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You can adopt these home remedies from flaxseed to gum in knee pain

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You can adopt these home remedies from flaxseed to gum in knee pain

Knee pain is a problem with increasing age. But, nowadays it is seen in people of any age. There can be many reasons for knee pain such as excess uric acid, excess weight or sometimes fatigue. If you have arthritis, even knee pain can bother you. Whatever the reason may be, whenever the pain of the knees arises, it becomes bad until it turns. Let us know how you can get relief with the help of home remedies.

1. Compress

Doing it helps relieve almost every pain. So whenever you suffer knee pain, take a bag of hot water and compress your knees. You will easily find it in the market of Sikai.

2 . Linseed

Eating flaxseed makes bones strong, which provides relief in knee and other joint pain. For this, you grind flaxseed and eat a spoon with water in the morning. It gives great comfort. If you want, you can also make linseed barfi and laddus. They are also tasty to eat and also beneficial.

3. The glue

You can easily find gum used in food products in the grocery store. For its use, soak a small piece in water and keep it for overnight. It will completely dissolve by morning. After this drink it after mixing it in hot milk. This provides great relief in knee pain and also strengthens bones.

4. Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds provides relief in knee pain. For this, grind fenugreek seeds and keep it mixed with one teaspoon fenugreek powder and one gram of fenugreek water every morning. It is also good for your stomach.

5. Massage

Massage is effective in providing immediate relief in knee pain. For this you can bring any good massage oil from the market. If you want, you can also make oil at home for knee massage. Cook 4 to 5 buds of garlic, 1/2 tablespoon celery, 5- 6 cloves in mustard oil and then cool it and massage the knees with it.

6. Eat hot stuff

Use hot flavored things like ginger, turmeric, cumin and cinnamon in the food. Their use provides relief in knee pain and swelling.

7. Cold hot compress

Cold and hot compresses are very effective in bone pain. For this, take hot water in a vessel and cold water in one. Then a thick cloth is first soaked in cold water and then it is cooled and then a second cloth is soaked in warm water and it is heated. You can repeat this many times. The doctors of bones also recommend it, but maybe your case is different, so before doing this, you must consult the doctor.

Knee pain is painful. Therefore, by adopting any of these easy tips, you can get relief. But, if you are not getting rest, then definitely contact a bone doctor.

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