Top 10 Chiropractor in Edinburgh 2024 – Review & Rating

Top 10 Chiropractor in EdinburghTop 10 Chiropractor in Edinburgh

Top 10 Chiropractor in Edinburgh

Discover the epitome of well-being with our guide to the top 10 chiropractor in Edinburgh. Explore authentic reviews and ratings to find the best chiropractic care in the city. Choose the perfect chiropractor in Edinburgh for an unparalleled journey to optimal health and wellness. Stay updated with the latest in chiropractic excellence.

Top 10 Chiropractor in Edinburgh

  1. Edinburgh Chiropractic Group

 Our team of highly trained professionals uses the latest technologies to restore you to pain-free health, quickly and easily. We thoroughly evaluate & treat all of the contributing root factors related to your issue. 

Service—Our registered chiropractors are proud to offer a wide range of comprehensive chiropractic treatments to meet the needs of adults, seniors, and paediatric patients in Edinburgh.

Our team of professionals in providing personalised chiropractic and rehabilitative therapy. 

Address—: 7-9 N St David St, Edinburgh EH2 1AW, United Kingdom.   

Contact—+44 131 235 2795  


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  • Edinburgh Chiropractic Clinic

 JL Brassington graduated from RMIT University, Australia in 2001. Since graduating, JL Brassington has worked successfully in family practices in Australia, Holland, Spain, UK and the Philippines.   

Service–Common Presentations

Lower Back Pain


Shoulder Pain

Thoracic Pain

Paediatric Care

Pregnancy Care- 

Address–10B Broughton St Ln, Edinburgh EH1 3LY, United Kingdom. 

Contact–+44 131 538 3286  



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  1. Capital Chiropractic

 Our chiropractors use a variety of different chiropractic techniques to ensure that your chiropractic care is tailor-made to your needs. We provide strategies and advice on posture, ergonomics, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.    

Service—-The massage therapists at Capital Chiropractic, realise that sports massage therapy is not just for athletes but is for anyone who may be suffering from tight muscles from injury, poor posture or overuse. Common causes of tight and painful muscles out with sports related injuries include poor posture and repetitive actions such as prolonged computer use or driving.  

Address— 50 Frederick St, Edinburgh EH2 1NG, United Kingdom. 

Contact—  +44 131 226 1336 


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  • Morningside Chiropractic

 We are a well established and multi award winning practice that has built up an outstanding reputation for trustworthy care and clinical excellence over the last 15 years.  

Service—Low Back Pain

Neck Pain

Cervicogenic Headaches & Migraine Prevention

Shoulder Pain

Minor Sports Injuries 

Address—-74 Comiston Rd, Edinburgh EH10 5QJ, United Kingdom. 

Contact–+44 131 447 3794 



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  1. Connect Chiropractic

 Andrew (Principal Chiropractor and Business Owner), originally from Brisbane opened our first clinic in Leith in 2003. He is passionate about Chiropractic and how it can benefit people and can’t imagine doing anything else! Read more about Andrew here. 

Service— Free Spinal Health Checks

 Acute and Chronic Pain Relief

 Headache & Migraine Prevention  

Address—  56 Queen Charlotte St, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 7EX, United Kingdom. 

Contact—  +44 131 554 5855 


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  1. City Chiropractic

 Welcome to City Chiropractic – our ethos is patient centred care. We offer a range of treatments to help you feel better and live better. 

Service–Practitioners wearing full PPE.

Increased cleaning and sterilisation procedures throughout the clinic.

Limiting the amount of patients we have in the clinic by spacing appointments out and only having 1 chiropractic practitioner working at any given time.

Screening patients before their appointment. 

Address—44 Rodney St, Edinburgh EH7 4DX, United Kingdom.  

Contact–+44 131 558 3535  


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  1. Corstorphine Chiropractic

 Following the Scottish government’s guidance we are opening for routine chiropractic appointments and massage from 22nd July. We have set out the following measures to protect patients, staff and the wider community.

Service—Here at Corstorphine Chiropractic, we offer a range of massage services in Edinburgh designed to help you relax, relieve tension, and to complement our chiropractic services.    

Address— 1B Drum Brae Ave, Edinburgh EH12 8TE, United Kingdom.   

Contact—+44 131 339 9451 



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