Symphony VS USHA Cooler 2024 Updated – Which is Best Brands

Explore the latest comparison between Symphony VS USHA Cooler 2024. Discover the features, performance, and value of each brand to make decision for superior cooling comfort this year.”

Both Symphony and Usha are popular and well-known brands in India offering a wide range of air cooler products across various price ranges. While symphony is focused only on air cooler products, Usha offers bunch of home appliance as well. Usha innovates across all home applications where as Symphony’s innovations are focused on air cooler yielding better results in air cooler segment. For this reason, among these two brands, I personally prefer to go with Symphony providing better quality, durable, latest technological advancements/features at affordable price w.r.t Usha air coolers.

Every year symphony comes with technological advancements to make products more durable, trouble-free, effective, and efficient making our life more comfortable and hustle free. Symphony is a market leader in air cooler segment providing air coolers for generation after generation. World’s first wall mounted cooler is designed by symphony itself, proves they are bound to quality innovation. Symphony air coolers required less maintenance than Usha cooler making it more economical than Usha air coolers. Apart from that, customer service of symphony air coolers is much better than Usha air cooler resolving customers related queries quickly. Not only this, there are many segments where symphony always leads in comparison with Usha air cooler mentioned below – 

Symphony VS USHA Cooler

1. i pure technology – Symphony’s i-PURE is an innovative footstep in the world of air cooling which helps to stop various air-pollutants from entering indoors. Polluted air can cause long-term damage to people’s nerves, brain, kidneys, liver, and other organs. To avoid this symphony come with I pure technology which provides five-layer filtration of air including bacteria-filter, smell-filter, dust-filter, allergy-filter as well as PM 2.5 wash-filter functionalities.

2. Durability – Air cooler designed by symphony are more durable, portable, efficient, ecofriendly and stylish than any other brand. Body material parts, motor and fan/blower used in symphony air cooler are best in quality increasing durability of air cooler providing prolong life of air cooler than any other brands earning trust of lakhs of customers.

3. Light weight products – Symphony air cooler are built with thermoplastic fiber body, makes it light weight product manufacturer. Air coolers can be moved easily from one corner to other of your home. Also, these air coolers come with 4 castor wheels that further eases its movability. It saves precious space of your room to put it anywhere inside home.

4. Dura pump technology – its dura pump technology improved over all efficiency to save energy along with better cooling. Pump is designed in such a way that it is prevented from rusting from a long time. Dura pump technology is responsible for long life of both pump and motor.Innovation focused – Symphony is a market leader due to foresting innovation rich culture. Focusing on research and development, it spends a considerable amount on it. With 108 trademarks, 49 registered designs, 7 copyrights and 8 patents, Symphony is virtual king of air cooler segment.

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