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Which Computer Courses To Do After 10th 12th Class 2023 Updated

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Which Computer Courses To Do After 10th 12th Class 2023 Updated


Today, in every field, we get to see the computer whether it is a small school or a big bank. In today’s modern era computers have become the most used. Almost every government and private works use computers. If in recent years compared to today, the use of computers is increasing every year. So, we can predict how much of the computer will be required in the coming time, so it is very important for today’s younger generation to know about computers. Even if you are not doing any course, it is very important to have general information about your computer.

Although there is a lot of computer courses that you can do after the class X after the 12th class, but if you do not want to score them, you must also do basic course of computer, in which the basic software and general information of the computer will be given. Even if you do not have a big course, even if you also do a basic computer course, you can get a job somewhere because nowadays computers are being used more and people do not have much information about computer yet, then the computer’s general Information can also be easily employed.

                                       Course After 10th Class

DCA Diploma In Computer Applications 12 10th
DFA Diploma In Financial Accounting 6 10th
DOA Diploma In Office Automation 6 10th
CCPAM Certificate Course In PC Assembly And Maintenance 10th Pass 80 Hrs
DDTP Diploma In Desktop Publishing 6 10th
DCA&DTP Diploma In Computer Applications & Desktop Publishing 12 10th

                                       Course After 12th Class

ADCA Advance Diploma In Computer Applications 12 10+2
DHN Diploma In Hardware And Networking 12 10+2
ADFA Advance Diploma In Financial Accounting 12 10+2

                         Advance Level Course After 12th Class

Course Name Course Name Duration
Certificate Course In ASP.Net With C# Undergoing/Graduation With Knowledge Of Any Programming Language 120 Hrs
Certificate Course In PC, Hardware & Networking 10 + 2 With Basic Knowledge Of Computer 80 Hrs
Interactive Multimedia Development 10 + 2 144 Hrs
Introduction To 2D Animation 10th+2 120 Hrs
Introduction To 3D Creative Design 10th+2 144 Hrs
Certificate Course In Programming Through C Language Basic Knowledge Of Computer & At Least 10 + 2 80 Hrs
Certificate Course In Programming In C ++ 10 + 2 & Basic Knowledge In Programming Language 80 Hrs
Certificate Course In Financial Accounting Using TALLY 10 + 2 Pass With Knowledge In Computer Concept 80 Hrs
Certificate Course In Advance Financial Accounting 10 + 2 With Knowledge Of FA 36 Hrs

If you talk about the basic course of the computer, then it is said to operate the computer and you are given information about some basic computer software, so that you can become a normal computer operator. The information given is given below.

                                   Computer Basic Course

Operating a computer is a big task, but in the basic course you are told to turn on the computer ON / OFF and where from which software you can open and where is its software or how to install a new software in the computer It is said and done and how old software deletes.


The most common software on any computer is Notepad. This software comes in with the computer itself, it does not need to be installed from the outside, in this we can type anything if you have to write any information and save it. You can save it by typing in Notepad. In this we get some general options such as opening files, saving files or making new files. First of all, you will be told about the same software in the computer.


This software is a little advance from Notepad, we get more options in this. So that whatever we write, we can write it well and this software comes with the computer itself and this is the advanced version of MS Word we can install but before that we have to learn how to run this software. In this we get a lot of things to learn. In this we can write Normal Text. At the same time, they can put different styles on text. They can put them in the right or on the left side or in the middle. Some other similar features are seen in this software.


It is very easy to use this software. In this we can do a variety of drawings. In this we have given some shapes such as rectangular, square or spherical, with the help of all these, we can make anything and fill the color in it and if we want to make anything free, then we get pencil in it too. In order to erase it, we get Rubber inside it. So, we get the same feature in this software and it can also be used to edit the photo.

It is a matter of basic software and basic course, if you do advance courses, then you are taught some more software and you are also given information about the internet which is given below.

Ms Office

The software used to be the most used in all office operations is that its full name is Microsoft Office and it belongs to Microsoft Company. MS Office is not a single software but it is a software pack, in which we get more software and in advance computer course, we are given information about all these software.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Outlook

In this pack we get a lot of software. But above 4 software you have been told it is the most popular and in advance course you are given more information about them.


In Advance Course, you are given information about the Internet about how you can download any file from the Internet and how to upload a file. How to create an email account. How to send an email to someone Apart from this, you are taught to see results from online internet. It is taught how to fill online form of government jobs and how you can read any form of any kind, all information is given to you in the course of internet.

So all this software and this information can be seen in the basic course of the computer. If you do not want to take any course from a college, it is very important for you to do this basic course at least and with the help of this kind of course You can find a job somewhere and you will have to do some other big computer course to get a good job like: – MCA

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