Renewable Energy Companies in Boston | Expert Guide 2023

Energy companies in BostonEnergy companies in Boston

Energy companies in Boston

1.BlueWave Solar

As a mission driven company, our core values guide the way we operate everyday with our partners, customers, and teammates.

Hand in hand with our guiding vision, BlueWavers share another passion: Respect for each other and our communities. We’ve put that passion into practice by becoming a B Corporation, certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.


Community Solar

CS Project Services

CS Sales Partners

Solar Development

Property Owners

Our Projects

Contact no:Phone: +1 844-786-4100

Address:111 Huntington Ave #650, Boston, MA 02199, United States


2.Nexamp, Inc.

Founded in 2007 by two U.S Army veterans, we’ve been pursuing our mission for over a decade – to build the future of energy so that it is clean, simple, and accessible.

Today, Nexamp is a leader in the clean energy space, offering solar and energy storage solutions. Our vertically integrated model is a strength and differentiator for Nexamp. We own and operate all of our solar storage projects and manage every stage of the process: financing, project development and acquisition, design, construction, operations and maintenance, and energy sales.

Benefits of a Nexamp BESS

Electricity savings with no major capital costs for you

A BESS draws power from the grid when it’s cheaper and stores it for use when energy costs are higher

Connects to your on-site solar or EV charging stations

Nexamp designs, builds, owns and operates the BESS. We are your partner for the long term

Contact no:+1 617-431-1440

Address:101 Summer St 2nd Floor, Boston, MA 02110, United States



EnergySage is on a mission to make going solar as easy as booking a flight online. Everyday there are millions of Americans shopping for solar, and thousands of solar providers looking for well-qualified customers. Yet buying and selling solar remains as inefficient, confusing and costly as ever. There hasn’t been a simple, online marketplace for both parties to meet and interact with one another – until now. Our innovative, yet simple solution has already won the support and backing of the U.S. Department of Energy, New York State Energy Research & Development Authority, Connecticut Green Bank, and Massachusetts Clean Energy Center. We’re in over 30 states now, and we’re growing fast!

Solar Resources

Solar Calculator

Learn About Solar

Solar News

Contact no:+1 888-838-4638

Address:25 Lincoln St, Boston, MA 02111, United States


4.Kearsarge Energy

Kearsarge Energy is a full-service renewable energy project development, finance and holding company, with a mission to build a more sustainable world and to provide superior returns to all project stakeholders, including the communities in which we work. Founded in 2009, Kearsarge has developed and financed more than 60 MW and $180 million of solar PV projects and is rapidly growing its business in select markets across the U.S.

At Kearsarge we work hard to combine sophisticated project finance, regulatory know-how, and the highest quality engineering to provide businesses, schools, non-profits, municipalities, and other public sector entities with long-term sources of affordable clean energy – at lower costs than fossil fuel alternatives.


Kearsarge Solar (“KS”) is focused on meeting the growing demand for reliable and cost-effective commercial-scale renewable energy.  KS offers a full-service turnkey solar solution, from feasibility analysis through financing, construction, and ongoing maintenance and monitoring.  KS has developed and financed a portfolio of more than 60 MW of solar PV projects, ranging in size from 140 kW to 6 MW, and is currently developing more than 100 MW of projects throughout the Northeast and 50 MW in the Southeast, as well as select foreign markets.

Contact no:+1 617-393-4222

Address:suite 202, 1004, 1200 Soldiers Field Rd, Boston, MA 02134, United States


5.One Source Power

One Source Power, LLC is a full service utility contractor located in Boston, MA. We service public and private utility companies in the Eastern United States and beyond. We specialize in emergency service restoration, as well as, build-outs, maintenance, and assessment services for overhead and underground distribution services. We also service the communication and renewable energy fields with design-build services in make-ready construction, distributed antenna systems (DAS), communication tower site build-outs, and solar energy interconnections.

One Source Power employs the dedicated professionals of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). IBEW members are skilled and dedicated tradesmen that perform safely and professionally. One Source Power utilizes the vast, national network of IBEW Linemen to fulfill its employment needs in order to meet the demanding requirements of our clients. At One Source Power we value the relationships with both our employees and our clients. For our employees, we strive to create an atmosphere and culture that promotes individual growth, while relying on a team oriented approach to get the job done. We equip all our vehicles with properly maintained tools and equipment, to get the job done safely and efficiently. We continually provide motivation to promote an environment that recognizes and rewards people for a job well done.

Our Services

Emergency Restoration Services

Overhead Distribution

Underground Distribution

Utility Pole Installation

Substation Construction

Emergency Assessment Services

Troubleshooting, Restoration, Repairs

Aerial Line Inspection

Renewable Energy Services

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

Lighting Retrofit

Bucket Truck Services

Contact no:+1 617-910-9300

Address:1 Westinghouse Plaza, Boston, MA 02136, United States


6.Brightway Energy

Brightway Energy is the premier solar system provider and solar installation company in the greater Boston area, Massachusetts. Our team has 35 years of experience providing superior products, customer service and workmanship.


When looking into a solar system you may have a lot of questions. Our sales team is the first step to getting your home qualified. During the first meeting we guide you through the different programs that are available, solar is not a one size fit all!

After the initial consultation we leave the house with the information required to create a custom solution for your home. Our in house engineer/design team will then work on a design that meets your needs.

Within a few days our sales specialist will return and provide all the information required to make a decision. The decision for going solar should be smooth and informative!

Contact no:1 617-906-6655

Address: 165 Middlesex Ave, Somerville, MA 02145, United States


7.National Grid

At National Grid, we are committed to delivering safe and reliable energy to the customers and communities we serve.

We are one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the US — serving more than 20 million customers throughout New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

We are at the heart of one of the greatest challenges facing our society — transforming our electricity and natural gas networks with smarter, cleaner, and more resilient energy solutions to meet the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  Every day we work with stakeholders to promote the development and implementation of more sustainable, innovative and affordable energy solutions.

We are proud of the contributions our work and our people make towards the prosperity and wellbeing of our customers, communities and investors.

Ways to Pay

Pay by Bank Account

Pay by Credit Card (Western Union, fees apply)

Enroll in Automated Payments

Pay in Person

Bill Delivery Options

Paperless Billing

Third Party Notifications

Address: 220 Victory Rd, Boston, MA 02122, United States


8.Resonant Energy

Despite the significant hurdles our team, projects, and industry faced in the wake of a global pandemic — namely a two-month construction ban — Resonant tirelessly problem-solved to achieve our most successful year to date, including completing our 100th project this past summer! Our 2020 Impact Report showcases the significant strides we’ve accomplished towards achieving a more equitable clean energy economy, with a quickly growing team, an ever-growing portfolio of projects, and a steadfast commitment to serving nonprofits, affordable housing units, and households in environmental justice communities throughout Massachusetts and New York.



Affordable Housing



Contact no:+1 617-506-9248

Address:60 Clayton St STE #201, Dorchester, MA 02122, United States


9.Rivermoor Energy

Since 2008, Rivermoor Energy has demonstrated industry leadership in commercial, governmental, utility and institutional solar energy, energy storage, and clean energy resiliency.Rivermoor Energy is committed to our customers’ success.  Rivermoor helps its clients plan, develop and finance customized solar energy, energy storage and energy resiliency solutions.

Energy Solutions

Solar Energy

Energy Storage

Energy Resiliency

Contact no:+1 617-213-5080

Address:: 186 South St, Boston, MA 02111, United States


9.Swift Current Energy

Founded in 2016, Swift Current Energy acquires and develops highly competitive wind and solar energy projects in North America. Our management team has commercialized approximately 10 gigawatts of clean energy projects and brings more than 150 years of collective experience investing in, developing, constructing and operating clean energy projects across the country. 

Swift Current Energy is not your typical renewable energy development company. We are owners, financiers, and investors in the projects we develop and are therefore uniquely suited to be a long-standing, trusted partner. We bring an ownership perspective to each of our projects and take a conservative, careful approach every step of the way in order to responsibly develop, own, and operate new projects. 


Swift Current Energy has developed and commercialized more than 1 gigawatt (GW) of clean energy projects and has a project pipeline of more than 3 GW of clean energy projects under development.

Contact no:+1 857-315-5294

Address:184 High St, Boston, MA 02110, United States


10.Smartflower Solar

To make the world a greener place, to bring solar to new heights of technological innovation, and to offer an elegant option to those who believe in sustainability for a better energy and environmental future.

Smartflower was founded in Austria, a country steeped in a heritage of design, innovation, and manufacturing excellence. Energy Management Inc. (EMI), a Boston, MA corporation with over 43 years of experience developing large energy projects, acquired Smartflower in 2018.


Smart FLower Sprite Original – Pearl


Smartflower EV

Smartflower +Plus

Contact no:+1 617-918-7000

Address:20 Park Plaza, Boston, MA 02116, United States


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