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7 Tips To Hire A Dedicated SEO Agency For Your Business

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7 Tips To Hire A Dedicated SEO Agency For Your Business

Out of the two main digital marketing strategies, casual clients and marketing professionals always debate whether PPC or SEO is best for business. With the only fundamental difference being that one strategy is a paid form of advertising while the other is organic, the reality is that both strategies can work if enough time and dedication are put into them. However, SEO does have one major advantage that makes it a slightly more popular strategy to use. 

That advantage comes from the fact that it is free to implement. The only costs that a business will have from implementing SEO are website upkeep and platform costs. This is a major bonus for local businesses as most of them don’t have a budget big enough to use other strategies. That said, the mistake that most local businesses make is jumping on this advantage too quickly. Most businesses don’t even bother doing proper research on an SEO agency because they are under the impression that they can’t lose financially. 

The unfortunate reality is that some agencies take advantage of this misconception by keeping a local business on long monthly retainers without putting much effort into their optimization campaigns. Apart from taking away from a business financially, an poor SEO agency can be the root of complete failure for a local business. With this in mind, let’s go over seven tips to hire a dedicated SEO agency for your business.

#1: Stick With A Local Agency

One of the easiest steps you can take to find a dedicated SEO agency for your business is sticking to a local “seo management brisbane” agency. While a local agency might not have enough resources as a national one, it doesn’t mean that the local agency can’t provide better results. More importantly than providing better results, perhaps the biggest advantage that a local agency gives a business is faster response times. This comes in handy in case any drastic changes need to be made.

#2: Check If The Agency Specializes In SEO Only

Another tip that is effective at finding dedicated agencies is checking if they specialize in SEO. For the most part, an agency that specializes in only SEO is not necessarily a good thing. An agency with this quality could mean that it is inexperienced or can’t provide effective results in other digital marketing areas if needed.

#3: Look Into Agency Reviews And Client Feedback

One of the more obvious tips that can help find a dedicated agency is looking into agencies online reviews. Online reviews tend to be brutally honest about experiences and other important factors. Because of this, they are a great source to see how an agency functions, how good their customer service is, and how dedicated they are as well.

#4: Ask For Similar Case Studies

Depending on what type of SEO goals you want to achieve, asking for similar case studies can be one of the most effective ways to measure dedication. Doing so will give you an inside look as to how your business might be treated under the same circumstances.

#5: Consider The Years Of Experience The Agency Has

The amount of experience that an agency has is another important way to find a good agency. However, be mindful of the fact that it isn’t the only determining factor. That said, consider finding an agency with enough experience in your niche.

#6: Ask If They Are Willing To Negotiate Their Prices

Another overlooked method of finding a dedicated SEO agency is asking them if they can negotiate their prices. What’s interesting about this tactic is that it serves a bigger purpose than just being a way to pay a cheaper amount. More than anything, this tactic goes to show how flexible they can be. A flexible agency is a good sign that they are more focused on providing results over profiting from a client.

#7: Find Out How Often They Provide Performance Feedback

Last but not least, it is important to find out how often they provide performance feedback. This shows dedication as it shows how strong their client communication skills are. This quality has proven to be one of the most important contributors to success in a business’ SEO campaign.

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