Top 5 Gastroenterologist in Mumbai List 2023 Updated

Gastroenterologist in MumbaiGastroenterologist in Mumbai

Gastroenterologist in Mumbai

The stomach is the engine that generates fuel for the body. Right from the digestion and excretion mechanism is running through the stomach. But how often do you witness a sudden pain and stomach ache? Have you wondered what could be the reason for this stomach problem? Generally in a busy routine people miss their meal and consume unhealthy food, especially street food. Indigestion is the main reason for stomach problems. In addition, they invite many digestive disorders. Therefore it is necessary to seek medical advice from – best gastroenterologist in Mumbai

1. Dr. Jayant S Barve

Dr. Jayant S Barve is one of the best gastroenterologists in Mumbai. He is a trained professional with more than 40 years of surgical experience. In addition to this, he is currently practicing as a senior consultant- Gastroenterology in the medical field. Dr. Jayant S Barve pursued MBBS, MD- General Medicine, and DNB – Gastroenterology from Mumbai. Furthermore, the doctor has dedicated expertise in the endoscopy procedure. 

The doctor is known for his expertise in cancer treatment and dynamic approach. In addition to this, the doctor has processed many surgeries related to digestive disorders. His expertise includes – liver transplantation,  viral hepatitis, and alcoholic liver diseases. 

In addition, he is famous for GI endoscopy procedures. 

2. Dr. Vinay Dhir

Dr. Vinay Dhir is serving his actual knowledge as a gastroenterologist in Mumbai. He is a trained professional with more than 34 years of dynamic experience, and he is currently contributing his services as a consultant in the healthcare industry. Dr. Vinay Dhir pursued MBBS, MD- Internal Medicine, and received fellowship- Therapeutic ERCP. He is currently present at S L Raheja Hospital, Mahim, Mumbai. 

The doctor is an expert in drug therapy, Chemotherapy, Stomach cancer, and Liver treatment. If you are diagnosed with stomach problems or want expert advice, book an appointment with Dr. Vinay Dhir for the best medicine.

3. Dr. Ajay P Choksi

Dr. Ajay P Choksi is a famous gastro doctor in Mumbai

. He is well known for his medical expertise in liver diseases. He is currently practicing as a consultant-gastroenterologist in Nanavati Hospital Mumbai. The doctor has completed MBBS, MD- Internal Medicine, and DNB- Gastroenterology.

Dr. Ajay P Choksi has worked as a medical expert and gained a broad spectrum of knowledge in digestive disorders. Apart from this, the doctor is resilient in designing treatment plans for the patient. The doctor is a health partner with Credihealth, therefore book an appointment for the consultation. 

4. Dr. Tariq A Patel

Dr. Tariq A Patel is an expert doctor in gastroenterology currently practicing at  Wockhardt Hospital Mumbai. He has 28 years of clinical experience in the medical industry: Dr. Tariq A Patelis a very recognized doctor and designs treatment plans for his patients. The doctor has completed MBBS, MD- General Medicine, and DM- Gastroenterology.

Furthermore, the doctor has done numerous procedures in treating patients. Credihealth helps you connect with Dr. Tariq A Patel for medical trials and second opinions. The doctor is an expert in liver, stomach cancer, and indigestion problems.

5. Dr. Gaurav Mehta

Dr. Gaurav Mehta is a famous Hepatologist and gastroenterologist in Mumbai. He is a trained professional with more than 25 years of medical experience. In addition to this, he is currently practicing as a consultant- Hepatology & Gastroenterology in the medical sector. Dr. Gaurav Mehta pursued MBBS, MD- Internal Medicine, and received a fellowship- Transplant Hepatologist. Furthermore, the doctor has a dynamic approach to the clinical practice.

The doctor is known for his medical expertise in therapeutic endoscopy and fibroscan. In addition to this, the doctor has processed numerous transplant procedures. His expertise includes – cirrhosis, luminal therapeutic endoscopy, and colonoscopy. 

When do I need a second opinion?

Every doctor has a specialty in delivering the treatment procedure. However, it may happen that your condition doesn’t improve from your first consultation. You can ask for a second opinion from a health expert for your stomach problem. It would help if you had a second opinion mostly :

  • If the treatment didn’t improve your health problem.
  • When you need a specialist who is dedicated to your condition, for example – stomach cancer.
  • If you want to decide on the surgery or transplant.
  • When the medication prescribed fails to prevent your disease.

Diagnosed with stomach problems can be discomforting, and hence it might become severe. For healthy digestion, you should drink water frequently and avoid eating processed food. Inability to digest correctly can also lead to constipation. You should take small meals in a day with three hours of interval. Furthermore, stomach problems can be life-threatening if the condition appears regularly. 

Stomach problems can affect other parts of the body, and the small intestine, anus, rectum, and other factors may face difficulty due to indigestion. Hence, without wasting any time, you must take expert advice for the same. Furthermore, the best gastroenterologist in Mumbai gives proper treatment. 

Credihealth benefits

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