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7 low cost or free IVF Treatment procedures not commonly known

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7 low cost or free IVF Treatment procedures not commonly known

With advancement of science and technology and the introduction of new sophisticated medical equipment, it has become possible for couples to deliver a child even after several years of marriage. One such procedure is the IVF that can be termed to be a god-sent for all childless couples. But a major obstacle faced by majority of the couples when considering undergoing IVF procedure is the huge cost involved. But IVF with Donor Eggs Cost in India is much reasonable when compared to those in the western countries.

Some options not known to many to avail IVF procedure for free or small fee

  • Identify an infertility clinic which performs shared IVF Cycles: The initial IVF process is undergone by two women together and is termed as shared IVF cycle. Some eggs are donated by one woman to the other who is not able to use own eggs against some amount as determined by the clinic. This can help save about 50% of actual IVF costs. But if the cycle is unsuccessful, then the person might not be left with any eggs to be frozen.
  • Inexpensive or free treatment with IVF Research Trials: Few infertility clinics carry out IVF treatment or research and do receive IVF grants and funding from the NGOs or government agencies. Find out where to qualify and ensure it is reputable, the staffs are friendly and all the equipment and rooms are clean and hygienic. Along with inexpensive IVF trial, the person can also enjoy getting free IVF treatment.
  • Consider Mini IVF: Here the difference is the hormone and drug regiment which takes place first. For ovary stimulation, fewer drugs are used. In this procedure, high quality eggs get produced, but in less numbers. The remaining part of the IVF procedure can be stated to be the same where the woman undergoing the program gets monitored throughout drug regimen process. Moreover, embryo transfer, embryo fertilization and egg retrieval takes place similar to that of traditional IVF. Mini IVF costs are significantly lower.
  • Undergo IVF treatment in an inexpensive country like India: IVF treatments in western countries are very expensive. India is a fast developing country and has managed to exceed western expectations in terms of medical science and technology. This country does boast of having some of the best doctors and top class hospitals to provide all types of medical facilities and surgeries with great accuracy and amazing results. IVF with Donor Eggs Cost in India is also quite low and very much affordable for those coming from Europe, the US, Australia and other parts of the world. India is rather becoming a medical hub for all those seeking medical treatments.
  • Identify fertility clinic which offers shred risk or refund program: Shared risk or refund program is considered to be a prepayment plan providing the person with full or partial refund, in case, pregnancy is not derived from IVF treatment undertaken. A flat fee needs to be paid first upfront for certain IVF cycle numbers. Still if the person does not get pregnant on completion of the cycles then 70% to 100% payment is refunded. Some limitations do exist on fertility clinic’s policies pertaining to services covered and age.
  • Identify fertility clinic which performs shared donor-egg cycles: In this type, the donor’s eggs are shared by 2-3 women simultaneously. Thus, the IVF treatment cost is shared by all the three. However, the drawback can be that the donor might not have sufficient eggs to complete the shared cycle.
  • Check insurance plan: The insurance policy taken from a reputed provider might have a clause offering costs involved in fertility treatments. Few insurance companies are known to provide coverage for invitro fertilization diagnosis and treatment. Going through the policy or speaking to the agent will help to know if this procedure is covered or not.

It is very much possible to reverse infertility as well as get pregnant irrespective of condition and age or as to how long the couple has been trying to conceive a child. IVF with Donor Eggs Cost in India being low has managed to help women in hundreds and thousands from all over the world to get pregnant and have a child naturally.

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