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Top English Speaking Course Institute in Gurgaon List 2022 Updated

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Top English Speaking Course Institute in Gurgaon List 2022 Updated

The World is having lot’s opportunity in every fields and English language is one of magic key which can open thousands of door opportunities. By learning English language course, you not only can find more job opportunities but also improve your confidence, easily travel anymore in the world as well as it also improves your overall personality when you talk. Today we come with top 15 English institutes operating in Gurgaon.

Top 15 English speaking course institutes in Gurgaon

#1.Simpli English

Simpli English is a very well known name when anyone thinks of English Speaking Course or IELTS coaching, no matter online or offline. They  are providing it in both ways. They have the highest success rate compared to many other institutes with very nominal fees.

Why people prefer for Simpli English?

1. High-end management
2. Experienced faculty available all the time
3. Classes according to the students grasping level
4. An interactive and learning environment

Note- Classes suitable for all age groups

When it comes to student satisfaction, no one has ever said a less than 5 star.

Maintaining a high-level standard of education, Simpli English
achieves the 1st rank.


Phone No. – +91-7837712314

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#2. InstituteName: Ocean English Academy

Ocean English Academy is one of the best English Language Institute in Gurgaon where experience embraces knowledge. Using a vast array of experience, they at the institute, first come down to understand the level of their learners and then bring them up to higher levels of learning. The Dynamic experience that we have acquired so far has enabled us to gain an insight on the problems faced by the non-native speakers of English to communicate effectively and efficiently and that help them able to customize their content and teaching methodologies accordingly, as per their student’s requirements.

Provide coaching for

  • General English
  • Advanced English
  • Business English
  • Personality Development
  • Soft Skills
  • Corporate Trainings
  • Kids Grooming
  • BPO

Why Ocean English?

  1. They understand English Language Training as nobody else does and they are proud of it.
  2. Their training pedagogy is industry & career oriented with 100% result orientation.
  3. Their training methods aims at achieving the deliverables of the course.
  4. They follow a bilingual mode to facilitate comprehension and transition of thought process in English Language.
  5. They also have trained people from all industry verticals.
  6. Their trainers are recruited on stringent parameters so that they are in alignment with the expectations set from them.
  7. They offer pre-post assessments to understand the level of their learners.
  8. They offer practical sessions by exposing students to different language learning software as well as interaction with guest corporate professionals for their Personality Development.

Address67, Sec 46, Gate No.1, Opp to Unitech, Cyberpark, Gurgaon.

Phone: 8588884408, 9999396496



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#3. InstituteName: Eguroo-The English Guroo

Eguroo is the 3rd best Spoken English Institute in Gurgaon. It was conceptualized in the year 2006 as the career development and employability enhancement institute in Gurgaon. Today, it stands as a trusted brand in the market for spoken English that delivers quality Programs that gives value for money. Their courses are designed to develop English language skills for Effective Communication in day to day conversation and in professional environment.

Why Eguroo?

  • Best Trainers
  • Best Course Structure.
  • Best Learning Environment.
  • Best Quality

Learning Requirements:

Eguroo will test your language level before you start learning. It helps them to understand your learning requirement. Initially you will be join a small group of learners whose level of English Will be same as yours. This makes each learner feel ‘equal’ and therefore comfortable with all other learners.

Techniques used in Programs:

  • Interactive Group Exercises
  • Communication skill games
  • story building sessions
  • 5WH Formula
  • RWS Formula
  • Management Games
  • Audio-Video Training Sessions
  • Extempore Presentation
  • Stage Handling & Public Speaking
  • Group Discussions
  • One to One Conversations
  • Role Play etc.

Courses: There are 2 set of Courses in Eguroo

Guroo 1 Courses

Basic and Functional Grammar                                          Activities

Tenses                                                                                    Group Discussion

Actions                                                                                  Role Plays in Group & One to One

Story Telling                                                                         Tele Shopping

Experience, Moment and Jokes Sharing                               TV News Reading & Anchoring

WH Formula and Comparative Study                                  News Paper Reading

Modals                                                                                  Channel Change Games

Duties toward Society, Sharing of Emotions                        Listening Skills Games

Forms of Verbs                                                                      Presentation

Alphabets and Vocabulary Games                                       Show Hosting

Preposition                                                                            Stage Handling

Short Forms                                                                          Public Speaking

Spelling Study                                                                      Selling Skills

Mannerly Things                                                                   Story Building Session

RWS Formula                                                                       Pros & Cons

Exclamations                                                                         Preodic Fiels Exposure

Part of Speech                                                                       Outdoor Presentation

Sentence Structure                                                                Audio Video Presentation

How to Read Time                                                                Extempore

One Word Substitutions                                                        One to One Conversation

Basic Reading and Speaking                                                 Management Games

Formal Informal Letter                                                         Communication Skill Games

Daily Usage Words and Sentences                                       Interactive Group Exercises and more

Guroo 2 Courses

Advanced English Language Course

Conventional Grammar                                              Though Process

Direct – Indirect Speech                                               Management Games

Active Passive Speech                                                Communication Skill Games

Conditionals, Relative Clauses                                    Maintaining Office Decorum

Adjective & Adverbs                                                   Maintaining Relations

Conjunctions                                                              Mirror Presentation

Accent Neutralization                                                Open House Presentation

Jaw Exercise                                                              One Word Substitution

Rate or Speech                                                            Raising Social Issues

Tongue Twisters                                                          New Thinking New Possibility

Modulation & Intonation                                              How to Maintain Happiness in Life

Syllable & Syllable Stress                                           Personality Development

JAM Session, Pros and Cons                                       Body Language

Written Communication                                           Dressing Sense

Formal & Informal Letters                                          Table Manner

E-mail, Enquiry, Quotations                                         Interview & Resume Writing

Reports, Proposal, Business Letters                              Cracking the Interview

Effective Communication & Presentation                  Executive Presentation with Official Dress Code

Inter Personal Skills, Short Skills                                 Word Power

Time & Stress Management                                        American & British Language

Motivation & Leadership Skills                                    Most Frequently Used Words

Communication Process & Exercise                            Phrasal Verbs, Confusing Words, Business Glossary

Important Speech                                                       Synonyms & Antonyms, Idioms & Proverbs

Eguroo also provide coaching for TOEFL, IELTS, PTE Preparation.

AddressNM-21, Old DLF, Sector-14, Gurgaon-122001 (Hr.)

Mobile: 9210 45 7777



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#4. InstituteName: Career

Yogesh, the founder of Career established the institute in 2008 with the sole objective of helping its clients to speak English well and excel in their career.

Career helps job seekers as well as working professional to land a job and advance their career by developing English communication, Professional and other career skills. They assess the strength and weakness of the students and then they Provide customized course so that learner feel comfortable environment.

Faculty: A trainer gives you the spark of his brilliance and you will fully satisfied with trainers it’s their commitment. Training from industry experts makes you develop right skills, attitude, behavior and it also provides you exposure to real-world challenges. An excellent mentor also assists you to develop attributes vastly desired by industry with a strong mindset to deal with any situation that you might face.

Training and Fee structures

  • Face to Face
  • Online
  • English & PD for Teenagers
Particulars Basic Course Refresher Course Complete Course
Basic English Speaking Course
Conceptual English – Tenses, Grammar Yes No Yes
Basic Conversation Practice Yes No Yes
MTI Reduction, Tongue Twisters, and Listening Yes No Yes
Advanced English-Speaking Course
Conversation and Role Plays No Yes Yes
Presentation and Group Discussion Session No Yes Yes
Personality Development No Yes Yes
Interview Skills Yes Yes Yes
Career Development Guidance Yes Yes Yes
Online Training
Conceptual English – Tenses, Grammar etc. Yes Yes Yes
Conversational English Yes Yes Yes
Email writing Yes Yes Yes
Speak English Like a Star Yes Yes Yes
Unlock Your Confidence Overnight Yes Yes Yes
Learn English: Your Guide to Everyday Conversation Yes Yes Yes
Duration of the course
Face-to-face Two Months Two Months Four Months
Online Three Months Three Months Three Months
Other assignments N. A One Month One Month
Personal Guidance Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Alumni Coaching *
Last Sunday of Every month Three Months Three Months Six Months
Course Fee – Upfront Rs. 8500 Rs. 10000 Rs. 16000
1st Installment Rs. 5000 Rs. 6000 Rs. 6000
2nd Installment Rs. 4500 Rs. 5000 Rs. 6000
3rd Installment Rs. 6000


Address728-C, Sunder Singh Marg, Near Ganpati Honda, Old DLF Colony, Gurugram, Haryana 122001

Phone: 09312244988


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#5. InstituteName:  Fluent Spoken- English Classes Institute

The Fluent Spoken English Classes Institute teaches more than 5,000 students annually which means they understand the needs of their students and their challenges their students face.  Their aim is to create an environment that is enjoyable, fun and interactive because they believe that if learners enjoy their classes, they are more motivated to progress in their studies.

Courses Conduct by Professional teachers who hold internationally recognized qualifications in teaching English and Their material gives you practical experience and skills to improve your English language abilities and doubts.

Their specially designed courses are for those peoples who are looking to improve their proficiency in English. Whether you want to improve your overall communication, take an English exam, or simply want to develop your spoken English skills, we have the right course for you.

Course: Includes number of listed courses below.

  • Spoken English
  • Basic Course
  • Advanced English
  • Group Discussion
  • Advance Group Discussion
  • Foundation Courses
  • Customized Courses
  • Creative Writing
  • Business English
  • Personality Development

AddressMS1 Kendriya Vihar Sector 56 Gurgaon

Phone No.: 08595102298


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#6. InstituteName: Inlingua

Inlingua, one of the oldest institute have also presence in Gurgaon, 50 years of experience and high professional faculty make the Inlingua one of the best institute in Gurgaon. They were started its own operation from Bern, Switzerland in 1968. Now it’s represented by 300 over 300 languages center with 30 Countries all over the world.

Course: They Provides dynamics courses for different section: Kids, Adults and e-learning courses.

  • Adult- Inlingua provides best solution to you, you can join face to face programs at their local centers or e- learning Programs with customized schedule.
  • Kids- Their Languages coursed are kids have age 1-14


  • For ages 1 to 5
  • Adapted to the language abilities and needs of toddlers and preschoolers
  • Learning while playing and enjoying the language


  • For ages 6 to 8
  • Guides your child in the transition from preschooler to student
  • Encourages interaction with other children


  • For ages 8 to 10
  • Builds and improves vocabulary
  • Provides support for additional skills such as reading and writing

Go World

  • Available in 2018
  • For ages 11 to 14
  • Motivates and prepares your child for the next stage of language training
  • Ideal supplement to language lessons at school
  • E-learning
  • Virtual Learning
  • Inlingua plus
  • Flex-e-book
Address: Old Delhi, Jaipur Highway IN-122001 Gurgaon                                      

Phone: +91 124 4085 436



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#7. InstituteName: Aadharsila Institute of Basic Education

As the name indicate Aadharsila is one of best English education top institute. They focus on the strengthening the root of the students and train the students in Professional way. They provide training in the various fields like:

  • Spoken English
  • Personality Development
  • Interview Skills
  • Soft skills
  • Grammar & Verbal Reasoning
  • LSAT
  • CLAT
  • PTE
  • Microsoft Office

Apart from these things they also Provide Online training for the Competitive exams with online test to measure the potential of the candidates before exams.

  • CAT
  • Banking
  • CLAT
  • MAT
  • SSC

Address: 139, 2nd Floor, Q Block, South City 2, Sector 49, Opposite Park Hospital, Gurgaon- 122018

 Mobile: +91-8130069040



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#8. InstituteName:   E-World

E- World, a Gurgaon located institute focus on primarily on individual students’ learning. Their role is to facilitate growth by utilizing the interests and unique needs of students as a guide for meaningful instruction. It’s totally classroom based. These classrooms are goal-based oriented. Students’ learning is judged by whether they achieve predetermined, developmentally-oriented objectives because people learn best when they hear, see, and manipulate variables, their methods are unique and oftentimes experiential based. We believe in cooperative learning with authentic assessment and an inclusion of a vast range of current articles about teaching methodologies, ideal for people from all walks of life. They have diversified their teaching strategies by integrating service-learning projects and implementing technology in their classroom.

Courses: –

  • General English Basic Course
  • Interview & Personality skills
  • E.L.T.S preparation
  • Group Discussion

AddressM-2, 1st floor OLD DLF Colony, Sector-14 Gurugram, Haryana 122001, India

Phone+91 070423 90066


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#9. InstituteName: RISE Global Academy

RBA is a leading soft skills development Academy providing end-to-end training solutions to their students. They are also one of the best career development and employability enhancement academies. They follow the customized unique methodology for their students. It is not only one the best-Spoken English Institute in Gurgaon but also it gives your personality a professional edge that helps differentiate you from others.


  • Highest Quality Standards
  • Best Course Structure
  • High Quality Learning Environment
  • Professional Trainers


  • English Courses
  • Voice & Accent
  • Personality Development
  • PTE
  • SAT
  • RISE Finishing Programmed
  • BPO Training
  • Corporate Training
  • Career & Education Counselling
  • Study Abroad
  • Immigration & Visa Services

Address: 1, Golf Course Road, Sector 42, Gurgaon.

Phone: +91 7290077641, 7290077642



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#10. InstituteName: Oxford: School of Language

Oxford: School of Language was established in 2005. It is being run by a well-qualified professional, educational and a team of English teachers. Today it is one of the fastest growing center in the field of education programmes (English Language). It has been leading the students in different types of courses. They are committed to provide latest technology and best training programmes that distinct their styles from others.

School of Language features that make the institute top in Gurgaon,

  • ISO Certified & Fastest Career Growth Centre.
  • 100% Job Assistance.
  • Highly Qualified and Experienced Faculty.
  • Well-equipped Computer Labs.
  • Wi-Fi Laboratory.
  • Life Time Membership.
  • Personality Development Classes.
  • Placement Tie-up with Leading Companies.

COURSE: Complete Spoken English includes

  • Foundation Course: Use of Helping Verbs & Verbs, Noun, Pronoun, Articles Etc.
  • Basics course/ elementary course: Art of Greetings, Basics Grammar Etc.
  • Intermediate course: Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Picture Description Etc.
  • Advance course: Advance Grammar, Building Word Power, and Proverbs Etc.
  • Soft skills: Interpersonal Skills, Leadership and Team Work, Networking Skills Etc.
  • Personality Development
  • Call Centre Training and American Accent Training
  • The Test of English As A Foreign Language (Toefl)
  • International English Language Testing Systems (Ielts)

AddressHarish Vashist 572/2, Near Auto Stand, New Railway Road, Gurgaon

Phone+91-98181 12018


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#11. InstituteName: Teea English Academy.

It is a one-step place to satisfy your need to learn English in extraordinary manner, its location is not only restricted to the Gurgaon but also present in Noida, Gorakhpur, West Bengal. Apart from this they also Provide Corporate Training. It’s their belief “to be a leader at all platforms and the most important to develop those abilities and attitudes that make a go-getter super star yes they at Teea make you into SUPERSTARS”.

Why Teea?

1) During the study period, many professionals have got selected for their company’s projects in India & abroad.
2) Flexible batch timing system enables students to choose their batches.
3) Excellent & Strong commitment towards English Language Skill Development Programs.
4) Tough Admission process through Self Evaluation Assessment.
5) High learning environment.

For Batches timings please click to the link

Address: C/o, VikasCollegeVettiyara, Navaikulam Trivandrum Kerala – 695603

Phone+91-8384008235, +91-7428076783



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#12. InstituteName: BAFEL

BAFEL, British Academy for English Language is best-known leading institution in Gurgaon where one can learn highest standards of modern day communication from the best trainers available in Gurgaon.


  • Occupational English Test OET
  • Spoken English Foundation
  • Spoken English Basic
  • Spoken English Advance
  • Spoken English Mastery
  • Spoken English Comprehensive
  • Customized Courses
  • Voice & Accent
  • Personality Development
  • Interview Techniques & Advance GD
  • Creative Writing
  • Communication Skills & GD
  • Business English
  • Spoken English Online Course
  • Spoken Hindi for Foreigners

Address:  2nd, near Punjab National Bank, Opposite Police Line, Fountain Chowk, Gurugram, Haryana 122001

Phone+098111 12013



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#12. InstituteName: ACL Education

ACL (American Center for Languages) through the last 21 years has successfully educated thousands of students in the correct use of the English language and delivering satisfaction. At ACL, they recognize the potential within their students. They know that with the command of the English language, their students can progress and realize their dreams, hopes and aspirations which they will achieve one day. For in this globalized world, English is the most dominant language and struggle without it is very tough.

Courses: They work on three Module and each module have lot’s activities

Module 1

  • Suitable for: Beginners Summary of Modules covered
  • Grammar
  • Conversation
  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation
  • Audio + video classes.

Module 2

  • Suitable for: Moderate speakers Summary of Modules covered
  • Grammar
  • Conversation
  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation

Module 3

  • Suitable for: Advanced learners Summary of Modules covered
  • Grammar
  • Conversation
  • Pronunciation

Address:  342/9, 1st Floor, Above Honda Showroom, New Railway Road, Gurugram, Haryana 122001

Phone098104 44463



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#13. InstituteName: IBCL – The Institute of Business Communication and Languages

IBCL specializes in enabling their students to acquire the fluent language proficiency needed to communicate efficient & effectively. Their highly skilled faculty uses interactive teaching methods to ensure that, at the end of their course, students can use the language effectively outside the classroom and Perform best from their side all over the world.


  • Communicative English
  • Communicative Hindi
  • Business Writing & Communication
  • Editing Services
  • Chinese Language Courses

Address:  C-415, Sushant Lok I, Gurugram, Haryana 122009

Phone 9716097591



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#14. InstituteName: Success Sutras

Success Sutras another English-Speaking Institute located in Gurgaon deals with online and offline classes. They have trained many of the collages students some famous names are: Amity International School, Noida, Angels International School, and Asian School of Business Studies, Hyderabad, Guru Nanak Institute of Management, New Delhi, HCL Ltd. Gurgaon.


  • English Language
  • Spoken English
  • PTE Academic
  • CAT
  • MAT
  • SAT
  • GMAT
  • GRE
  • OET
  • Verbal English
  • Personality Development Training
  • Train the Trainer Program for Soft Skills/Personality Development Training
  • Corporate Yoga

Address:  832, Sector-15, Sector 15 Part 2, Sector 15, Gurugram, Haryana 122007

Phone9810489051, 91-124-4035832



#15. InstituteName: Lawrences English Academy

Another one the best Institute in Gurgaon have trained thousands of students from Gurgaon. The deals with corporate and IELTS trainings. The course module is in the Following manner.

Module 1 – 30 Days

  • GRAMMAR – tense, preposition, modals, etc.
  • Overcoming inhibition
  • Situation- based conversation
  • Basic English Speech
  • Vocabulary
  • Perfecting –Conversation
  • Interactive –sessions

Module 2 – 60 Days

  • Vocabulary –pronunciation and its usage
  • Perfecting Conversational Skills. Developing Skill in Mastering Different Communicative Functions through interactive Group Activities – Like Impromptu, Debate, Extempore, Group Discussion etc.
  • Modern Idioms and their usage
  • Emphasis on Colloquial- English
  • Sophisticated Ways of Expression
  • Role Plays
  • Overcoming Inhibition in Speech
  • Development of Presentation Skills
  • Effective Use of NEW EXPRESSIONS to improve fluency and Confidence
  • Business Communication

Module 3 – 60 Days

  • Introduction of Basic English Speech
  • Characteristics of Sound
  • Pronunciation Lessons from Specially Formulated Rhythm Drill
  • Reading with Correct Accent
  • Perfecting Conversational Skills Related to Daily Life
  • Effective use of New Expressions to increase Fluency and Confidence British and American English

Address:  NM-23, Old Dlf Sector 14, Gurgaon, Haryana – 122001




16. InstituteName:   EnglishMate

EnglishMate institute launched by Hindustan Times after the successful launched of Studymate English. It aims at helping you to improve your English communication skills, Personal Skills and become a confident and smarter individual.

English knowledge is no longer an advantage as an in-fact lack of proficiency in the language is a significant downfall. Whether you want to proceed higher in your education or crack the job interview, whether you want to enjoy a social gathering amongst friends or want to travel abroad. Your overall personality will make you feel confident and help leaving lasting impression. In Simple, English is one of the key components in today’s world. The Location is not only in Gurgaon, but it also spread their wing almost every place of Delhi.

Why EnglishMate?

  • Provides Expert & Trained Faculty
  • Speak Right with Technology Aided Learning
  • Focus on Communication – Speak More
  • Fun and Interactive Learning Sessions
  • Cambridge University Press’s Content
  • Continuous feedback on improvement
  • Group learning for development of interaction Skills.
  • State of the art learning environment

Courses Offerings: After Completion of the Course they also provide the Certificate.


3 Program levels of 4 months each. Example: a learner, who joins at Elementary level, will go through the certain stages- Elementary, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate levels in this program.


2 Program levels of 4 months each. Example: a learner, who joins at Elementary level, will go through the certain stages- Elementary and Intermediate levels in this program.


1 Program level of 4 months. Example: a learner, who joins at Elementary level first will complete this level and will be ready to move up to the next level.


After completing the course, you can continue your practice on their platform, through online offering for a duration of additional 4 months.


This program is designed especially for Class XII Board appearing students. Learners will undergo 1 Program level in the 3 months of summer break after the completion of board exams. This program is aimed at helping students become proficient in English speaking in today’s competitive environment.


This program is designed for specially school students considering their unique needs of excelling in academics with overall personality development. The classes are scheduled keeping in mind with academic calendar of the students. With an easy schedule of 2 hours per day and classes 2 days within a week, this program is aimed towards helping students boost their confidence. Learners will undergo 1 Program level during this program.

Address: HT Learning Centers Ltd. 7th Floor, Park Centra Building, Sector-30, Gurgaon-122001

Opening Days – All days from 7 AM to 8 PM

Phone No.: 82873-82873


Why English language is necessary for career development

In this technological age of today, along with technical knowledge, your way of expressing your thoughts should also be very effective, that is, your communication skills should be very good, especially to strengthen your grip on English language is very important because English is a global Language is the United States of America or India. Today, to get a job in India, your English should be very good, you will certainly have extraordinary ideas, but if you do not have a grasp on English, then you can also bypass your management. At the same time, due to weak grip in English, your performance may also be affected. The worst is when an ordinary English-speaking employee takes your ideas by your name! So you must have understood the importance of English?

Communication skills are essential everywhere, whether you talk to colleagues, customers or your boss, you must come to express your thoughts, goals, etc. properly. So if you tighten your grip on English and speak in English with confidence, your image will be that of a ‘leader’ and not a ‘follower’.

Hindi is our only language, but if you want a government job, then you have to pass the entrance exam related to it, in which English is a main part. English is also necessary if you want to work in a large multinational company. Now-a-days big companies like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo provide job opportunities to Indian students and many times more than the monthly income in India, but this is possible only when students with technical knowledge as well as English The grip on the language should be very strong because all these companies work on a global scale, so it is very important to have a global language to work with them, which is The Reji | Not only this, if you are dreaming of becoming an IAS or IPS in India too, then your English should be very good for that too.

Apart from this, it is very important to have a grip on English language for jobs in private companies, otherwise no matter how big a degree you may have, you will not get a job in a good big company easily because nowadays all companies are globally If you are providing services or selling your goods, it is very important to have knowledge of English. Now you must have understood that what is the importance of English in today’s time “Bin English Sab Soon” so it is important that from the time of reading, we should try to speak and learn English and get success in life. Along with language, your confidence and knowledge are also very important.

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