Why is Sex Education Necessary in India 2023 Updated

sex education is highly necessary in India. Sexual offenses occur in large numbers here. Details of rape-related incidents continue to be published in newspapers every day from women, adolescents and girls.

Indian society is traditional and conservative in which it is considered inappropriate to discuss sexual topics, due to which children and toddlers are not able to get the right information about sexual topics and usually they can talk about these things in school or neighborhood Learn from friends and cousins ​​etc. In many cases, they also have ‘child sexual abuse’ which is usually done by someone older than them.

It is necessary that children, like other parts of the body, be given complete information about sexual organs, but before adolescence, children’s sexual organs are taken as organs of excreta and urine and due to this reason Those organs are described as dirty and the action of touching them etc. is tried to explain them as dirty, whereas the reality is that age Nanand also experienced before adolescence. For this reason, it is very important to explain to children about ‘Good Touch and Bad Touch’.

Generally in Indian society, in the name of sex education or sex education, adolescent girls are told by mothers with more clarity in gestures and gestures about menstruation, use of sanitary pads and hygiene of sexual organs etc. But the emphasis is more on the fact that they are not more mixed with the boys, do not wear clothes, do not jump, do not spread legs Do not sit and let the boys touch your body etc. Actually, giving this type of information which is just a list of taboo is not right type of sex education. The root cause of this situation is that not all mothers have sufficient knowledge of themselves.

Probably the need is that before reaching adolescence, children should be told clearly about the structure and functioning of the sexual organs by parents or teachers. They should know the real name of the sexual organs, so that if needed, they can name their organ and tell their problem in the same way as they tell about other parts of their body. They should have the necessary preliminary information about the changes in the body during adolescence, such as dreaming (which is not really a defect), sexual hair, semen etc. as well as the basics of childbirth.

Sex education is required for various reasons:

It is very important that young boys and girls know the reasons for the changes in their body, they should be given sex education when they reach adolescence.
Both boys and girls need to understand the menstrual cycle so that girls can accept it as a normal role of nature and boys should not hate menstruation, tampons and sanitary pads. To be sensitive to this issue it is necessary to know about it.

By spreading awareness about sex, there will be awareness about other related issues including diseases like sexual diseases and HIV at the time of conception. According to the WHO, 34 percent of people in the age group of 12 to 19 in the world are infected with HIV.
Sex education will make the youth responsible and thus they will decide to have sex with full knowledge of the possible outcome rather than eagerness and will be able to face such reactions without any negative effect.
The youth should not be ashamed to buy contraceptive material which is a very important aspect.
To end rape, coercive physical relationships, sex education is very important.
Last but not the least, the victims of child sexual abuse have to understand that something is going wrong with them. With which they will be able to inform their parents about unpleasant incidents. A study by the Department of Women and Child Development shows that about 53 percent of the children in the country have been victims of some kind of sexual abuse.


Keeping in mind the changing dynamics of society in India, the Government of India implemented the National Education Policy in the year 2016, which recognizes the importance of sex education in schools for adolescents as safeguards. It remains to be seen whether this policy will be implemented again. The time has come for teachers to properly educate adolescents about sex education, because half-baked information can be dangerous to having sex and it is better for teenagers to be aware and prepared.






Bhanu Garg: