Top 10 Cross Border Trucking Companies in South Africa 2024

Top 10 Trucking Companies in South AfricaTop 10 Trucking Companies in South Africa

Top 10 Trucking Companies in South Africa

Discover the top 10 cross-border trucking companies in South Africa. Our experts provide valuable insights and information on the latest developments in the industry. Find the best solutions for your logistics needs. 

Top 10 Cross Border Trucking Companies in South Africa

1.Tiger Africa Transport


Dedicated Cross Border Road Freight Trucking Services from South Africa into East Africa & Central Africa.

Countries we serve: Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, DRC, Congo, Gabon, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland & South Africa.


As the industry’s most dynamic carrier, Tiger Africa Transport continues to expand our diverse portfolio of service-sensitive, specialty operations to meet your unique needs. Whether you need some or all of our transportation solutions, Tiger Africa has the capacity to deliver your freight on time, secure and safe.


Goods in Bond

Road Transit Bonds

Customs Documentation

Goods in Transit Insurance

Contact no:+27 12 669 3312

Address:Laezonia AH, Centurion, 0026, South Africa


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2.South African Inland Logistics CC


Based near the Harbour in Durban, with a self-owned growing fleet of 30 trucks and 40 trailers, with a well-trained driver and mechanical team, South African Inland Logistics are well positioned to cater to all your local and long distance cartage needs.

South African Inland Logistics maintains The fleet of trucks and trailers regularly. The Vehicles are kept in optimum condition To prevent break-downs, also helps reducing The company’s carbon foot-print. Currently, the company is looking into how it can be more Eco-Logical.

Contact no:: +27 31 462 2250

Address:10 Nottingham Pl, Mobeni, Durban, 4060, South Africa


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3.Coleman Transport

Coleman Transport is comprehensively equipped with a wide range of well-maintained transportation equipment and vehicles. To ensure a high quality, efficient and prompt service, the average age of our fleet is maintained at three years and new vehicles are purchased every two years.

Contact no: +27 11 908 6388

Address:5 Johnson St, Alrode, Alberton, 1451, South Africa


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4.Westrans Trucking

Westrans trucking has a close working relationship with Western Transport Zimbabwe.

Westrans has staff at Beitbridge and shares a depot with Western Transport in Bulawayo.

As a result of the above factors, most tenders can be handled by part of the fleet that we operate, with an inherent ability for Westrans Trucking to take the extra seasonal work provided communication between companies is maintained and good planning procedures exist.In the event of a breakdown Western Transport makes use of the in house recovery provided by Diesel Auto Parts Workshop and Diesel Auto Parts – Electrical.

Competitive Advantage

Westrans Trucking has forty (40) Scania trucks and sixty-five (65) flat deck super link trailers along with four (4) taut liner super link trailers, Total trailers at sixty-nine (69) trailers. We only use experienced and fully trained drivers.

80% of Westrans Trucking drivers have been with the company from the start. All of our vehicles are in good condition and COFs are carried out annually. All trucks are fitted with new tyres retreads are not used.

Contact no:27 11 397 5040

Address:Jet Park Rd, Jet Park, Boksburg, 1459, South Africa


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5.Texas Trucking

Contact no: +27 31 206 1992

Address:Shop No.467, Sydney Rd, Congela, Durban, 4001, South Africa


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6.FBN Transport cc

FBN TRANSPORT is a professional, family-run business that has been serving the needs of the SA transport industry for the past 25 years. We are an independent, specialist logistics company, and we provide a flexible and customised service to meet the strategic demands and challenges of the industry. Collectively, we have more than 50 years’ worth of experience, knowledge and expertise in all aspects of freight & shipping. As a result, we have developed the ability to think outside of our comfort zone when assessing which of our services and/or advice are best suited to the needs of each of our individual customers. We offer a top quality and reliable service that adds real value to our clients’ business simply by doing what we do best – delivering cargo safely and in the shortest possible time, and at a price conducive to the economic climate.



Special Consignments

Loading Techniques


Consolidated Loads

Bulk Container Loads

Cross Border

Contact no:: +27 31 205 1705

Address:: FBN TRANSPORT cc, 463 Sydney Rd, Congela, Durban, 4001, South Africa


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 To excel as one of the leading companies in an ever-changing transport environment by providing transport and logistics services of the best value to our clients. This we aim to do by maintaining both safety standards and high levels of client care, developing our staff, and delivering on time.

To provide our clients with service that is synonymous with professionalism. We motivate our staff to practice good moral and ethical values, thus securing long term customer relationships.

To provide our clients with simple, cost effective solution for their cartage requirements, without compromising service.

We commit ourselves to providing a logistical solution, tailored around the client’s needs and requirements.

We are continuously running staff development programs so that their full potential can be utilized to give our clients the best service.

Contact no: +27 31 404 0000

Address:225 Arena Park Dr, Arena Park, Chatsworth, 4092, South Africa


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8.CEO Transport

CEO Transport was formed in May 2000 and has since managed sustainable growth in its customer base as well as staff asset base. The company has built a good reliable reputation transporting parts, machinery and various other goods to customers within the mining, construction and engineering sectors.

We are focused on satisfying our customers transportation requirements in the most efficient and effective manner. Our fleet consists of certain ton trucks, however our services aren’t limited and larger loads can be catered for on request.

CEO Transport has transport experience with many satisfied clients. Our team offers a great knowledge of the transport industry. We offer a customized service, seeing as our clients have all the information they need regarding the transport service that we carry out for them.

Contact no:: +27 82 770 0102

Address: 3 Trimborn Ave, Sherwood Gardens, Brakpan, 1541, South Africa


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Jast Trucking is a freight forwarding company operating  from South Africa and Zimbabwe.

We have a fleet of well maintained vehicles, and aim to give service excellence. Our staff are experienced in trucking and we offer professional services at fair rates. Jast vehicles are branded. Our staff wear JAST Trucking clothing.

Our Goods in Transit insurance covers us to forward freight throughout Southern Africa.We are now capable of moving up to 36 tons per load and can forward freight within South Africa, Zimbabwe and beyond. There are refrigerated trucks both in South Africa and in Zimbabwe. We do collections, deliveries, warehousing, transshipments, cold chain solutions, dedicated and consolidated loads among other things. We have 6 MAN tractor horses with triaxle trailers operating from South Africa and Zimbabwe.

We have extensive cross border experience from South Africa to Zimbabwe and throughout Southern Africa. We can assist with customs clearance at any border in Southern Africa.

Contact no:+27 11 892 2966

Address:Cnr 12th Avenue, 82 Cason Rd, Boksburg North, Johannesburg, 1459, South Africa


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10.Reinhardt Transport (Pty) Ltd

Established in 1982, Derick Reinhardt started the business with a single truck, and over the years overcoming numerous challenges, built a fleet that exceeds 620 vehicles. RTG acquired a competitor Amalgamated Bulk in 1997 and formed Chrome Carriers in 2000. Amalgamated Bulk was incorporated with Reinhardt Transport in 2011.

Contact no:: +27 11 814 6582

Address:29 Station Rd, Nigel, 1491, South Africa


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Helpful FAQ:

1. What are cross-border trucking companies in South Africa?

Cross-border trucking companies in South Africa are firms that specialize in transporting goods between South Africa and neighboring countries. They play a crucial role in facilitating trade and commerce in the region.

2. Why is cross-border trucking important in South Africa?

Cross-border trucking is essential for South Africa’s economy as it enables the efficient movement of goods to and from neighboring countries, supporting trade and economic growth.

3. Which countries do these trucking companies operate in?

Cross-border trucking companies in South Africa typically operate in neighboring countries such as Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and others, facilitating international trade.

4. What services do these companies offer?

These companies offer a range of services, including transportation, customs clearance, documentation, and logistics solutions tailored to the specific needs of cross-border trade.

5. How has the industry evolved in 2023?

In 2023, the industry has seen advancements in technology, increased efficiency, and a greater emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility.

6. How can I choose the right cross-border trucking company in South Africa?

To choose the right company, consider factors like their experience, reputation, services offered, pricing, and customer reviews. It’s important to align their offerings with your specific transportation needs.

7. What are the future trends in South Africa’s cross-border trucking industry?

The industry is expected to continue evolving with a focus on digitalization, eco-friendly practices, and improved cross-border infrastructure to streamline operations and reduce costs.

8. How can I stay updated on the latest developments in the industry?

Stay informed by regularly visiting our website, where we provide updated insights and information on the cross-border trucking industry in South Africa throughout 2023.

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