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How To Get Rid Of A Hickey?How To Get Rid Of A Hickey?

How To Get Rid Of A Hickey?

How to get rid of a hickey fast in quick minutes

Hickeys aren’t only for naïve teens who like to make out in their automobiles. Unfortunately, when it comes to leaving their mark on skin, they don’t discriminate—anyone may be subjected to the agony of a hickey. No one appreciates dealing with love bites, whether you find one on your neck the night before an important meeting or a hickey persists during dinner with your grandparents. So, you’ve definitely questioned how to get rid of a hickey at some time in the past. Unfortunately, there is no magic treatment or easy way to get rid of a hickey right away. Remember that hickeys are bruises, and they, like any other mark, will fade over time.

Listen, if you’ve spent considerably more time than you’d care to admit attempting to get rid of a hickey quickly, know that you’re not alone. However, here’s the harsh reality about hickeys: There’s no DIY trick or product that can make your bruise go overnight.

Things To Do To Get Rid Of Hickies

If you have a hickey, the best thing you can do is leave it alone and let it heal. I realize it’s not pleasant to hear, but it’s the reality. Even so, there are a few harmless tips and tactics that might make the healing process go a bit smoother. So keep scrolling for 12 tried-and-true ways to get rid of a hickey, including a couple dermatologist-approved remedies.

You and your lover got carried away in a passionate moment, and you just woke up with a circular, purple-red bruise on your neck, sometimes known as a hickey. A hickey is caused by blood vessels or capillaries under the skin’s surface rupturing. Sucking or biting on skin causes them to rupture, and the spilt blood collects, resulting in a dark bruise. Many terrified hickey-wearing lovebirds have gone before you, which means a lot of people have tried a lot of therapies in the hopes of finding one that can eliminate that bruise faster.

Apply A Cold Compress Or Spoon To Your Hickey ASAP

Okay, get a clean spoon and place it in the freezer for eight to ten minutes before proceeding. Then, while the hickey is still new, push the cold spoon firmly on the afflicted area. Even derms agree that you should trust the procedure, even if it seems uncomfortable. “The cold will help decrease the blood oozing out of the vessels into the skin,” adds dermatologist MD, who recommends doing this several times during the day to keep swelling at bay.

Treat Your Hickey With Visine

Visine, as in the eye drops, is correct. Applying a dab to your bruise once or twice a day, according to Dr, will help restrict your blood vessels and hide the hickey. To avoid irritation, make sure you’re not applying it on any open wounds or cuts—only straight-up bruises.

Skip The Essential Oils

When it comes to treating a hickey, it’s definitely better to stay away from essential oils (like peppermint). They aren’t the ideal option to get rid of a hickey, according to the Dr. of a good hospital , especially if you have sensitive skin. She claims that essential oils are more prone to induce dermatitis. “They may improve blood flow, but who wants a hickey and a rash on top of that?”  

Use Arnica Cream To Treat Your Hickey

Dr. of a good hospital  explains, “Arnica is a blooming herb that has been used for bruising for thousands of years.” Dr. of a good hospital  attributes arnica’s healing properties to one of its key components, helenalin, which is an anti-inflammatory that supports your body’s normal swelling response. Apply a topical arnica cream on your hickey.

Conceal your hickey with makeup

I know this isn’t what you really want to hear, but when in doubt, the easiest (and fastest) way to hide a hickey is with your favorite concealer or foundation. Blend your go-to formula on clean, dry skin with a damp makeup sponge and lock it all in with a quick dust of setting powder. Need a rec? I’m a fan of Dermablend Cover Care Full Coverage Concealer (pictured above) and Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer.

Eat Fresh Pineapple To Get Rid Of A Hickey.

Next, go to the supermarket and get some fresh pineapple. Dr. of a good hospital adds, “Pineapple has an enzyme called bromelain that significantly helps with bruising.” You won’t need to spread a piece of pineapple on your hickey or anything like that, so don’t worry. You may get your enzyme fix by just eating or drinking it. “Eating fresh pineapple, if at all feasible,” she says, “is the most effective.”

Peel Of A Banana

The banana fruit isn’t the only part of the banana that’s good for you. The peel is high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and it has a relaxing and soothing effect on the skin. The peel may be applied directly to your hickey and may help to decrease bruising and inflammation. Leave the banana peel on for up to 30 minutes, or until it becomes brown.

Vitamin C Cream

Vitamin C is well recognized for its ability to stimulate the immune system, but it also plays an important part in the creation of collagen, a protein that keeps skin firm and supple. Applying a vitamin C lotion straight to the bruise may also help to speed up the healing process.

Consume A Variety Of Vitamin K-Rich Foods.

Vitamin K, which may be found in foods like broccoli, kale, spinach, and brown rice, aids in the absorption of blood clots, such as your hickey. So eat a salad or include some kale in your smoothie to help you recover faster.

How Can I Get Rid Of Hickies Quickly?

You may always play around with scarfs, collars, or turtlenecks if you need quick and rapid cover. In a pinch, concealer will suffice. These won’t make the hickey go away any faster, but they will save you a few puzzled stares. Although no therapy can make a hickey go overnight, these simple hickey remedies may shorten the duration of the bruise by a day or two.

How Long Do Hickeys Last If They Are Not Treated?

A hickey will vanish on its own in approximately 10 days to 2 weeks if left alone. Your body will gradually break down and reabsorb the blood that has accumulated beneath the skin. After a few days, the bruise will intensify somewhat and continue to change colors until completely disappearing. Some of these treatments may shorten the healing time by a day or two, but irritating the bruise with too much pressure may prolong the hickey. When applying the treatments or rubbing the skin, be gentle.

How To Conceal A Hickey?

If none of the preceding methods work, you may have to conceal rather than heal until the hickey goes away on its own.

Make use of your hair.

Take use of your lengthy hair if you have enough to hide a neck hickey. Simply style your hair in such a way that it conceals the hickey, and maintain it in place while conversing with others.

Cover it with a layer of clothing.

If you don’t have long hair or it doesn’t reach the hickey, a turtleneck, scarf, or heavy necklace may be necessary to conceal the love bite.


A hickey is virtually worn as a badge of honor as a teenager — a visual evidence of your enormous sexual ability (or so you like to think). The sight of a splotchy purple mark in the mirror, on the other hand, has significantly less prestige as an adult. Instead, you’re left wondering how to quickly get rid of a hickey.

Dealing with a hickey or ‘love bite’ after an excessively exuberant romantic meeting may be an awkward process, even if it feels really hot at the time. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to turtlenecks and scarves for the next two weeks because there are methods to hide that unattractive bruise while maintaining your ego. Get in touch with KMC Hospital, Mangalore for more details. 

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