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Opticians in Gurgaon
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  • at Sector 14, Gurugram

    Good to visit store and good to see the collection of the store .... Optics is the branch of physics that studies the behaviour and properties of light, including its interactions with matter and the construction of instruments that use or detect it.

  • Aro Health Multi Speciality Clinic

    A great doctor who listens to his patients patiently, explains the problem properly and unlike others wouldn't suggest unnecessary procedures or medicines (went to Fortis before visiting him and was pressurised to undergo useless and very

  • Raj Opticians

    Best opticians in Gurgaon... Humble personality..Some phenomena depend on the fact that light has both wave-like and particle-like properties. Explanation of these effects requires quantum mechanics. When considering light's particle-like properties, the light is modelled as a collection of particles called "photons". Quantum optics deals with the application of quantum mechanics to optical syst

  • Kalra Opticians

    The staff is very helpful, the prices are geniuine and the product quality is great. Overall very much satisfied.   Many diffuse reflectors are described or can be approximated by Lambert's cosine law, which describes surfaces that have equal luminance when viewed from any angle. Glossy surfaces can give both specular and diffuse reflection.

  • Himalaya Opticals

    collection is very good staff behaviour is very good and very nice serviceing provided to all customers n specular reflection, the direction of the reflected ray is determined by the angle the incident ray makes with the surface normal, a line perpendicular to the surface at the point where the ray hits.   

  • S R Opticals

    Very good optical & mentain very good quality very good serviceSome media have an index of refraction which varies gradually with position and, therefore, light rays in the medium are curved. This effect is responsible for mirages seen on hot days: a change in index of refraction air with height causes light rays to bend, creating the appearance of specular reflections in the distance (as if on the su

  • 30th Feb Eyewear. By Dr. Monga Opticians

    They mislead customers and do not have well-trained sales staff. They don't make a note of warranty in their bill. When I was sold the glasses, I was told it's of great quality and under one year warranty. However, the metal casing on the glasses started wearing off within a few months and I visited them recently to get a replacement.

  • Dayal Opticals

    This store had the most amazing variety of sunglasses. Bought a Prada, Burberry, Ray-Ban and a Mykita. The store had so many unique and chic options to choose from. As compared to Shoppers Stop, there is a huge difference in variety and prices. They were also kind enough to offer discounted price as compared to other stores which do not offer any discounts

  • Bonton OPticians

    'BonTon Opticians was established in 1951 by Mr.D L Madan. Since its inception, we have catered to affluent and influential people from across the world with a wide variety of optical luxury solutions & unmatched services.

  • Titan Eye Plus

    technician gave me best service when i just walkin in store to set my spex. A device which produces converging or diverging light rays due to refraction is known as a lens. Lenses are characterized by their focal length: a converging lens has positive focal length, while a diverging lens has negative focal length

  • Optique - City Centre Mall

    'Our mission is to protect and preserve your most important senses - of vision and hearing. We were founded in 1989 and have vast experience in the fields of eyecare and earcare. 

  • GKB Opticals

    good store. unique collections.With diverging lenses, incoming parallel rays diverge after going through the lens, in such a way that they seem to have originated at a spot one focal length in front of the lens.

  • Optical Gallery

    We offer you the best in eye care with state of art equipments like phoropter and eye partner for a contactless eye test and eye measurements. This is the lens's front focal point. Rays from an object at finite distance are associated with a virtual image that is closer to the lens than the focal point, and on the same side of the lens as the object.  

  • Suvidha Optical

    good quality and reasonable price ost sources of electromagnetic radiation contain a large number of atoms or molecules that emit light. The orientation of the electric fields produced by these emitters may not be correlated, in which case the light is said to be unpolarised.

  • Mohini Opticals

    Purchased optical frame for 1100/-about 15days back but suddenly broken today arround eye circle,but he refused to replace as he says frames have no warranty whatever the cost is,he insists on cash payment with doubt that items he keeps are not of good quality,so be alert while you visit.I am using spects since more than 20years but never experienced frame broken except damage of hinges


    Qualified and Experienced optometrist .suggest the right as per needs. good and reasonable options at the store. If there is partial correlation between the emitters, the light is partially polarised. If the polarization is consistent across the spectrum of the source, partially polarised light can be described as a superposition of a completely unpolarised component, and a completely polarised one. 

  • J B Opticians

    'J. B. Opticians is an Optometry & Optical practice running since last 10 years in Vyapar Kendra market of C block, Sushant Lok-1, Gurgaon. Here you can find eye care solutions for modern day requirements for eye safety with respect to the effects of heavy screen exposure, blue light, dry eyes & headaches etc. Precision eye test & latest lens technology is our core competency. We take exceptional care i

  • Arora Optics

    Value for money shop. Shop owner is quite customer oriented person.Light reflected by shiny transparent materials is partly or fully polarised, except when the light is normal (perpendicular) to the surface. It was this effect that allowed the mathematician Étienne-Louis Malus to make the measurements that allowed for his development of the first mathematical models for polarised light. 

  • Eye max opticians

    Eye max opticians , is having optomterist clinic , contcat lenses clinc & optical counter .'ingle lenses have a variety of applications including photographic lenses, corrective lenses, and magnifying glasses while single mirrors are used in parabolic reflectors and rear-view mirrors. 

  • Book You Home Eye Test

    Chashma is a rapidly growing Indian brand for opticals that is aggressively taking over the market. The brand offers in-home services to customers bringing a wide range of eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses.To avail home eye test, you may simply call and book your slot for a Chashma eye test at home. The optometrist would visit at the scheduled time and conduct a complete eye check-up. Book Home Eye Test you

  • Elevate Your Look with Premium Women's Sunglasses from Chashma

    Are you on the hunt for the ideal combination of fashion-forward style and essential eye protection? Look no further than Chashma's exclusive range of women's sunglasses. With our curated collection, you can enhance your aesthetic while shielding your eyes from harmful UV rays. Trendy Ladies Shades Sunglasses for Every Occasion. Step into the spotlight with our trendy ladies shades sunglasses, designed to keep you

  • Elevate Your Style with Stylish Men's Sunglasses

    Sunglasses have evolved from mere fashion accessories to indispensable tools for safeguarding eye health. At Chashma, we recognize this shift in perception and proudly offer an exclusive range of sunglasses tailored specifically for men. Discover luxury, top-branded, and stylish eyewear options—all conveniently available for purchase online. Chashma's online platform provides effortless access to our extensive

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