What is the role of website in Digital Marketing for Every Business

digital marketing for Every Business

A website plays a vital role while performing digital marketing. You can say website is a soul of digital marketing, as digital marketing cannot be performed without having a website. To understand these terms, we must first understand, what is a website,what is marketing and what is digital marketing?


Website is something which reflects your company in just a small computer, tablet or mobile screen. This is the most important part of your business because it tells everything about your business for e.g. the services you are providing, your contact details, the projects you have completed etc. Without having a website, how the relevant client will get to know that you are providing the services which they are searching for.

Important pages of a website with description: –

  1. Home page: –Homepage is the very first page of website which is opened while we open a website.
  2. About: – In the about page the whole description is written about the company, when it was started, how many years have completed, what are the achievements it got etc.
  3. Services: – In this section, the services provided by the company is mentioned for e.g. if it is a web-development company, then services like web-development, web-designing, digital marketing etc. services will be mentioned.
  4. Projects Completed: – In this section we mention the projects we have already completed, so that the client gets to know about the quality of projects we do.
  5. Contact details: –Here the address of the company and contact no. of the owner is mentioned.


Marketing is a term which is used to generate revenue for a company by providing quality business for the company and attracting genuine clients. Marketing is done by doing promotion of our company and making it visible to the clients. Different strategies are used to do better marketing like going door to door in the search of clients, by creating public relations, by bringing any company o eyes of the customers, advertising your services etc.

Marketing consists of: –

  1. Product or services: – Product or services refers to what kind of business that person is having. Is it product based or service based? If product based, then what is the product and if service based then what is the service.
  2. Advertising: – Advertising refers to fill the gap between your product/service and the clients.
  3. Public relations: – Public relations means maintaining the relationship with the existing clients.
  4. Sales: – Sales is the term that refers to generating revenue to the company by selling their products or service.

By combining all the above things, a perfect business strategy is prepared. Revenue cannot be generated by a company without doing marketing.

These all process are necessary for a perfect business, but if we do our marketing manually then it is very much time consuming, highly expensive and other drawbacks are also there. To overcome these drawbacks digital marketing has been introduced. In digital marketing one can bring more clients to their company than traditional marketing with just sitting in front of their computer or laptop screens. This is a very time and money saving process.


What is digital marketing? And how it is a time and money saving process?

To understand this, we should first understand the term digital marketing. Digital marketing is nothing but a marketing which is done online. In digital marketing, we generate clients and increase no. of sales of our product or services online by some simple strategies like SEO on-page off-page, PPC, Social Media Optimization, email marketing etc.

SEO is the term that refers to bringing website on the top page of google for this we go for: –

  • ON-PAGE in which a unique page titles and meta descriptions ae written with appropriate keywords placed in the same so that if anyone searches for those keywords on google or any other search engine will get to see the website in which SEO has been done.
  • OFF-PAGE in which we paste the URLS of pages of the websites to few dictionaries which we want to promote to increase the page views with relevant keywords.

PPC is the term where we have to bid for a certain amount of money to bring our website on top page of google. Adwords is used to bring genuine traffic to a website and is very important for generating a business.

Social Media Optimization is the term refers to promotion of your business on social media by creating some attractive templates and posting it to social media. There are links provided in those templates which re-directs you to that website.

Email Marketing is the term refers to emailing those templates with offers to relevant clients and they will get redirected to that website after clicking them.

The above are the strategies which are used to perform digital marketing and increasing the revenue of your company by increasing no of sales of product or services provided by the company.



We already know what is the website, what is marketing and what is digital marketing? Now it comes the role of website in digital marketing. As we know digital marketing consists of SEO on-page, off-page, PPC, Social media, Email marketing etc.

Advanced Marketing comprises of different things like SEO, SMO, PPC, Email Marketing, now come to SEO as we have just talked about over that promoting is the term to create business and these days business is produced on the web. Also, the pertinent customers go to those organization which is on the best page of google. The way toward bringing the same is known as SEO which must be done on a site. PPC is additionally improved the situation the same, which is a paid procedure and site is required for the same. Presently come to SMO i.e. online networking advertising and email promoting.

Here we make formats and post it to web-based social networking for SMO and email to significant customers in Email Marketing. As we tap on those connections we get diverted to the page whose connection is given in that format. All the above things are unthinkable without having a responsive site. Presently the inquiry comes “what is a responsive site?”. Here is the appropriate response, a responsive site is that site which can be opened in any screen, however it’s a portable workstation or a versatile or a tablet. As these days versatile is particularly in charge of getting activity to a site. Thus, the site ought to be portable responsive i.e. everything in the site ought to be balanced by the screen of a site.