August 22

Future Life Skills Webinars

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Isn’t it beautiful if one can pursue his passion or good skill as his/her career? Our Future Life skills segment aims at the same where topics like Why Chose Foreign Language by Ms.Sanjana Seth, German Teacher, and owner of The Mentor Institute; Cooking by Ms.Sangeeta Madan who is a chef have graced the minds of the audience and have given insights about these life skills. In upcoming webinars under future life skill that happens every Saturday, there can be interesting webinars on topics of dance, music and many more.
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Event information:

  • Name: Future Life Skills Webinars
  • Date: 22/08/2020
  • Time: 12:00 AM
  • Address: Array, Online, Online, Delhi, Delhi - 110001
  • Phone: 9717023501
  • Email:

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