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Pharmaceutical Companies in Los Angeles, CA List 2023 Updated

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Pharmaceutical Companies in Los Angeles, CA List 2023 Updated

  1. Merit pharma

Merit’s family of employees and companies welcome you to our website. For over forty years Merit has proudly offered quality pharmaceuticals, medical/surgical items, and healthcare related professional products. Our product depth includes IV Infusion Therapy items, Controlled Pharmaceuticals, exam room disposables, equipment and specialty devices. Merit has thousands of quality items available. As a second generation family business we continue to maintain the very same high standards and business excellence from our humble beginnings.

Our services

  1. IV supplier
  2. Exams room supplier
  3. Merit products
  4. Pharma RX 
  5. aesthetics

Address 2611 N. San Fernando Road, Los Angeles, CA 90065 USA


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2 Novonco pharma

Worldwide some 14 million people will be diagnosed with cancer this year. Novonco is at the forefront of cancer research, working to help transform care from one-size-fits-all treatments to therapies that are personalized to the patient. In collaboration with leading scientists from City of Hope and the University of California, Irvine, Novonco is advancing precision medicine through the development of novel small molecules to treat a number of solid and hematologic cancers.

Our services

  1. COH29
  2. NV10

Address 12100 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 800Los Angeles, CA 90025


3 Qualigen 

Qualigen is a biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of novel therapeutic products for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases, as well as expansion of its flagship FastPack® diagnostic platform. The FastPack® line of FDA-cleared and CE-Marked products has been used successfully in diagnostics since 2002. Our therapeutics pipeline includes cancer drug compounds such as AS1411, AS1411-GNP and RAS-F, as well as STARS, a DNA/RNA-based treatment device. By combining our demonstrated ability to quickly develop and commercialize innovative medical products with the advanced capabilities of leading cancer research centers, such as the University of Louisville, we are committed to providing exciting new therapeutic technologies to physicians and patients.

Our services

  1. Therapeutics 
  2. Diagnosis

Address 2042 Corte del Nogal Suite B Carlsbad, CA 9201


4 APC pharma

An independent consulting firm established in 2006, APC offers an innovative and specialized approach to the acquisition of PBM services. Our team provides extensive combined experience in the self-insured healthcare & pharmaceutical industry.APC understands how important it is to protect your Book of Business and our Pharmacy Benefit Consultants are in your corner. APC can help you achieve optimized pharmacy savings for your clients with our industry insights and singular focus on PBM Procurement and Vendor Management.APC is your partner who will advocate for your organization’s behalf throughout the entire procurement process.

Our services

  1. PBM Vendor Procurement and Contracting
  2. Up-Front Claims Review
  3. PBM Vendor Monitoring & Management

Address Action Pharmaceutical Consulting 1706 Colby Avenue, Ste 201 Los Angeles, CA 89074


5 Kite pharma

At Kite, we are focused on the cure. Our singular focus is on cell therapy — the use of genetically modified immune cells programmed to target tumors — which we believe has the potential to change the way cancer is treated. Through our focused efforts and important industry and academic partnerships we have been able to advance our industry-leading pipeline of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) and T cell receptor (TCR) product candidates with the goal of treating both hematological cancers and solid tumors.We envision a world in which people have the treatment options they need to help live the lives they want. We are dedicated to doing all we can to reach that future together.

Our services

clinical trial inquiries

adverse reactions

 medical information

Address 2400 Broadway Santa Monica, CA 90404


  1. Grifols

Grifols USA was established in 2003. Based in Los Angeles, we cover the US market. We own and operate 147 plasma donor centers. Our manufacturing sites are located in Clayton, North Carolina; Los Angeles, California; and Emeryville, California. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of products and services from the Bioscience, Diagnostic and Hospital divisions. Safety and quality are our top priorities as we deliver on our mission: improving the health and well-being of people around the world.

Our services

  1. Bioservices
  2. Diagnosis
  3. Hospital
  4. Bio supplies

Address los angeles


7 AB centra

Founded by cardiologists and backed by renowned Los Angeles hospital Cedars-Sinai, our aim is to make significant advances in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases by addressing mechanisms of inflammation that drive pathogenesis. This has been a core area of research of our founding scientists for 30 years. We develop biologic therapies for patients with significant unmet medical need. Our pipeline focuses on treating atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, inflammation, and cardiometabolic dysfunction in patients with psoriasis. We also focus on therapies for patients at risk of cardiovascular complications from lipoprotein(a). Neither condition has an approved therapy.

Address 1925 Century Park East, Suite 1700 Los Angeles, CA 90067



Insyght is a strategic services provider with specializations in Medical / Scientific Strategy & Communications, Thought Leader Engagement / Management, e-Strategy & Digital Applications, and Strategic Consulting for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The synergies we create by offering these services through our in-house, unparalleled team are of tremendous benefit to our clients who see us as true partners. We help them develop successful strategies and ultimately implement the right solutions that consistently exceed their expectations.

Our services

  1. Addiction medicine
  2. Cardiovascular
  3. Center nervous system
  4. Dermatology
  5. Pain management


Address 11900 W Olympic Blvd. #500 Los Angeles, CA 90064

  1. Dendreon

Founded on the belief that immunotherapy made from a patient’s own cells will transform cancer treatment, Dendreon is fighting for patients by making the battle against cancer personal. By harnessing the power of the body’s immune system, we help extend the lives of patients battling cancer. Our flagship product, PROVENGE® (sipuleucel-T), was the first FDA-approved immunotherapy made from a patient’s own immune cells. Since its approval in 2010, nearly 40,000 men with advanced prostate cancer have been prescribed PROVENGE. Today, we continue to push our research forward so that we may help even more patients fight cancer with personalized immunotherapy.

Our services

  1. Clinical trials 
  2. Surgery instrument


Address 1700 Saturn Way Seal Beach, CA 90740

  1. Synergy pharma

New is a shining concept we welcome with open arms. Our willingness to continuously improve and find ways to create competitive edge for our customers allows us to embrace innovative technologies and think out of the box. Everything we do at Synergy is with respect, honesty and humbleness – toward our stakeholders and ourselves. We are proactive and converse constructively, acting and reacting with our hands on our hearts. We think forward together with our partners and, most importantly, we believe.

Targeting those markets we know so well enables us to excel in what we do. We service and support our customers with the highest quality, whether we take a global approach or stand by them, right where they are. We work from different positions but are seamlessly aligned, committed and centered.

Our services

  1. API 
  2. packaging material
  3. excipients
  4. extracts

Address los angeles ,CA 


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