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Gynecologist in India – Appointment, check doctor list, fees

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Gynecologist in India – Appointment, check doctor list, fees

Gynecologist in India

When talking about PMS and period symptoms, diet is essential. But, eating healthily while on your time can be a small challenge. Many of our cravings are erratic, intense and unhealthy, and the foods we eat can have a massive influence on our own bodies. During menstruation and pre-menstruation, our hormones are all over the area and our bodies feel like they’re falling apart, so it’s really important to be certain that what you eat isn’t making things worse.

To aid you, We have compiled a listing of the 5 best foods that you should avoid in your period.

  • Caffeine – It elevates your PMS symptoms because it is linked with constricting uterine blood vessels and hence reduces period length.
  • Milk, yogurt and other dairy products – These contain a lot of saturated fat and hence induces the inflammation and irritation, which is very likely to worsen time pain. Dairy products also  increase the production of compounds called prostaglandins, which are accountable for cramping
  • Fatty beef – Yes, this includes bacon! Any meat with visible fat on it’s going to also contain saturated fats.
  • Red meat – This leads to increase in prostaglandins, therefore like milk, both  aggravate interval pain.
  • Processed foods– This includes tinned food and pre prepared meals high in sodium and cocompound leaves you feeling much more bloated, uncomfortable and lethargic.Also, there are high chances of dedehydration worse effects on  energy levels and mood.
  • Spicy foods – These lead to sudden spikes in energy level, which feel great at first, but latterly leaves your energy level crashed just as unexpectedly, with more lethargic and worse condition.

The chocolate debate
The advantages of eating chocolate during your period have been contested. On the one  hand, it’s sugary, salty and fatty and will only cause an energy crash in the future. On the flip side, our own bodies are great at craving the things we are in need of, such as water once we’re dehydrated, so is it that there’s something in chocolate which our body requires during puberty?

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