad , portfolio guidance and art Courses .

Services: Art work



Address: F 6 A , Amir Manzil, 2nd Floor, Ramesh Marg, Opp. OTH Cafe C Scheme, Jaipur – 302001

Contact: +91 98290 83555


  1. Msketcher

What were just a few free time pencil strokes in the childhood have now turned into masterpieces. As a self-learned artist, I have come a long way. It all started from a free time Priyanka Chopra sketch a few years back and now there are tons of good gems in the collection. Check out my work on my channel and tell me how you feel about it

Services: Graphite Pencil Sketch

Colored Pencil Sketch

Address: A-648, Multan Nagar, Diwakari, Alwar, Rajasthan 301001

Contact: ————————–



Painting art in Rajasthan dates back to pre-historic era. Numerous ancient evidences certainly confirm its glorious existence. Gadra Cave Paintings: In 2010, Bundi-based archaeologist Om Prakash Sharma alias Kukki  discovered 32 sites in the rock painting  stretching over the basin of Mangli river. The rock paintings are about 10,000-year-old and belong to Mesolithic-Chalcolithic period. bundi-cave When the Rajasthani painting art was going through its formative phase, Ajanta tradition was infusing a new life into the painting art of India. In order to avoid the ravages of the Arab invasions, many artists had left Gujarat and settled in other parts of the country. The painters who came to Rajasthan area, co-ordinated the style of Ajanta tradition with the local traditions. Till 12th century, Jain Granths and Jain Style (Also called as Gujarati or Apbransh Style) dominated the styles of Rajasthani Painting. In the 13th century, a Mewar Jain painting style developed in the form of small illustrations of the Jain Tirthankaras and some themes from the Kalpasutras.

Services: Rajasthani Art

Rajasthan Painting Art

Address: Rajasthan,India

Contact: ————————–


  1. Artchill

Artchill opened in 1994 under the banner of  Juneja Art Gallery & is now one of the biggest Modern and Contemporary Art galleries in India located inside the famous Amber Fort of Jaipur as it not only created unique & vast art corridors inside the Amber Fort but also established a Museum called ‘Eternity’ which showcases National Art Treasures – collection of Indian Old Masters . This venue also records greatest footfall of art lovers & tourist from all over the globe. Artchill exhibits  diverse palette of creative & multimedia art by the best of Indian artists from well known, established, award winning artists to the young promising names of our contemporary world , each with a distinct artistic attitude.

Services: Paintings



Photo art



Address: West Wing ,&Amber Palace, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302028

Contact: +91 141 2530015/25


  1. Gigglinggifts

Giggling Gifts Founded in 15 September 2020 with Instagram account. Earlier Giggling Gifts named as Jab We Gift later we changed it in February 2021.

Services: Pencil Sketch


Digital Painiting

String Art

Address:  Jaipur, Rajasthan,India

Contact: +91 9079049636


Bhanu Garg: