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Common Mistakes Of New Writers And Tips To Avoid Them

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Common Mistakes Of New Writers And Tips To Avoid Them

Writing is a continuous process that keeps on getting better with experience, provided one tries to do something new and productive every time. It requires concrete skill development along with a proper structure to make a long-lasting impression on your readers.

However, if you are a newbie in writing, you might make lots of mistakes that you actually are not aware of. So, here are some mistakes that require your attention with the solution to each of them to sharpen your writing skills

  • Mistake: Not Selecting A Niche

New writers often start writing without choosing a particular niche. So, if you are a writer and you have committed that mistake, you will find yourself hanging around your write-ups. It is because if you have chosen a niche that you are completely unaware off, you will find yourself in the middle of nowhere and helpless. 

Solution: To write well, you must have some connection or idea of the topic. It will eventually help you to write well, and you will feel that you are really having fun while writing rather than being stressed. So, you must choose a niche in which you have some idea or knowledge, or you can choose the one in which you are interested. Another method that will help you in choosing your niche is to pick something in which you have experience. 

  • Mistake: Lack Of Original Idea

Many writers think they have a brand new approach on a particular topic. They forget there are so many writers out there writing new things every single day. In this highly competitive world, they do not recognize this fact and just go on writing. But, the truth is they are not alone, and a similar idea is already delivered to the readers.

Solution: If you have come over such issues in your writing, you need not worry. It is true that due to high competition, the biggest challenge is an original idea. Therefore, you need to spend a lot of your time in research. Besides, you can also read books with similar topics to expand your knowledge horizon. In this way, you will get better insights on your topic and save your time, which you can utilize to find a unique angle on the subject.  

  • Mistake: Improper Beginning And Ending

This mistake is a typical one when it comes to new writers. They actually lack a strong introduction and conclusion which play a crucial part in write-ups. The truth is that they neglect these two things and put more emphasis on the body. As a result, they fail to build a connection with readers as their foundation is weak.

Solution: For instance, constructing a building requires a particular plan with its sturdy base. Similarly, your content needs a good introduction and conclusion as well. If you are successful in doing that your readers will go ahead reading the full content because you have built that excellent rapport with them. For this, you must always remember the purpose of the topic, the targeted audience, and how you can help them with your writing.

  • Mistake: Grammar And Punctuation Blunders

In the quest of writing and delivering a message to readers, writers often neglect grammar and punctuation. And, while doing that, they do not anticipate that others can easily spot that mistake. In some cases, these mistakes become blunders when the entire meaning of a sentence changes due to some minor grammar and punctuation.

Solution: If you come across similar issues, you can take the help of some good books and tutorials to sharp your grammar and punctuation. At this time, you need to take time with yourself to improve your skills and keep writing and examine your mistakes. In this way, you can rectify your mistakes and improve your grammar along with punctuation.

  • Mistake: Improper Editing And Proofreading

New writers often fail to edit and proofread the contents after their completion. They usually think that they have completed the content nicely and hit the submit button without proper analyzing the mistakes. It is a direct sign of an amateur and less-patience writer. Also, they mistakenly assume that editing is easy like proofreading.

Solution: You, as a writer, can only excel when you pay attention to even the smaller details of your work. You must have the patience to read your full content to check for errors and rectify it. You must also spend time to rewrite some sentence that needs improvement and cut off unnecessary ones as well.

  • Mistake: Repetition

It is another common mistake that any writer can commit actually. The reason is that in the flow of writing, writers do not realize that they are repeating certain things. Such repetitions can happen throughout the content within sentences, or paragraphs. However, repetition is done to emphasize a particular message in some cases, but writers sometimes do it unnecessarily.

Solution: To prevent unnecessary repetition, you need to edit the content. It will enhance the quality of your contents and engage your readers more. Therefore, spend time to edit your content.

  • Mistake: Not Anticipating the response of readers

While a new writer is working on content, they fail to think about their targeted audience, the readers. Yes, it is a big mistake that new writers commit. They generally do not anticipate the response of their readers and write according to their assumptions. 

Solution: As a writer, you must always base your content upon your readers. You will have to think about them because they are the ultimate destination of your content. If you learn how you can help the readers through your content, you will automatically write accordingly.

  • Mistake: Telling, Not Showing

Amateur writers often tell their story and forget to paint a picture for readers. As a matter of fact, telling distances your readers from your story. On the other hand, showing brings them closer to your content, that is your destination. 

Solution: Imagination must be the skill of every writer. Therefore, you must learn to paint a picture on your reader’s mind so that you can make a better connection with them. Simply telling a story does not really work. So, you will have to go some extra miles to achieve your purpose.

Making mistakes is not you must be ashamed of, because it is a part of the learning process. So, with the mistakes mentioned above, you can analyze your contents where you are lacking. Subsequently, with the given solutions, you can rectify them as well.

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