Top 10 Agriculture Companies in South Africa 2024-Ranking

Top 10 Agriculture Companies in South AfricaTop 10 Agriculture Companies in South Africa

Top 10 Agriculture Companies in South Africa

In this article, we present an updated list of the top 10 agriculture companies in south africa making significant contributions to the country’s agricultural prowess. Whether you’re a farmer, investor, or simply interested in the agriculture industry, this list will provide valuable insights into South Africa’s agricultural leaders.

Top 10 Agriculture Companies in South Africa

1.Agricultural Business South-Africa – AgriBSA

BREEDPLAN courses in 2020 will be presented as workshops between stud and commercial clients throughout the year with guest speakers.  Contact us on (012) 667 5258 or via e-mail for more information and entry forms.

Contact no:: +27 12 667 5258

Address:54A Main Rd, Irene Security Estate, Pretoria, 0062, South Africa


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2.Timac AGRO South Africa


For 60 years, TIMAC AGRO a subsidiary of the Groupe Roullier has been constantly innovating to offer agronomic and zootechnical solutions that improve agricultural performance in an environmentally-friendly way.

We all share the same state of mind: to advance sustainable agriculture with respect for the environment. A commitment that drives us to innovate more and more to bring you the most effective solutions.


Because you always need advice to improve your yields, our network of experts in plant and animal nutrition covers the entire territory to respond effectively to your agronomic issues.


Our fertilization solutions, are from algae or other plants extracts, which bring a double action: the stimulation of the fertilizers performance and the improving of the plant growth and quality.

Contact no: +27 87 551 0400

Address: 250 Hall St, Die Hoewes, Centurion, 0001, South Africa


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Rebelo Agricultural Group, founded by Jose Rebelo who has over 35 years of experience in the agriculture industry.

Jose`s experience is vast in both the mechanization of farming and the packaging of its products.

Because of this very solid foundation stemming deep from within his family`s roots and his loyal long time relationships with farmers, he has never been too far from the soil of the earth enjoying every challenge that he has faced.

Contact no:+27 11 613 7438

Address: Fresh Produce Market, Fortune St, City Deep, Johannesburg, 2049, South Africa



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4.Agricultural Business Chamber

Agbiz is a voluntary, dynamic and influential association of agribusinesses operating in South and southern Africa. Agbiz’s function is to ensure that agribusiness plays a constructive role in the country’s economic growth, development and transformation, and to create an environment in which agribusinesses of all sizes and in all sectors can thrive, expand and be competitive.

Contact no:+27 12 807 6686

Address:: Grain Building, Witherite Road, The Willows, 0040, South Africa


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We are proud to introduce a brand new, innovative online guide: AGRIFOODSA.INFO. This web-based advertising and information guide focuses specifically on the South African agricultural and food industries and is the first of its kind in the area.

The project originated in 2012 as a solution to the huge need in the agricultural and food industry an industry-specific online marketing platform.

If your feet and fingers are tattered and torn, trying to obtain information that you urgently need for your home or business, we have good news for you: There is an easier way!

Contact no:+27 12 997 3407

Address: 1 Umitsa Pl, Moreleta Park, Pretoria, 0044, South Africa


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While people differ on words that describe organic agriculture, there is ever increasing evidence that managing organic agriculture is best by mimicking nature. If you are heading towards Organic agriculture, Permaculture, Biodynamic agriculture, Conservation agriculture, Regenerative agriculture, Biological agriculture or any mimicking / tracking nature, following agro-ecological principles, you will likely find some useful tools offered by us.

The ever-growing number of farmers requesting our expertise and assistance necessitates the publishing of our new web-site.  Please note that Agro-Organics is constantly, in conjunction with the Registrar of Act36/1947, working towards a solution establishing a registration guideline or matrix that addresses data requirements regarding the allowed substances as listed by the Standard for Organic Agriculture Production and Processing.  This standard with reference SANS 1369:201x has been released for public comment closing 22 November 2016, marking the end of a close to 7-year (since the FRIDGE study release) period of uncertainties.

Contact no:e: +27 21 851 2406

Address:De Beers Ave, Paardevlei, Cape Town, 7130, South Africa


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8.Case IH Isando




Early Riser Planter




Ecolo Tiger

True Tandem


Grain/Corn Headers

Small Square Balers

Utility Vehicle


AFS Connect™

Contact no: +27 11 922 2300

Address:1 Wrench Rd, Isando, Kempton Park, 1600, South Africa


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9.ZZ2 Natuur Boerdery

At ZZ2 our food journey started over 110 years ago. Since then we have grown into a farming conglomerate that does not only provide South Africans with healthy and affordable food every day of the year, but exports high-value produce all over the world.

It is our quest to be the benchmark of success in agriculture, to create a home for our people, to be an integral part of the communities we live in and to shape the future through economic growth. But above all, we believe we are connected to our customers and the rest of the world through our passion and heritage.

Contact no:: +27 15 395 2040

Address:South Africa


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10.Donald Brown Group of Companies

For over 45 years our family and its group of businesses (Saltcor, Royal Salt, Salpura and African Salt Works) have been making salt that is essential in providing food and safe water to millions of people each and every day.

From humble beginnings, our business has grown significantly under the leadership of our founder and CEO, Donald Brown.

Guided by our Core Values of Passion, Responsibility, Integrity, Determination and Efficiency, our team of 400 employees take PRIDE in the fact that we are South African to our core and that salt we make holds such an important role in society.

Contact no:+27 21 951 6501

Address: 28 Trans Oranje Rd, Parow Industrial, Cape Town, 7501, South Africa


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