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Business Plan for Fast Food Restaurant & Promotion Ideas For Restaurant

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Business Plan for Fast Food Restaurant & Promotion Ideas For Restaurant

Fast food is one of the most growing industry in the modern world, whether it’s recession or development, people will never cut on food and beverages. And, instead of a proper meal, people mostly like to have fast food to save their valuable time.

Now a day, the Fast food business’s success has become a universal truth. However, it can only be a true statement when we implement the planned strategy to set up our fast food business.

Planning and Implementation

Firstly, we will look for the right place as a kind of first market access testing to reach customer’s tummy. Let’s, opt a podium of a small shopping mall, and open a caravan with a brand name which must attract people and goes with our centre of attraction food item, i.e. “Hunger & Burger “. This way, we will pass on the message that we are a burger expert. We will park our caravan in such place where we can have a 360-degree view of a mall. This will let all the visitors to have a look on our caravan. Now, we will focus on transparency.

Yes, so the kitchen area, our hygiene level. Most of the fast food outlets are covered from the kitchen area, which unable their customers to see how our food item is getting cooked. Creating a glass view access, will let our customers to differentiate us with other nearby outlets.

1. What is unique

  • Our Mystery sausage fusions enables to thrill the customers while munching every bite of their favourite burger.
  • Easy payment gateways and promotional discounts
  • Quick turnaround time to serve the table.
  • Display board with the details of purchasing date of ingredients, vegetable, chicken, and breads- this will give a comfort to our customers that, their intakes are made full of fresh food material.
  • Door step delivery within the time line and complementary eco- friendly cutleries.

2. Publicity/Marketing initiative

There is a many standard way of publicity programs which is adapted by every food chain owner. Applying, an innovative way will only help to stand us bright in the crowd. Though, we will also opt such regular standard way of marketing but we will make a mingle effect marketing with promotions.

3. Space Marketing   

  • Regular Wall posters but with the detail of all ingredients we are going to use and a coupon code to apply for a very first order.
  • Signage view at the entrance of a mall, which will display the kitchen process in steps, this way will attract the customers to try the same taste which is showing over the signage display.
  • Go for some merchandising, like a small kid’s key chains or caps to give our teenage customers for initial days.
  • Hand Brochures to distribute, with all details of how this recipe was invented and what is unique in our burger. Also, mention the promotional discount coupon details.

4. Social media and press Marketing

Web sites- Showing the recipe invention details, unique concepts we apply etc.

Local newspaper – Colourful Paper ads to attract customers from nearby place.

Social media ads- Put our outlet details in the all famous social accounts to reach more customers and let them know that our open at this area to serve them the best burger.

5. Price variance strategy

The pricing matters a lot at the time of doing market test of our first out let. We will do our homework to check the current price of burgers available in that area and capacity of consumption of the people. This will help us to understand the cap of price. Because, if we go with random pricing then that might hit us back and we may not attract our customer’s despite of a good unique taste.

6. How we look like

Means our logo, yes our logo should be the fancies in the crowd. Hunger & Burger’s logo should create a real hunger to the customers when they actual see our ad.

  • Our logo will spread the hunger vibes.
  • Our logo will give an inside look of food items used to make the burger ready for customer’s tongue.

7. Keep on ideas

Sustaining the customers interest, we must have to come up with something new every day. Initial days will be crucial for us, as it will be like love at first site, if a customer find a substantial balance in our burger in terms of price, taste, wow factor and hygiene maintenance, then the same customer will work for we as a publicity agent. That customer will turn up to we again next day and this time with two more customers. So, few things should be regularly experimental to catch new customers every day.

  • Change merchandising items, like small diaries, pens displaying our brand, kids paper caps etc.
  • Various discount schemes applicable in MWF days (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
  • One plus one free scheme can also be there for initial days until we really set up our market access test out let and feel comfortable to open the other one.

8. Increasing graph of sales

Sales analysis if highly required specially for an access tester outlet. Our sales graph will only be giving us a clarity about the success of our launch. At the time of launching our first market access test out lest, we should figure out some targeted sales level and then to compare with actual sales we made. If we find a serious down fall in actual, then that will alarm us to come with a quick solution to win the race. We may go for some other value added pointers to implement in our marketing strategy.

And if find a tremendous growth in our actual sake v/s forecasted then, this will give a green signal to reach out more places to open Hunger & Burger.

9. Future plans

After a success if our very first outlet, we will now move ahead with the joint meeting of our partners and in bound product alliances. A detailed version program will be created to mark some short listed places in the city, and to compare the crowd’s data visiting on those places. It’s time to bring more food products along with burger to let customers to be choosey in the menu. However, don’t distract with our centre of attraction, the king of our food product “Burger” so long live the name Hunger & Burger.

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