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Manufacturing Companies in Los Angeles, USA 2023 Updated

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Manufacturing Companies in Los Angeles, USA 2023 Updated

1 Lefty production

We guide new and established clothing and accessory lines through sketching and design, fabric and trim sourcing, labels and branding, pattern and sample making, duplicates, fittings, pattern revisions, marking and grading, cutting, production and packing. From our years in the fashion business, we know how difficult it is to find reliable and honest garment and textile manufacturing partners and vendors. In this challenging business, you need a partner you can trust, not only to be honest with you, but also to have your best interest at heart.

Our services

  1. Pre production
  2. Production
  3. Designing
  4. Printing
  5. Athletic wear
  6. Women wear

Address 18 West 9th St Suite #1010 Los Angeles, CA 90015


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2 Unified manufacturing

Unified Manufacturing is different. We’re like a factory, but one with big machines and a great personality. With years upon years in the music and movie industries, we understand the creative process, the chaos and the time-waits-for-no-(wo)man mentality. We can help you with whatever you need—CD manufacturing, DVD manufacturing, short-run CD duplication, custom DVD menus, USB replication, t-shirt printing, poster printing, and even shipping. We have our own CD/DVD and vinyl manufacturing plants, meaning that there’s no middleman shuffling around costing you money.

Our services

  1. CD manufacturing
  2. DVD manufacturing
  3. Vinyl manufacturing
  4. Merch manufacturing
  5. Product design

Address 5029 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016, USA


3 LA fashion

LA Fashion Source is a sourcing and apparel manufacturing company that was developed with the aim of helping fashion companies run their business with ease. Through our level of commitment as an apparel manufacturing company and dedication to the fashion companies, we’ve established high level of competency in the mind of our customers with the way we render our services. With over 12 years of experience in the industry, LA fashion source has established relationships with vendors and contractors that have proven to be professionals when it comes to providing quality products, craftsmanship and pricing. We offer services in two phases which are developmental and production phases. In the developmental phase, we offer design service, fabric sourcing, pattern and sample making while in the production phase, it is basically grading, garment making and packaging. ​

Our services

  1. Cut and sew
  2. Sourcing
  3. Garment finishing

Address los angeles, CA


4TEG Groups

The Evans Group (TEG) was founded in 2005 by Jennifer Evans. Jennifer began her career working in a small couture house while studying business in San Francisco. Seeking high-quality workmanship for the designer’s pieces, she was assigned to New York City to lead the acquisition of couture and tailoring facilities. It was during this four-year experience that she learned the unique process of creating high-end apparel for an independent designer, and the needs of the factory workers alike. With a desire to contribute toward change, Jennifer branched out to the non-profit sector, spending four years at the International Academy of Irvine. She was tasked with creating a social enterprise program for the school. Jennifer developed a program aimed at training garment workers from mass-production factories, to sew high-end clothing in small volumes, serving independent designers. The program, originally intended as a fundraising measure for the school, was inundated almost overnight with orders. Unknowingly, Jennifer had sewn the seeds of The Evans Group.

Our services

  1. Pattern and samples
  2. Bridal and couture development
  3. Small volume production
  4. Factory level production

Address 1926 E. 7th Street, Suite B, Los Angeles, CA 90021


5General carbon company

General Carbon Company has specialized in the production of High-Quality, Uniform, Lampblacks since 1931 (86 years) serving national and international industries satisfactorily. Currently product stocks are maintained at Los Angeles, Mogadore, and Louisville for customer convenience. Export orders can be filled directly from our Los Angeles factory with near-by transportation facilities at LAX Los Angeles and ports Los Angeles/Long Beach. Samples available upon request on a company letterhead.

Our services

  1. Design uniform
  2. Manufacturing of clothes
  3. Manufacturing for gowns

Address 7542 Maie Avenue Los Angeles , CA 90001 USA


6 Top hand MFG

Top Hand MFG. is an apparel and accessories manufacturer based in the heart of Los Angeles. We specialize in formal accessories and hospitality uniform design and manufacturing. We work with new and established clothing lines, accessory lines and hospitality groups to create the best quality product. For us, its about manufacturing with intense attention to detail.

Our services

  1. Cutting
  2. Sewing
  3. Production
  4. Custom design

Address 3730 Broadway Pl. Los Angeles, CA 90007


7 Mission manufacturing 

Mission Furniture Mfg. was opened in 1971 by Cecilio Acevedo and continues to be a true “family business”. Having a family atmosphere has helped to maintain a tradition of quality and service. Customer satisfaction has been a priority from day one. When first opened our focus was on upholstery. As years went by Mission Furniture expanded its product line to include Mattresses, Bedrooms, Dining Rooms, Appliances, and more. Over 40 years of experience helps us to make informed decisions when buying from other manufacturers. We take great pride in offering quality mattresses and bedrooms from companies who value workmanship as much as we do. Times have changed notably since we started in 1971, but we haven’t. We still continue to provide quality at excellent prices along with service second to none

Our services

  1. Custom upholstery, Re-upholstery, Repairs
  2. Re-stuff your old cushions
  3. Dining Chair upholstery & repair
  4. Commercial upholstery
  5. Custom Mattress Sets
  6. Free Local Delivery
  7. In home estimates

Address Los Angeles, CA 90022


8 TSM 

TSM was founded in Los Angeles in 1966. The company has grown steadily to its current position as one of the leaders of the grab bar and washroom accessory industry through its reputation for reliability, quality, value and service. Also, true to its name, Tubular Specialties Manufacturing prides itself on fabricating custom jobs with expertise and craftsmanship, projects that range from modified grab bars to providing railing for several stations of the Los Angeles Metro Subway System. 

Our services

  1. Washroom accessories
  2. Railing metal work

Address 13011 South Spring Street Los Angeles, CA 90061, U.S.A


9 Elevator research 

ELEVATOR RESEARCH & MANUFACTURING CORP. (ERM), which began operations in Los Angeles in 1966, fabricates elevator fixtures and accessories for independent and national elevator contractors. These exceptional products are custom designed to our customers’ specific needs and are shipped to locations throughout the United States and Canada. Based on the sound principles of providing a superior product as well as unrivaled customer service, the company has grown to become North America’s premier provider of elevator control stations and custom signal fixtures. Today, ERM is a division of Dewhurst Group plc and maintains its position as the industry leader providing a diverse range of elevator products and services, unparalleled quality and a unique focus on customer satisfaction.

Our services

  1. Car station
  2. Swing return
  3. Buttons 
  4. Hall station
  5. Position indicators

Address 1417 Elwood Street Los Angeles, CA 90021


10 JM Eagle

JM Eagle™ is the world’s largest plastic pipe manufacturer—an innovative leader that combines advanced technology with superior customer service to create the industry’s most sophisticated and diverse products. JM Eagle™ gives its customers a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace with the greatest capacity and geographic reach. JM Eagle™ joins the strengths of two industry-leading plastic pipe producers, including complementary product lines as well as specialty pipe and unique product innovations. We’re committed to serving each and every customer in the best way possible. Through this merger, we look forward to strengthening our existing relationships, and developing new ones in the future.

Our products

  1. Pvc 
  2. PE
  3. Water sewer
  4. Plumbing
  5. Storm drainage
  6. irrigation/agriculture

Address JM Eagle 5200 West Century Boulevard Los Angeles, CA


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