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Why Sourav Ganguly (Dada) is most famous cricketer in India than others

Why Sourav Ganguly (Dada) is most famous cricketer in India than others

Why Sourav Ganguly is Should be Role Model of all Young Professional, What You thinks
Why Sourav Ganguly is Should be Role Model of all Young Professional, What You thinks

We all know the reason why he is so famous? What makes him win our hearts over and over; again, and again. Let me answer it a little differently. Have you ever wondered that around 7 million is the population in the world and India is the second populous? Still, all poor people feel alone and need a companion. Sourav Ganguly is the thread that unites all Indians in a similar thread. Cricket is not a national game of India. However, still, it receives love and respect from all over the country. This cricketer has given us all the reasons to love him. I must say he is patriotic. He stood for the motherland, excellent professional career, no backlogs make him very special.

I would not like to speak about his career statistics we all know it. Let’s enter into his personal space what made him stood up and make a difference in the lives of others. We all knew that Saurav Ganguly is right-handed, however, he was a successful left-handed batsman. He did this because he wanted to use his elder brother’s crickets kit. He makes us learn that there is no boundary or burden. He belonged to one of the richest families in the city. Still, his dedication, disciplined life helped him make a difference. He has been a role model to several other cricket stars and kids who dreamt of being a cricketer. 

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He has represented our country in foreign countries and made up feel proud almost in 437 matches. I am not counting his winning matches. Winning a match or losing it doesn’t make a difference unless your determination and hard work remain the same. He always had carrier consistency. Nowadays the majority of cricketers run around the fame, Dada was a real star he never runs around fame and publicity. He had a simple lifestyle and high productive thinking for the only benefit of his country. This is the reason why he got accepted countrywide for his progress.

He was a born star. He was not a born leader but, he deserved to be captain of the Indian Cricket Team. He had changed a lot of things in the future of cricket. He has given his major contribution. He may be taking retired from the game, however, still, our current cricket legends are compared to his achievements.

To date, people are obsessive at him. In this era of selfies, people do have a small space for his autograph. I can recall my personal experience of meeting him at an event. I still remember I was speechless to have him in front of me. To my surprise, he took my phone and asked me to do you want a selfie with me. I was like yes. Though, I lost that picture today. Still, I have fresh memories of meeting him.

Humanity, humble, down to earth approachable and his attitude towards his game made him stand out in the long run. Bengalis are usually very sweet. But Dada is the most lovable person ever in the field of cricket industry. A lot many stories for his generosity are pretty famous.

He has many accomplishments as Single Indian batsman to score Highest in the world cup. He took responsibility for the team to shape them and set them for the next world cup. Though in his career he never won. However, he always wanted that his motherland deserves a World cup. His outstanding commitment towards his game and always opting for some innovative techniques made him different. I don’t say traditional techniques are boring but as per the need, you should know how to put into use with ease.

Achievements are often treated as benchmarks of once career. But in Saurav Ganguly there is the only victory, life has been very kind for him he had only set benchmarks for others. He is not remembered for only achievements, but also for a major contribution of having Mahendra Singh Dhoni in Cricket Team. He never knew him personally however, he wanted best for our country and we all are witnessed the Mahendra SinghDhoni career graph. He is one of the best in our current scenarios.

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Apart from a successful career in cricket, he was also an excellent commentator. We all love him in being a panel of Justice Lodha to investigate the cases of any scam in BCCI or any issue related to match-fixing. He can be the voice of all the people who are victims of it.

Being a huge fan of Saurav Ganguly. I respect and admire him for his contribution. Like other cricket stars, he has never been in love with any actress. He was always part of limelight however he chooses to keep it simple. Certain steps and a little bit of inner engineering with the discipline he has achieved a lot. I don’t want that our young generation should be carried away with the charm of his position but I want people to genuinely focus on his career accomplishments. 

Saurav Ganguly is a role model, trendsetter and a game-changer. I don’t want him to compare with other worthless stars of any industry. He is a man with a golden heart. He was responsible for every move he made on and off-field. Now Dada will show his swag with Dadagiri in BCCI.  We from our team wishes him all the very best. Keep inspiring us the way he did till now.

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