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How to Women Enjoy Sex in a Relationship

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How to Women Enjoy Sex in a Relationship

Sex is a basic need for everybody. Sex is naturally neither Human nor animals everybody prefers to do sex as sex the main thing by which the reproduction can go on.

Every human body has a kind of hormone inside their body by which they felt to have sex.

Sex is made for all together with it comes with many positions. People like to have sex they enjoy sex as felt like heaven while doing this as it is must need of every adult body. Sex can be done with a partner a male and female. There are so many tools also available in the market for those who want to feel like sex or masturbate themselves by their own as they don’t have any partner.

Usually, we see that boys are so much excited to have sex rather than girls. So, do women like to have sex? Do women also enjoy sex? So the answer is yes as sex is a need, a fantasy that our body needs at the stage of our life.According to many research, this is clear that girls are more excited to have sex, preferably then boys. Girls love to do foreplay. There are a lot of women who loves to have sex.

Women enjoy sex because of many reasons:

  1. The need for a human body– Sex is a part of everyone’s life. The human body needs it at a point of life as the age grows a hormone spreads in the body which can stop working only after the sex. Sex is a sexual desire of every individual which comes out because of some hormone relaxation in the human body after the age of puberty.That hormone is also present in the women’s body, so they also feel like to have sex and enjoy it.
  1. Body satisfaction– Sex is a need of every individual. When a hormone released in someone’s body, they feel like to have sex. Sex provides comfort to the body it is known as sexual satisfaction. Every person requires sexual pleasure, so women also love sex and enjoy sex because she also needs sexual satisfaction.
  2. Sex is a desire of every woman-Looking awkward but yes, sex is indeed a desire of every woman. The feeling of having sex is very different from other things in this world. Every girl wants to feel it, and it is a fantasy of a girl that boy comes nearer her foreplays with her, explores her body. It creates some sensation in her body; that is why women want to feel sex.
  3. Sex is a feature of love:Though there are a lot of ways to express love: hanging out with each other, celebrating together, giving gifts, appreciates each other but sex is something beyond it. Both feel connected as they can’t be separate apart from each other.
  4. Feels the man: Some women are of thirst of man and sex. There can be various reason for a women’s appetite of sex as like she is not satisfied with her husband performance or she is not getting what she needs. That’s why she looks for other men for getting confident with their sexual desires. Some women also choose the facility of gigolo services to make them satisfied.
  5. relief from stress and depression:  Sex can also work in the form of medicine for the stress and anxiety as stress becomes with frustration and frustration person need peace and sex give peace. As order gives us relaxation and it can be a good source of releasing our tension and stress of a limited period. It is not a permanent solution of anxiety and depression, but it is one of the ways to get rid off stress for some time. The sex activity creates a fantasy in our mind and forgets all the problems.
  6. Sexual curiosity: As I have mentioned it already in this article that sex is essential for every human body as it is the greatest pleasure of every human body. The human body can be so much curious about having sex as it is the need of the body. This curiosity is not only done with the men; women also feel the same. Although this may be true the women as too week to express their feelings and emotions to everyone, so the society thinks women don’t feel for sex or enjoy sex, but this is wrong they are as same as guys in the feeling of sex. But the women only like to have sex with only those people whom they are comfortable not with everyone.
  7. It is a way to show love to her man: Though there are a lot of ways to show appreciation to your partner, sex is something special. We feel each other’s body while having sex, and the emotions are different. So, sex is one of the ways to show her love to her man. She expresses her passion through sex. It keeps her man satisfied and attracted to her.
  8. Women do it for love: Sex and love emotion come from the same place. Yes, it is true that when we have a feeling of love for someone, the desire for sex automatically comes. Sex and love are connected. For women, sex is a way to give and get respect. She does sex for love. Sex is one of the best ways of expressing love. It doesn’t only connect the body of two people but the soul of two people.
  9. Sex is in mind:  Sex is in the spirit of every individual, so in women also either a woman is married or unmarried. Sex is a pleasure activity which is liked by all women. Sex is in the mind of women until they fulfill the desire. Some women are there who always thinks about sex. It is a fantasy of a woman to have sex; they create a lot of ideas in their mind about sex.


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