Top 10 Off Page SEO Techniques List 2023 Updated

Off Page SEO Techniques and Activities 2018Off Page SEO Techniques and Activities 2018

Off Page SEO Techniques and Activities 2018

As we have discussed previously website and digital marketing. We have already understood what a website is and what digital marketing is. We have also mentioned the importance of digital marketing for a company.

In our previous blog, we have mentioned a term known as SEO. This term is very first and one of the most important aspect in digital marketing. Now we are going to discuss on “latest SEO Off-page techniques”. To understand the term SEO off-page technique, we should understand few terms which is. What is SEO? What are the types of SEO? Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing? What are the Off Page SEO Techniques 


SEO means Search Engine optimisation i.e. position of your websites on search engines like Google, yahoo and Bing. But here we will talk on the position of website on Google, which is the most popular search engine.

Position of the website decides how much business you are going to get for your company. As clients will contact to those companies, whose website they see on the top of Google’s first page.Now, to bring your company website on the top of Goggle’s first page, we need to perform SEO.


SEO is the first and most important part of digital marketing. As you know digital marketing cannot be possible without SEO. This is the technique to bring your website on the top page of Google, so that if the relevant client is searching for the services or product you are providing will get to see your website first and then going to provide you business for you company.

Simply envision having an outlet without having any signage onto it – no name, no windows… nothing specifically. You would expect individuals may drop in to clear something up, searching for item A, though you are offering item B. Presently, when you have a shop with an appropriate name and likely the item picture on it, this would draw in such huge numbers of individuals off the road, and they would request what you offer, and some of these clients would educate other potential targets concerning their purchasing knowledge and about your items and your shops.

Website design enhancement (Search motor streamlining) is the way toward influencing a web to page simply to discover, simple to slither, and simple to classify. It is tied in with helping your clients discover your business from among thousand different organizations. Search engine optimization is an indispensable piece of any computerized showcasing technique. It is essentially worried about an all-encompassing move towards driving clients to your business by means of online stages.

Furthermore, to do that, one must guarantee the site positions higher in the SERP (web search tool result page). To give you a thought on this present, we should begin with this reality – almost 14 billion pursuits online occur each month. The approach of the Global economy almost influences each business to have an online nearness. Simply envision a small amount of those 14 billion looks occur for your business. To accomplish that benchmark, your site must rank higher in the SERP, must perform well in the online networking advertising, and the PPC (pay per click) exercises must be extremely well alongside other computerized showcasing undertakings.

For any business, publicizing is of most extreme need. At the point when any business goes on the web, the publicizing works best to accumulate a tremendous measure of web activity. Search engine optimization gives an open door for a lot of free publicizing.

A legitimate SEO influences a site to rank in the main page of SERP. What’s more, the normal conviction is individuals for the most part sweep and survey the initial two pages of the SERP. About, 74% of purchasers utilize web indexes to discover neighbourhood business data. Contrasted with internet advertising, for example, PPC, online networking showcasing, email promoting a program, SEO gives genuinely great ROI. Consistently, about 80-90% clients check online audits previously at long last acquiring any items.


  1. BLACK-HAT: –Google has created some web-master for creating backlinks. With these guidelines it allows some SEO technique, and some are not allowed. Some people create backlinks with the site which is already expired, and there are not allowed in the guidelines of Google. Doing this type of SEO is known as Black hat SEO. This is very risky kind of SEO and should not be practised, as if Google will find you practicing it will not take time to disqualify your site.
  2. WHITE-HAT: – White SEO is a kind of SEO which is done by following each and every rule and guidelines decided by Google. This is a positive kind of SEO that is why known as white hat SEO. Which represents that a gentleman is doing SEO? This is a very clear kind of SEO and hence there are no chances of your website to get expired by Google.
  3. GREY-HAT: – This is a kind of SEO which is mixture of black hat and white hat SEO. This is partially legal, partially ill-legal kind of SEO. There are certain chances of your website to get disqualified by Google. One should try to avoid practising it, but can be used in worst situation. This is always used when you don’t find anything else and you are not left with other options to get rank for your web-site.


Basically, there are two types of SEO which includes: –


ON-PAGE SEO includes Page titles, Meta Description, Meta Keywords for that website. This technique is used in the webpage of website so it is known as ON-PAGE. A website consists of various pages with different URL’s and each URL has a different Page titles, Meta Descriptions and Meta Keywords.

Page title is the title of that page of the website.

Meta Description is a short description about that page.

Keywords is the group of words that defines our website and is also mostly searched on the Google.

Combining all the above three creates a good technique of ON-PAGE SEO is performed. But the thing which is kept in mind while doing all this is every Page Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords should be unique. Neither it should match with the entities in your website, nor with the entities of another website. If there will be any duplicate entity then Google is not going to crawl it and your website will not be visible to the client. Volume of keyword should be 2-3% so that Google is able to crawl easily. Technique of on page SEO is very simple and interesting. In on-page SEO there is more on research and analysis. Here we search for better keywords, page titles, Meta descriptions etc. Here we have to place the keywords creatively with strength of 2-3%. We will talk about the on-page technique later; here we will talk more about the latest off-page technique.

OFF-PAGE SEO includes promoting your websites without changing the entities on your website. As there are changes being done inside the website that’s why this technique of SEO is known as OFF-PAGE SEO. This includes increasing traffic to your website by getting higher no. of clicks. So, how will we get higher no. of clicks in our website with a keyword. To get more traffic to your website you must paste the URL’s of your website to some verified and good dictionaries. It also includes creating classified ads and article submission.

In this type of SEO, hyperlink creation is most important thing because if we are posting a classified ad or an article, then we can provide that hyperlink of that URL of our company which will redirect you to your that page of your website. This type of technique also includes commenting on various blogs which are viral and is relevant to our website with those hyperlinks. This will also help us bringing our website into the eyes of clients. There is no limitation of any duplicate entity in the off-page optimization. But the thing that should be kept in mind is that the links where we are posting our website should not be fake otherwise Google won’t take time to disable our website.

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DIRECTORY SUBMISSION: –Directory submission is the technique where we submit the URL of our website to various directories to generate more links. Directory submission is a basic step to improve link popularity of a website.

The SEO people generally outsource the catalogue accommodation part. Be a SEO master or a website admin you should make sure of the nature of catalogue accommodation benefit.

Accommodation Timings – The registry accommodation shouldn’t occur in a solitary day; unless it is for a built-up site. For more current destinations that are short of what one year old, it is prescribed to submit gradually. A decent catalogue accommodation administration ought to give you a choice to submit gradually for best outcomes.

Website optimization Friendliness – Do ensure that the registries to which your destinations are submitted are SEO neighbourly ones. The recorded indexes must work and ought not have any broken connections. The better it will be on the off chance that they are old and have great rankings.

Quality versus Amount Right now the web is overflowed with indexes that have never affirmed a solitary posting in years. Ensure you accommodation benefit is giving a following administration with the goal that you can perceive what number of the submitted postings are really getting endorsed. A decent accommodation benefit does not submit to a great many indexes, as they probably are aware just few of registries on the web are really supporting. On the off chance that an organization is guaranteeing huge number of endorsements, they you can make certain that the registries utilized are their own system of indexes; made only for the accommodation benefit.

Manual versus Computerized – Directory accommodation ought to be a manual procedure. You ought not go for computerized entries, as they will basically present your sites to their own system of poor indexes. More than that, it might even damage you as adding to awful neighbourhoods could do the most exceedingly terrible to you site.

Index Submission isn’t a simple bit of cake. Numerous hours of work and appropriate arranging must be there for the coveted outcomes. So dependably go for the all-around presumed people than tenderfoots or you will free even what you have now.

ARTICLE SUBMISSION: – Article submission is the important topic. Here we post different articles which are relevant to our business on various sites. In the article our content should be unique, and which describe our business. In the article we create some hyperlinks also which redirects us to our website. This is also an important part of off-page optimisation.

Purpose of article submission: –

  • Free advertising: –Most of the article index permits have connected with the goal that you can coordinated to the web journals. If your substance is identified with the item, so you can promote your item in a roundabout way there additionally including back connection. It is free advertising media for your offers.
  • Boosting personal and business authority: -There is a writer bio box joined at the base of each article you submitted. Also, it encourages you to promote your business and individual brand. In the writer box, dependably say your blog connect at the item page to get more data with respect to articles put together by you.
  • Getting traffic to website: –With the assistance of connections incorporated into the article, you can without much of a stretch divert the clients and increment guests of the site. Along these lines you simply have made entryway to the guests to tap on the connection to come at the site.
  • Large exposure to visitors: – On the off chance that your article is great, at that point it is plausibility that it can be perused and seen by a huge number of the user each article who will visit your site.

 BLOG POSTING: – Blog posting is one of the techniques of off-page SEO where you daily write a blog related to your business. In those blogs you not only write about your business, but also you create hyperlinks which will redirect to your business. As blogs are trending these days everyone wants to be updated about everything related to their business so they always right blogs which is related to their business. This is a perfect way to tell people about your business. You also must create some hyperlinks in some words which will redirect to your website. This will help in bringing traffic to your website. As if the blog will be interesting people will take interest in knowing more about your business.

BLOG COMMENTING: – Blog commenting is more like blog posting, the difference only is here you must comment on the blogs related to your business.In those websites you expound on your business, as well as you make hyperlinks which will divert to your business. As online journals are drifting nowadays everybody needs to be refreshed about everything identified with their business so they generally right web journals which are identified with their business. This is an ideal approach to inform individuals regarding your business. You additionally should make a few hyperlinks in a few words which will divert to your site. This will help in conveying movement to your site. As though the blog will intrigue individuals will appreciate find out about your business.

PRESS RELEASE: – In this process, we utilize a public statement conveyance administration to circulate our backlinks far and wide over the whole Internet. What occurs with a run of the mill public statement circulation benefit is that it takes your official statements and conveys over their syndicated media outlets, and occasionally even Google News. When every one of these destinations is ordered by Google, you can expect a relentless stream of movement coming in finished the following couple of weeks.

IMAGE POSTING: – Picture accommodation is an awesome approach to enhance your site utilizing pictures that are accessible on your site. Be that as it may, presenting all pictures to such sites isn’t the approach. Web optimization experts comprehend the elements of how picture accommodation destinations can be utilized to advance your business and individual webpage enhancing its online perceivability and website positioning. When posting pictures on such sites it is vital that you consider the page rank of the picture accommodation site. Posting your pictures on low positioning destinations won’t streamline your site to the degree you need. Pay special mind to higher page rank accommodation locales that can offer quality backlinks.

PPT SUBMISSION: – PPT submission in SEO is nothing but creating power point slides for your business and post it into various popular websites, so that your business become popular and many people will get to know about this.

IMAGE SHARING: –Image sharing is a wonderful way to deal with improves your site using pictures that are available on your site. In any case, showing all photos to such locales isn’t the approach. Web improvement specialists understand the components of how picture settlement goals can be used to propel your business and individual page upgrading its online detectable quality and site situating. When posting pictures on such locales it is imperative that you consider the page rank of the photo settlement site. Posting your photos on low situating goals won’t streamline your site to the degree you require. Pay uncommon personality to higher page rank convenience regions that can offer quality backlinks.

VIDEO SHARING: –There are various video online channels like YouTube, video, Vidler etc. where you submit the link of your website in the in the comment or description section of your website. This will help you getting more links to your website.

SOCIAL BOOKMARKING SITES: -Social Bookmarking is another incredible method for advancing your site. Present your most recent blog entries and pages to the most well-known bookmarking locales, as Stumble Upon, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, and so on. Web crawlers truly like these sorts of destinations because the substance on these locales is refreshed every now and again.

CLASSIFIED AD SITES: – In classified ad-posting sites we do the same as we do in social bookmarking site. But here we write some descriptions about our business including relevant keywords. In this type of technique, we also must tag the proper keywords so that the website gets rank on the same keywords.

FORUM-SUBMISSION: –Forum submission includes, message boards, discussion groups, discussion boards, discussion forums, bulletin boards etc. This is one of the good and important techniques of off-page optimisation which not only ranks your website but also improves your backlinks.These gatherings postings go about as a decent stage to speak with others in an indistinguishable field from well its expansion your mindfulness in the developing business sector. One can without much of a stretch look for direction from specialists on these gatherings. A substantial number of good group gatherings exist on the web and these can without much of a stretch help you to learn and talk about numerous new things.

LINK BAITING: – This is also one of the important techniques of promoting your site. Here you have to play carefully and smartly. In this type of technique, you have to post something which is popular but unique into your website. After which many people will try to create link from your site as a reference and this is also a very aspect of creating links to your site. This will improve the page ranking of your website. In this process others will create backlinks for you. Others will improve the page ranking of your site.

BUSINESS REVIEW: – In this type of technique you will have to take reviews for your business by posting it to various sites and also from your friends and relatives. They will have a look on your website also they will spend some time there in watching various features on your websites. This will be a better way to increase the page views of your site. This technique can be done by sending your website link or URL on WhatsApp or other mobile apps; you can also send these links or URL’s by messaging on Facebook or other social networking sites.

SOCIAL SHOPPING NETWORK:-In this technique, if you run a web based business site, at that point a decent technique for publicizing and marking your items for nothing is to submit then to internet shopping systems. By presenting your items to destinations like; Google Product Search, Yahoo Online Shopping, MSN Online Shopping, and other significant social shopping system locales like Kaboodle, Style Feeder, and so on then you improve the probability of individuals finding the items that you are offering.

ANSWER QUESTIONS: – In this type of technique, you can effectively increase the page ranking of your website by answering to various questions related to your site. As if someone is searching or the answer for the same question will get to see your answer and with the hyperlink created on the answer will redirect them to their website. This will not only increase the page views but also will increase the popularity of your website.

SEARCH ENGINE SUBMISSION:-In this type of technique, we have to submit links directly to the search engine like google, Bing, yahoo etc. With this technique page ranking will increase frequently.

MOBILE APP: –In this type of technique, versatile cordial locales and Mobile Apps have been exceptionally profitable devices. They are not fundamentally unrelated. They fill distinctive needs. Versatile locales are gone for getting crisp prospects. Versatile applications are about maintenance and compensating supporters with a constant flow of substance to look after unwaveringness. 70% of movement originates from portable clients. Google’s App Streaming administration can indicate pertinent substance from applications without downloading anything. 65% of the time is spent by a person on devouring media by means of cell phones, 85% of the time on cell phones inside applications. Half of independent ventures want to have a portable application.

LINKS EXCHANGING: – In this type of technique we have to exchange the inks of our sites with various services related websites. This is a very good process of getting rank to your website and gets result very easily. But there are drawbacks of doing this as there are various chances of black hat which can disqualify your website.

CROSS LINKING: – This process is used by creating links internally using targeted keywords and anchor text. This type of process is hard to implement and also there is no guarantee of getting good page rank.

DOCUMENT SHARING: -We can share business archives, data handouts, and slides in Google docs, SlideShare, and so forth. This causes us to mark our site. Were your through with this as one among the Off-Page SEO Strategies?

So, the above are the various types and techniques of Off-page optimization. By using these above techniques, you will get the higher ranking of your website. Read and understand all the above points carefully.

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