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Sana Marine elected world’s youngest Prime Minister at age 34, may take oath tomorrow

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Sana Marine elected world’s youngest Prime Minister at age 34, may take oath tomorrow

finland’s Transport Minister and Social Democratic Party leader Sana Marine (34) was elected Prime Minister on Sunday. She can be sworn in on Tuesday. The Marine will be the youngest Prime Minister in the world. On Tuesday, his own party’s anti Rinne resigned as Prime Minister. Rinne had failed to deal with the postal strike that had been going on for a month. Because of this, he had lost the confidence of an allied party.

The Marines became mayor at the age of 27

The Marine holds a master’s degree in administrative science from the University of Tampere. She was elected head of the city council of Tampere at the age of 27. She was made the Minister of Transport and Communications in June 2019.

Ukraine’s Honcheruk in second place among young prime ministers

The second youngest Prime Minister in the world is Ukraine’s Oleksy Honcheruk. He is 35 years old. The Marine told reporters on the question of age – I never thought about my age and gender. I came into politics for some reasons and won the trust of the people.

Renee protested due to cuts in staff wages

The Social Democratic Party, led by Ante Rinne, won by a slight margin in April with a promise to lift Finland out of the recession. The government had planned to cut the remuneration of 700 postal workers. Postal workers were on strike for the past one month to protest against this decision.









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