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How to become a Dermatologist in India : Career as a Dermatologist

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How to become a Dermatologist in India : Career as a Dermatologist

Career as a Dermatologist
Career as a Dermatologist

Dermatology has become quite popular in the options available for specialization in Dysin. At present, the saying ‘First Impression is the Last Impression’ is being taken so seriously that the person’s form has started to be considered an important part of personality. For this reason, the level of concern is growing rapidly in people about their appearance and personality. Even college-going students are spending a lot of money with the need to show themselves attractive.

The level of severity among people about their appearance has increased so much that they get upset with the slightest acne on the face. Many times, they overpower such troubles in such a way that they even quit leaving the house. The demand for fairness creams, which claims to revive in such an environment, is also increasing rapidly. Skin related diseases such as itching and rashes are common. Their intensity increases significantly during the summer and rainy season. Doctor’s consultation is essential for their proper treatment. Many times, the doctor needs to go to the hospital for a few days or weeks for frequent treatment. In such a way, people do not hesitate to spend more for their skin.

The demand for dermatologists is increasing due to the increased awareness of the skin and the appearance of people. Dermatology is a branch of medicine, in which the diagnosis of skin and related diseases is studied. This is a specialized topic, which is studied after MBBS. Dermatologists also diagnose curetic problems related to skin, hair and nails in addition to the treatment of diseases.

Dermatologist’s work

Their main task is to treat people’s diseases that have side effects on skin, hair, nails and mouth. They help the patients in skin precipitated by allergic skin, skin scarring, sunburn or other types of disorders. For this, he uses drugs or surgery. She also collaborates in the treatment of patients suffering from skin cancer and similar diseases. At the clinic or hospital, he first inspects the disease affected organisms. If necessary, they also take a sample of blood, skin or tissue from the concerned organ to check the severity of the disease. They investigate the chemical and biological tests of these samples and find out what causes the disease. After diagnosing the disease, they start treatment. In this work he uses drugs, surgery, superficial radiotherapy or other available treatment methods.

Other tasks

Many times there is also skin related disease due to lack of nutrients in the body. In this case, dermatologists also prepare ‘Diet Plan’ for the patient’s condition. In the same way, he also provides advice on the care of patients with skin and hair while exercising. Apart from this, the management of medicinal documents related to the treatment of patients (related medicines and related to pathological investigations) is also a part of their scope.

Cosmetic Surgery:

Dermatologists also do cosmetic surgery to make facial and other organs attractive. To eliminate skin wrinkles and scars, they use techniques like dermabrasion and botox injections. In addition to these techniques, he also uses laser therapy for treatment. With the help of this technique he treat wrinkles and white spots on the skin.


Passing XII with physics, chemistry and biology is the first condition of becoming a dermatologist by obtaining MBBS degree. After this, a three year MD or two year diploma course can be done in dermatology, venereology and leprosyography.

Topics available for specialization
Medical Dermatology Surgical Dermatology
Dermatopathology Hair and Nail Disorders
Genetic skin disease piedriotic dermatology
Immunodermatology publishing disorders
Connective Tissue Disease Photodermatology
Cosmetic Dermatology Genetic Skin Disease

The possibilities

You can work as a Dermatologist in Mumbai a private hospital, nursing home or government dispensary after studying the postgraduate course of dermatology. If you are interested in teaching work, you can also direct teaching or research as an assistant professor in any medical college, university or institute.

Related Education Institute
AIIMS, New Delhi
Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi
Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh
Department of Dermatology and Venerealology, University of Delhi
SMS Medical College, Jaipur
AFMC, Pune
Department of Dermatology, Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences
Dr. MGR Medical University, Tamilnadu

Required properties:
Have a good aesthetic and health
Have the skill to communicate sympathetically with patients
Have enough patience to deal with all kinds of situations
Emotionally and mentally strong
Have the desire to help others

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