Hotspot is available or not on jio Phone – Jio New Update

Hotspot is available or not on jio PhoneHotspot is available or not on jio Phone

Hotspot is available or not on jio Phone

Hotspot is available or not on jio Phone – Jio New Update

Hello friends Hotspot is available or not on jio Phone Amidst this huge confusion, today we will tell you deeply whether you can really share the Internet with your Jio phone. For some time, the news of Jio phone hotspot has created a ruckus all over the internet. The extent was reached when I opened YouTube and found out how to activate the hotspot in Jio phone? There are over a hundred videos on it.


Now if you open these videos, then you will find that everyone claims that the Jio phone update has arrived and you can share the internet with your phone in this way. Some people have gone ahead and told the solution that they show that if there is no hotspot in your phone, then you can download the hotspot app for it. You can share internet with the help of USB tethering.

Brother, what is going on? Skip Kher, if you want answers to all these questions and you want to know if there is any Jio phone me hotspot connect karne ka tarika then the solution is in this post. So let’s know Jio phone me hotspot hai ya nahi (Jio phone has hotspot or not)

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Reliance itself has confirmed whether there is a hotspot in Jio Phone or not. They say that we do not give you the direct facility to activate the WiFi hotspot. In addition, he also posted an article on his website, in which he has announced that all those videos uploaded on YouTube are fake. In which you have been shown sharing the internet from hotspot on Jio phone. If you want, you can read this post How to activate wifi hotspot in Reliance Jio Phone.

Now talk about Jio phone update, just a few days ago Jio had removed its new update. On this too many people said that wifi hotspot is now available in Jio phone. But those who are using this phone, they have not come to any such option at the moment. As far as we know, that update was done to remove some bugs in the jio phone.

So it becomes clear from these things that for the present time Jio Phone does not have the facility like WiFi hotspot. But if you are very stubborn and not ready to agree, is there any way with which we can share internet with our phone. So let’s complete this dilemma as well.

How to share Internet in Jio Phone.

You have already known one thing that Jio has not yet provided the facility of WiFi hotspot on its behalf. But do you know that in the coming time, Jio should also give this facility to its user, there is no such thing at the moment. But many October has given such ways, with the help of which you can share internet with Jio Phone.

Before writing an article on this topic, I did research about all these methods and found out whether we can actually turn on Jio phone hotspot using these methods. So let me tell you how much truth is there in them.

Jio hotspot update.

If you have seen many YouTube videos, then most of them have told that a new update of Jio has come in which we have got the option of internet sharing. If you get their comment, most people say that they did not get the option of hotspot even after updating the Jio phone. There are some comments in which he has written that we have got the option of hotspot.

Most of those who got it have a phone model F series. But how can this happen if Jio gives an option of hotspot in his phone then gives it to all users. Because everyone has given 1500 rupees. We want to know your opinion about it. Give your opinion in the comment below.

Wi-Fi hotspot app

Download the hotspot apk in your Jio Phone and you can just share it from your phone. When I searched on this, it came to know that there is a lot of such application in the internet. At first, many hotspot apps have not been downloaded, even if something happens, it is not useless. Rather these apps are harmful for your phone. So the conclusion is that hotspot cannot be brought in Jio phone even in this way.

USB tethering.

Can we share internet from Jio phone with the help of USB tethering. So the answer is yes, this is the only way with which you can make net sharing from your phone without hotspot. For this you will need a data cable. You have to connect this data cable to your phone and the other side to your laptop or PC. Now follow the instructions given below.

Phone setting> WiFi option> tethering option> USB tethering

When you have reached USB tethering, then click on Get Active. Now you can take away the Jio 4G Speed. So friends, this is the only way with which you can share net. Perhaps the confusion about your “Jio phone hotspot” till now has gone away.

But right now some people are also confused about Jio phone 2. I have seen many such on the internet that tell us that new jio phone has hotspot facility, so let’s know if jio phone 2 has wifi hotspot or not.

Jio Phone 2 has hotspot or not.

When Jio phone 2 was about to be launched, everyone felt that it will give you a Smartphone feeling at a low price. This happened too, almost the same feature appeared in Jio phone. Even the best feature Jio like Video calling, Google assistant, Google map has given in this phone. But the one thing that Jio users were waiting for eagerly, Jio phone hotspot was also not found in it.

Although no one uses hotspot much, but when the company is giving such a good feature, what is going on in providing a WiFi hotspot, then overall Jio phone 2 also does not have a Wi-Fi hotspot.

The conclusion

So friends, you must have understood that Jio phone me hotspot hai ya nahi but if you want to share internet from Jio phone. So you can use USB tethering. Apart from this, there is no such trick yet, with the help of which you can get the option of hotspot in Jio phone. Hope you have learned a lot from this post. But if you have missed anything, then please comment below and tell.

Friends, whether there is a hotspot in Jio phone or not, some people are giving wrong information to the people. That is why I request you to share it on Facebook if you like our post. Thank you

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