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Best Doctor for Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery in India

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Best Doctor for Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery in India

Medical reasons to opt for plastic & cosmetic surgery and is it to be limited

These days, cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures are gaining immense importance across the globe among both men and women of all ages. This procedure is no more limited only to reverse age and to restore beauty. There are many people, who might experience unfortunate accidents that changes the way they look due to severe injuries. The Best doctor for Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery in India can help such patients to regain back their normal look or have a much better look than what they had, thus giving them a new life to enjoy.

Why need cosmetic and plastic surgery?

There are various medical reasons for people to avail cosmetic and plastic surgery. Few of them are given below:

  • Facial cosmetic surgeries: Women and men of all ages are said commonly avail reconstructive plastic surgery. The common procedures for rectifying breathing difficulties caused due to nasal obstructions and abnormalities as well as sleep apnea. If the face area is affected by skin cancer, then the plastic surgeons perform removal of the same using reconstructive expertise to help repair skin surface and minimize damage. The other common procedures undertaken are palate and cleft lip repair. Such malformations are likely to impair communication and eating ability of the patient and hence, will need reconstruction.
  • Breast augmentation: This is a commonly availed cosmetic surgeries opted by celebrities and the common people alike these days. With increase in breast cancer problems among women, breast implants are considered to be a boon. Restoring body contour by using implants is practiced and accepted widely. Breast reductions are also performed among women to treat and prevent re-occurrence of back aliments that might result from heavy breasts. Women who have witnessed weight loss and have been suffering from elasticity loss in their breast region can enjoy availing breast lifts. Several cosmetic surgical remedies are also recommended to gastric bypass patients due to various issues along with weakened muscle tone and excess skin.
  • Other reconstructive methods: Trauma patients also avail reconstruction procedures to get back their original look that they might have lost due to some unfortunate accident. These paints are offered with skin surface repairing and rebuilding of their bone structure. Burn victims also are assisted by reconstructive cosmetic and plastic surgeons.

Is there a need to set a limit upon cosmetic surgery?

There also have been cases of poor cosmetic surgeries conducted resulting in shocking and unwanted results. Such people are rather considered to be examples as to why there should be set some necessary limits in cosmetic surgical procedures.

Personal responsibility

A good number of doctors do believe in setting legal limits in the domain of plastic surgery. This will ensure that people do not go overboard when it comes to tucking and nipping.

Body issues

The human body is stated to be unique in design. External factors are responded to in different manners. Some people, for example, tend to struggle with their increasing weight and are required to watch very keenly as to what they consume, while others are found to overindulge regularly and still not display any kind of negative side effects arising from this consumption. There is also a segment who prefer overindulgence, although they are aware of poor eating habits causing detrimental effects to their overall health. But does this necessarily mean limits should be imposed upon food as some people prefer to simply disregard own safety!

The truth is that the human body is to be given treatment like an individual entity. Decisions pertaining to what one’s figure can or can’t withstand is to be discussed with the physician in length, before coming to a positive conclusion.

How much the person can cope up with cosmetic surgery entirely depends upon the person planning to avail the same and there is no set hard & fast rule. Some people are found to not display any signs of negativeness even after undergoing 10 procedures. Does it mean that this person should be limited with choice, simply because the other person is not able to withstand it?

The Best doctor for Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery in India when consulted upon will have a better look at the person or the patient and confirm if the surgery is to be performed or not.

Tarun Batra

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