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Insurance companies in QatarInsurance companies in Qatar

Insurance companies in Qatar
About Us:-  Qatar Insurance Company (QIC) is a publicly listed composite insurer with a consistent performance history of over 50 years and a global underwriting footprint. Founded in 1964, QIC was the first domestic insurance company in the State of Qatar. Today, QIC is the market leader in Qatar and a dominant insurer in the GCC and MENA region. QIC is one of the highest rated insurers in the Gulf region with a rating of A/Stable from Standard & Poor’s and A(Excellent) from A.M. Best. In terms of profitability and market capitalization, QIC is also the largest insurance company in the MENA region. It is listed on the Qatar Exchange and has a market capitalization of over USD 4 billion.
SERVICES:- Comprehensive Car Insurance Safe Driver Third Party Car Insurance Home Insurance Travel Insurance Personal Accident Insurance Boat Insurance Motor Insurance Business Insurance
Contact us:-  Hotline 8000 742|
About Us:-  The State of Qatar is one of the most exciting countries in the Middle East, with the population predominantly young, the economy expanding, and the pace of modernization quickening every year. A member of the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council, Qatar has hosted meetings of the World Trade Organization and the Organization of the Islamic Conference. It is the home of Al-Jazeera Satellite Channel and of the Qatar Foundation’s Education City, one of the most ambitious and far-reaching centers for education and research in the Middle East.
SERVICES:- A peninsula of some 5,000 square miles, Qatar has a landscape of sand dunes in the south and flat, rocky desert with scattered cultivation in the north. The climate is mild and pleasant in winter with occasional rainfall, while the summers are hot and frequently humid. For centuries, economic activity centered on camel breeding, fishing and pearl diving. In the twentieth century, the economy was transformed by the discovery of oil and, later on, of vast reserves of gas off the northeast coast. Qatar has the largest non-associated gas field yet discovered, and is now a major exporter of liquefied natural gas and condensates. The country is forecast to have the highest per capita income in the world within the next few years

Contact us:- C ring road – opposite Gulf Cinema Tel: (974) 44658888 Fax: (974) 44550111 P.O.Box: 22676 Doha – Qatar
3 seibinsurance
About Us:- From centuries past to recent times, Qatar thrived on one precious commodity, the pearl. Year after year, hundreds of men said goodbye to their loved ones and sailed out to sea, in search of oysters that stubbornly hid the valuable prize in their tightly-shut shells.
SERVICES:- Many times a day, the men would hold their breaths and plunge into the sea. And many times a day, the Seib was there, holding on to the ropes supporting the divers and pulling them onto the boat after their dives were completed. The men entrusted with full confidence their lives to the Seib, who stayed on the dhow and took on all the risk of looking after them.
Contact us:- +974 4402 6888 +974 4445 5999
4 arabiainsurance
About Us:- Established in 1944 and present across 9 Arab territories, Arabia Insurance owes its strength to 75 years of regional expertise, locally customized solutions, and a key focus on customer centricity to meet customers’ evolving needs. Arabia Insurance has drawn its objectives over-delivering adequate coverage, proper and prompt claims handling, product development and the latest technical updating.

SERVICES:- To provide accessible, simple, effective and client-friendly products and services that respond to the evolving needs of our customers.

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About Us:- Damaan Islamic Insurance Company – Beema  is licensed to operate by the Qatar Central Bank 13/2009. the Company’s commercial registration number with the State of Qatar is 43652. Moreover, it offers a wide range of takaful insurance solutions to protect its clients from various risks.

SERVICES:- Our company operates on behalf of the policyholders as an agent in managing the policyholders’ account. This role is assumed in return of an annual fee to be fixed and approved by the Sharia Supervisory Board. At present, our agency or wakala fee percentage is set at 20% of Takaful contributions after excluding the re-insured policies with a percentage more than 80%. The company invests the policyholders’ funds as an advisor or a mudarib  in return of a percentage (40%) of the profits resulting from these investments to be fixed annually by the Sharia’s Supervisory Board.

Contact us:-  4405 0555 7405 0555 

6  Al Noor Insurance 

About Us:-  Al Noor Insurance Brokers (AIB) is the first Insurance Broker in Qatar. AIB provides advice, guidance and choice on a range of Risk Management services, Insurance Products, Vehicle Services and Home Assists. At AIB, we not only “Know Insurance”, but we know how to make it easy for our valued clients.

SERVICES:- As a result, to make our client stress-free, we provide the following extravagant services for your vehicles: Vehicle Inspection Vehicle Registration Traffic Violation Clearance Vehicle Maintenance

Contact us:- Jabeer Bin Hayyan Street D-Ring Road, Building No. 87 Zone 45, Street 250 P.O Box 37236, Doha – Qatar.

7 alkhaleejtakaful.

About Us:-  AlKhaleej Takaful Insurance Company was established in 1979 to provide all kinds of conventional insurance and reinsurance services and since then we are proud of the experience and distinguished services we offer for over 40 years. On 2010, it has become a Takaful Insurance company in compliance with Islamic Sharia` principles

SERVICES:- Honored by the trust that our valued customers have placed in us, we always strive to continue to provide our services in a distinctive way, and value the precious time of both corporate and individual customers, reinforcing the confidence and credibility that we are proud of. Since its inception, the company has, and still is, contributing to the process of economic progress and development witnessed by the country under its wise leadership, through providing insurance coverage for governmental infrastructure projects, and through insuring assets and property for companies and individuals.

Contact us:- Ktg@Alkhaleej.Com8005007 


About Us:-  Grounded with proud Arabian roots and heritage, Qatar is a nation proud of its people, and all those who reside on it from all over the globe. Qatar beats with a passionate culmination of history and heritage remaining current with all that is modern and contemporary. By combining these elements, our new logo and identity is an amalgamation of the letter “د” in Arabic and the letter “D” in English forming a circle of protection, representing the essence of what Doha Insurance does best. Furthermore, this new embodiment forms the shape of a closed triangle that depicts a fast forward moving motion, true to DIG’s pioneering spirit.

SERVICES:- Personal Insurance Corporate Insurance

Contact us:- 0097444292777

9 libano-suisse

About Us:- We provide private and corporate customers with a comprehensive range of products and services that cover General, Life and Health Insurance.

Our head office is located in Beirut and we cover the local market with a network of branches, agents and brokers. The Middle East and North Africa are served by our agents, foreign branches and sister companies.

SERVICES:- With a strong capital base, sound financial management, a skilled and dedicated team of over 250 and the backing of internationally reputed reinsurers, we offer all our clients the protection they require and the service for which Libano-Suisse is renowned.

Contact us:- Tel: (961) 1 374900 Fax: (961) 1 368724 E-mail:

10 araborientqatar

About Us:-  The key objective within Arab Orient is to establish and develop close relationships with our commercial & corporate clients to foster an in-depth understanding of their business objectives. This way, we can ensure that our services are delivered efficiently and to the highest standard.

SERVICES:- Thorough risk/cover analysis Insurance program design Advice on risk management/loss control Marketing & negotiation of insurance terms Ongoing policy review and maintenance Regular client meetings & updates Provision of detailed reports Comprehensive claims handling service

Contact us:- Keep in touch Al Tadamon Complex, D ring road, Zone 43, Street 250, Building 289 ,1st Floor, Doha, Qatar. +974 4465 0094

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