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Meditation Classes in Gurgaon
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    AumYogaShala aims at spreading the essence of Yoga through unadulterated yogic education that flows straight from the pillars of Vedic Science. Be a part of immersive yoga trainings led by our revered yoga Gurus and set a new standard for your lifestyle. Our yoga teacher training programs come with Yoga Alliance Certification with the highest standards of the curriculum. We’ve curated spiritually inspiring retr


    Life today is busy. Our mind is overloaded and struggles to be in the moment. While this overload surfaces in the form of lack of focus, impatience, stress, lack of sleep – it leads to reduced productivity in all aspects of life. Our own fast paced lives made us look for solutions to keep the mind refreshed in chaos and be more productive. We found several practices which help cope with the overload and be in t


    In our interaction with family, friends, and peers we have realised that each one of us wishes to be supremely happy and healthy. While there is a strong urge to achieve this stage but there is also a lack of proper guidance and resources. This situation fails most of us miserably in our pursuit of happiness and health. We believe that there is no need to make sacrifices like becoming vegan or wake up


    My aim is to be practicing and teaching Yoga till the end of my life


    "When You Realize Nothing Is Lacking, The Whole World Belongs To You". - Lao Tzu Yoga is the journey for consciousness, ability to be present in your life at every moment without any judgement. Pinaki Yoga is the place for fitness followers and spiritual lovers. Our body is the reflection of our lifestyle and our thoughts. We practice different forms of Asanas and prepare our clients not only for a hea


    Sri Rakesh Premanand Om is Founder of Divine Life Center & Sivananda Corporate Yoga. Sri Rakesh Premanand Om Jee is a firm believer of ancient healing techniques and an avid follower of Yoga & Meditation. "He is an International Sivananda Yoga Shiromani , Reiki Grand Master, Spiritual Philosopher & Healer." His sole purpose is to help & serve the humanity with his knowledge and conviction. He wants to


    One can have a vibrant healthy body and yet be emotionally weak. We can be prosperous and yet experience internal emptiness. Experiencing fullness of life depends on knowing ourselves at every level and building bridges among the different layers of our own being. As individuals we are made of body, breath, mind and soul and we must gain a direct experience of the interconnected nature of these different levels of ou


    Sunrise Yoga Studio was found by Himanshu Chaudhary who started practicing yoga when he was 18. After completing Diploma in Yoga & Altrenate Therapy from asia top physical education university LNUPE Gwalior M.P. he started to give yoga classes in corporate and in different institutes. His years of exprience in corporate yoga gives him new hight of his carrier, now Himanshu Chaudhary is a renowned yoga specialist


    The word Namaste is an ancient Sanskrit greeting which means "I honor the place in you where the entire universe dwells. I honor the place in you that is of light, love, truth, peace and wisdom. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, We Are One."

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