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Can I earn $100 per day from Hindi Blog?

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Can I earn $100 per day from Hindi Blog?

Can I earn $100 per day from Hindi blog?  Yes, of course, you can earn more than $100 a day from a Hindi blog, there are many such Blog already ranked on Google who earn more than $100 and whose language is Hindi only.

There are some people like this, if you want to know about them, then we tell you. Like Net in Hindi, Harsh Aggarwal’s Hindi Out Loud Hindi Blog, Health Related Blog. There are also many Blog which are earning easily $100 reading. If you are also thinking of making a blog on Hindi, then you absolutely must because money can be earned on Hindi right now. The sooner you start your blog, the sooner you will learn and soon you will start making income.

1. There should be a good amount of traffic on your blog, it is better if it is from five hundred to thousand of every day.

2. What is the CPC rate of the keyword written in the topic on which you have written the blog or the keyword selected by you, if you write the blog then you will know it.

3. If you are thinking of earning a good amount of money through Google Adsense then you should choose keywords with high CPC.

4. CTR also plays a good role For a lucrative Adsense income, both CPC and CTR should perform well.

5. Instead of collecting traffic from social platforms, you should focus on organic traffic from Google.

6. The architecture of the website should be attractive to the user.

7. The written content format should be user-attractive and unique.

8. One should also work on HTML coding like anchor tag, title tag etc.

9. SEO should also be worked for high ranking so that your website can get more traffic.

10. Google always puts user satisfaction on priority, if you also follow this then surely you will be successful. Thank you!


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