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Top 5 Nephrologist in Bangalore List 2023 Updated

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Top 5 Nephrologist in Bangalore List 2023 Updated

Kidney disease means that your kidneys have been damaged and aren’t working as well as they should. Kidney disease is referred to as “chronic” because kidney function gradually deteriorates over time. Kidney disease progresses to renal failure, commonly known as end-stage kidney disease. You’ll require dialysis (artificial filtration) or a kidney transplant at this stage.

Nephrologists are the doctors who often treat patients recommended by their primary care physician or general practitioner for kidney issues, high blood pressure, or certain types of metabolic diseases. If a person suspects they have renal problems, they should seek the advice of a nephrologist in Bangalore. When patients visit a kidney doctor, they will generally review their medical history and perform a complete physical examination. Nephrologists treat electrolyte imbalances such as low or high sodium, potassium, and calcium levels. Nephrologists recommend non-surgical medical treatments to eliminate these disorders, and those who develop kidney stones are diagnosed and prescribed medications to keep them from recurring. These kidney doctors also follow up patients with end-stage kidney disease who already are on dialysis and prepare them to become an applicant for a kidney transplant. Following up with patients who have already been transplanted after the surgery is one of the characteristics. Below are the top 5 nephrologists in Bangalore that ensure excellent kidney disease treatment and care.

1. Dr. Sudarshan Balal – He is one of the top Nephrologists in Bangalore, with 39 years of expertise. Dr. Sudarshan Ballal, the Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board and Medical Director of Manipal Hospitals, has worked with various prestigious hospitals in the past years. Peritoneal dialysis, chronic kidney disease, acute kidney disease, renal biopsy, acute renal failure, ureteroscopy, and other procedures are key specializations he performs. He also obtained training in Internal Medicine, Nephrology, and Critical Care from the USA. He also provides solutions to his patients to manage chronic kidney disease at the primary stage with initial treatment options. He also provides online and teleconsultation services through Credihealth.

2. Dr. Garima Aggarwal – Dr. Garima Aggarwal is a renal disease specialist specializing in hypertension, kidney disease, renal transplants (particularly high risk and blood group incompatible transplants), dialysis (hemo and peritoneal), and critical care nephrology. She holds a gold medal in MD Medicine and is a high performer in DM Nephrology. Dr. Garima has membership in the International Society of Nephrology, the American Society of Nephrology, and the Indian Society of Nephrology. She is the best nephrologist in Bangalore who has expertise in performing several procedures, including renal biopsies, permcath insertions, hemodialysis catheter insertions, PD catheter insertion, etc. Dr. Garima believes in giving the highest quality of medical treatment to her patients while also empathizing with them.

3. Dr. Ravishankar B – Dr. Ravishankar B. has 28 years of experience as a prominent Nephrology Doctor at Manipal Hospital Whitefield – Bengaluru. His research interests include Renal Sciences, General Nephrology, CAPD, Renal Transplant, and Acute Care Nephrology. Dr. Ravishankar B has treated several patients with renal diseases in India and ensures that each patient receives the finest possible medical treatment. He is also part of several important organizations.

He received an International Nephrology Fellowship at Toronto General Hospital and the University of Toronto in 2008. He specializes in performing chronic kidney disease (CKD) treatment, Laparoscopic Nephrectomy, Kidney Failure Treatment, Kidney Dialysis, Kidney Stone Treatment, Renal (Kidney) Surgery for his patients. You can book a direct appointment with the kidney specialist, Dr. Ravishankar B, via Credihealth.

4. Dr. Ishthiaque Ahmed – Dr. Ishthiaque Ahmed has been consulting as the best nephrologist in Bangalore for over 15 years. He is currently providing his diagnosis and treatment services as a Senior Consultant, Transplant Physician, and Head of the Department of Nephrology at Narayana Health City, Bangalore. His field of expertise is Kidney Transplantation – Including high-risk transplant, Across blood group Kidney Transplantation, Kidney Transplantation in HIV patients, Combined Kidney & pancreas transplantation, Combined Kidney & Liver Transplantation, Kidney Transplantation in sensitized recipients., Immunosuppression in Cardiac Transplantation, etc. With his excellent knowledge in the field of nephrology, he has published various publications.

5. Dr. Veerabhadra Guptha K – He is a renowned nephrologist in Bangalore who deals with renal disease patients with the most advanced diagnostics, comprehensive preoperative evaluation and dialysis support, and surgical procedures. Dr. Gupta’s distinguished career includes over 2000 surgeries in Renal Transplantation, including dead donor transplants in highly sensitized patients, pediatric transplants, ABO-incompatible transplants, and dual organ transplants. He also has considerable experience in Geriatric Nephrology, CAPD, Preventive Nephrology, Glomerulonephritis, and Critical Care Nephrology, and General Nephrology. Dr. Gupta has several articles in prominent journals, both national and international.

When you experience discomfort around your belly that spreads to your sides and lower back, you should consult a nephrologist near your area. Or suppose you have decreased urine output, swelling in your legs, ankles, and feet, unexplained shortness of breath, extreme sleepiness or tiredness, persistent nausea, disorientation, discomfort, or chest pressure. In that case, you can book an immediate appointment with a nephrologist in Bangalore through Credihealth, depending on your choices.



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