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What is Business model of Duolingo

What is Business model of Duolingo

It is a desire of many people to speak in different languages. They would know the various languages of the world. Some of them also take an oath as a new year’s resolution to learn national or international communications.

For them, Duolingo is one of the leading and best online platforms through which people can learn different languages. Basically, it is a language learning app that consists of 23 languages, and many more are in progress.

Duolingo provides free services to the users but also offers paid accounts for using the advanced features. Although the unpaid Duolingo also provides the best of the services to the users. You can learn various languages through Duolingo. A person can’t become fluent in the language but learn primary languages. But if you want to get fluency in the language, you must practice speaking, reading the related language books or articles.

Duolingo is one of the best language learning apps which is loved by most of the people. It has achieved a high rank in terms of downloading any education app. More than 300 million people are satisfied with the app and use it to learn the desired languages.

The main aim of creating this app is that the company wants to create an education app that is having fun in learning and doesn’t bore the learners. The company has also formed a Duolingo English test. It is a very economical and convenient language certification option. 

More than 2000 universities also accept the certificate.

The business model of any company is the initial stage of starting up a business. These are the strategies that the industry has to follow to get success and run the business efficiently. Thus Duolingo also has a business model that gets a lot of success and becomes the first choice of users who want to learn several languages.

In this article, we are going to learn about the business model of Duolingo. Duolingo has one of the smartest business models in all the learning apps. The listing below is several points that show the business model of Duolingo.

Based on a Freemium model:

The Duolingo uses the freemium model. It doesn’t charge anything for operating a website or app. Duolingo allows its users to learn foreign languages that also without spending a lot of money. However, Duolingo also offers a premium service, which is also free. It is the good news for the users of Duolingo that from June 2020 the language learning site and the app provides 95 unique language course covering 23 languages.

The business model of Duolingo is to provide a platform for people interested in learning new languages for free.

Customer segments: 

Duolingo is a language learning app that has actually formed for those people who are interested in learning other languages. Still, due to some financial problems, they are not able to learn the language. Many people have a desire to learn but don’t have adequate money to start learning a regular language course.

Duolingo provides its services throughout the world. It is a proper application for the students who are studying either in school or university. It is a better application that provides a better learning experience rather than learning from a traditional way. Usually, customers are from other countries like Europe, America, and Asia.


Duolingo is one of the best online platforms as a language learning app. The users can visit the website of Duolingo to operate it. Otherwise, it is also available on smartphones and Apple phones. The users can download the application from Apple iOS if they are using apple phones or Google play mobile apps.

Chief Resources:

The critical resources of Duolingo’s business model are customer relationships, broad spread market, and all those individuals who are interested in learning the language. The participant translator for divergent course content gives more benefaction to the users. And for the individuals who are engaged in developing and maintaining the platform, the critical resource for them is technology data centers.

Dominant activities:

The activities of Duolingo’s business model are that the language course consists of a tree of skills accomplished challenges so that users can go to the next portion. Duolingo uses the analytics and algorithms to covey the content straightforwardly to the users. Additionally, computer science techniques make the course more methodical.

Customer relationships:

When you get registered with the Duolingo’s site, you will get all the resources as Duolingo is a self-service platform.

It builds a good connection with the users. Duolingo gives many facilities to its users. 

It assembles group experience from the different discussion boards and forums. It also allows users to disclose any issue related to the course material during the lessons.

The company permits its users to interact with each other directly. It has allowed us to connect through various social media account like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.

Chief partners:

The main partners of the business model of Duolingo are vast spread market, customer segment, customer relationship, and a person interested in learning the language.

Many more partners are:

  • The company also has partnerships with those online publications who desire to use Duolingo’s crowdsourced translation services.
  • CNN and BuzzFeed are translation partners with Duolingo.
  • Duolingo also has an academic partner that is Global Research Institution Carnegie Mellon University. They have become partners in 2014.

Value propositions:

Duolingo is the language learning app that provides its services absolutely free of cost. It also offers high-quality language learning resources without advertisements.

It is a free app, and a person can use it if he or she has an internet connection. The user can use this application in the web browser or download Duolingo application on your mobile phone. It is available for android users as well as iOS.

Duolingo offers learning lessons in a fun way. It has gamified the courses to maintain the users interested in learning the language from the app.

The essential primary feature of Duolingo is that it offers support broader user community through the discussion boards.

The Duolingo also offers its users the crowdsourced translation services that too at a very economical rate. The advantage is that users can translate the sentences and vote for the quality of translations.

In this article, you will quickly get all the Duolingo business models, which is a popular language-learning app widely used throughout the world. It is one of the best language learning apps which charges nothing. I hope the post will help you in understanding the business model of Duolingo.



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