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Why do some married women have affairs?

Why do some married women have affairs?

That is what we think before that only man cheats on his wife, but it has changed today. Both women and man are equally cheating their partners. It can’t be said that all men and women cheat on their partners, but yes, there are a lot of individuals who made it as a trend to have extramarital affairs.

There are specific reasons for having affairs after marriage; man can have their perspective, and women have their circumstances. Usually, we think that man has relations because they want to fulfill their physical desires, but it is not right, and you won’t believe it. Still, many women are there who also have a desire to sex but don’t satisfied with their husband, so finds a man to make self-satisfaction.

But every time it’s just not all about sex, women also have certain circumstances which make them do so and get attracts to another guy. A lot of women establishes an affair, but their intention is not to deceive their husbands but find love. Every individual is different, so their thoughts also differ.

There are lots of factors that push the women in a circumstance where she makes an affair despite being married. Given below is a list of reasons why most of the married women have mattered:

1. Bully nature of men-

Women can recognize the feelings of his husband. A lot of men are there who are ferocious in bed. This reason led many women to do betrayal their husbands.

Women love those man who is caring and delicate when she finds a man like this she betrays her husband as she doesn’t want to waste her love in a man who is having the only thirst of sex.

2. Feeling of negligence and avoided-

Every woman has a desire to be a center of attention, she wants to get all the love and care from her husband.

It is a fantasy of every woman that she wants to be treated like a girlfriend even after the marriage due to the monotonous schedule of a married couple. But when she is feeling ignored, unacknowledged by her husband, she is attracted to the guy who appreciates her, making her feel like she is the only one.

At a point in time, she got weary of performing the duty of a wife or mother and started feeling like a maid, she needs extra attention from her husband, but when she doesn’t find it, it leads to her making her betray her husband.

3. When the husband is censorious-

Many men have severe nature, they always criticize their wives; they never appreciate their wives.

Criticizing every time decreases her morale and self- respect. Women don’t want to be in a relationship with a man who always unsatisfied with the work of her wife.

This reason forces them to have an affair with a man who loves their work and enhance their morale and self-esteem.

4. Improbable demand for women-

A lot of women have a doubtful needs from their husbands.They expect their husbands to call them time to time and share their all-day happenings, treated like a friend, agree on their every saying, but it is not obeyed by a lot of men.They don’t fulfill these desires. So, this makes them betrayal their husband to find a man who can satisfy all these desires.

5. Unsatisfied in sex with her husband-

It seems to be awkward, but it’s true that women also enjoy sex like men. She also has a lot of desirous related to sex.

There are a lot of women who don’t satisfy to get pleasures of sex with their husbands. They have some fantasy regarding sex.

In certain situations, when she doesn’t enjoy sex with her life partner, her sexual needs are not fulfilled. She finds in another man by cheating her husband.

6. The feeling of loneliness

Feeling of loneliness comes out of two reasons:

  • First, if the husband is not physically available, he is too busy in his works because of the long working hours or his job is out of town.
  • The Other one is he is not emotionally available. This can be because of two reasons; he doesn’t love her wife anymore or doesn’t care about anything.

So, to avoid the feeling of loneliness, most women prefer to have an affair to get rid of aloneness.

7. To fill excitement-

People are of different mentalities. Some women are too busy in-home handling, whereas there are a lot of women who are tired of taking care of their house and bored with performing daily household chores.

They want to fill excitement in their lives, and despite taking other ways of excitement, they choose to have an extramarital affair to do fun.

8. Lack of closeness

A busy schedule of people creates a lot of differences in their relationships. People don’t have time to sit together, discuss specific topics, go on vacations, engages in fun activities.

When women don’t get all these things from their men, she tries to find someone else. This leads the reason to deceive the husband.

9. Want to have a relation with a bad boy kind of a man-

Many women are there who love to have wild sex. She always desires to have wild sex.,When she finds that her husband is too soft and delicate in bed and doesn’t satisfy her, she goes through the options of men who offer her wild sex and fulfills her wild fantasy. She betrays her husband to get the pleasure of wild sex.

10. If she finds cheated by her husband-

Every time it is not a fault of women who betray her husband just because fulfilling her desires. Sometimes there is a situation that appears where she finds cheated.

When she finds herself in a situation where her husband is cheated, circumstances lead her to establish an extramarital affair to make her husband feel the pain or make him realize what he is doing.

All the above are certain circumstances which lead most of the married women to have an affair. Some of them have an issue to meets their desires, whereas others do for the sake of love. The reasons differ according to the circumstances and mentalities. So, in this article we have answered to your question that Why do some married women have affairs?




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