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Clothing Business Online – How to Start a clothing Business Online

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Clothing Business Online – How to Start a clothing Business Online

If you are interested in clothing or apparel or have done fashion designing, then you can easily set up the garment business. If you have the capital to invest in the garment business and you want to become an entrepreneur then first get some business ideas from the garment industry.

You can set up a small garment factory based on your tailoring and experience in manufacturing. Make garments and supply clothes to your city retailer and hole sellers. You can prepare clothes such as school uniform, lady kurti, salwar kameez, shirt or blouse in this setup.

Become a contractor and supply clothes

You can do business contracts for export houses or native brands. In the shopping season, the export house and branded companies hire all the contractors to make as many clothes as possible. In it, you have to take a cut piece from them and they have to be supplied back and forth.

Do the Garment Wholesale Business

Pick clothes made from a manufacturing hub and supply that cloth to small town shops. Since you will take more quantity of clothes from the hub, you will have the advantage of money in a lot of margins.

Can open a small shop

You can open a small shop in a small town market or put a stall of clothing inside a mall in big cities.

Can export garments

Exports Garments, which are available at low prices, have a lot of demand in the market. You can earn good money by opening out the goods outlet that has been rejected during the export. By purchasing such a factory at a lower cost, you can sell it at a good price.

Printing and Imbundari

Printing and embroidery in Garment Business is a value added service. Designers always use patch work in their clothes to make their clothes trendy and fashionable. Most of the fabric makers can not install machines separately for printing and embroidery. In such a way, printing and embroidery business can prove to be very beneficial.

Garment Business Agency

If you are doing business in that Export House, then there will be good relations with your buyers. In this case, you can contact the buyers and supply the goods by ordering them. You can establish product development and sampling rooms to attract more and more buyers.

IT Services

The Garment Industry is adopting technology very fast. It can be an EAP system or any other technique. If you have an understanding of IT and you can create innovative tools to work with exporters such as pattern making, real time data collection, product planning and material management.

Clothing Business – Clothing Business Opening Plans

Choose product category

The first step of planning the Garment business is to select Garment’s category. If you are thinking of making a neat garment (like a T-shirt or a polo), then you should not try to make clothes that are woven with it. There are also many categories in neat and woven fabrics. Keep your product selection limited. Suppose you are making knitted shirts – formal and casual. Accordingly, you should list clothing

Assemble the requirements of production

The second step in making a business plan is to decide how many piece cloth you will make in a day. You will have to make 50 shirts or 500 shirts with a primary estimate which you can increase later according to the demand and production capacity. Proceed only by estimating the production capacity.

Number of machines

If you have decided on production data and product bar, you will be able to assess the requirements of sewing machines and other machines. According to the production figures in the third step, list the machine for installation.

Types of Machines

List the types of machines in the next step. If you want to open a shirt factory then decide how much sewing machine, button stitching machine, button holding machine, cutting board, pressing table, power backup etc. will be needed. Make different listings of the needs of each type of machine.

Need of raw materials

Make a list of what raw materials will be needed for the product that is going to be made. Once you know the need for raw materials you will be able to make your budget. Buy some goods always a bit more than they need, because some of it goes in the damages too.

The need for a place for the factory

To set up the factory, you need a place to set up the machine, instead of office, different production departments to set up. Apart from this, there should also be a place for related departments. List the departments and list the place accordingly and rent the place.

Workers need

Workers are the most necessary resource for this business. Decide the number of staff, supervisors and workers of Manpower planning. Set the salary and work hours according to their qualifications and experience. Find out about market rates to make salary.

Project cost

To assess the expenditure of the project, make a list of total investment, rent or EMI, staff salary, running cost of machines, electricity bill etc. Also, make a budget for the purchase of raw materials for a year.

Internal process flow

To complete an order, prepare a complete chart of the process flow. This will help you find out which departments you need to set up for a particular order, and accordingly, you will be able to start hiring people.

Splash listing

Make a list of the best suppliers of raw materials for your product. Find out about the supplier of clothes, accessories and other items. Also get information about the suppliers of other states with the local supplier.

Reach the customer

You have completed your business plan. Now make a list of your customers and contact them and try to bring the business. If you are new to the garment industry, then get expert advice.

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