Bangladesh is one of the few Islamic countries where prostitution is legal, Bangladesh has the world’s largest brothel

Bangladesh is one of the few Islamic countries where prostitution is legal, Bangladesh has the world’s largest brothel

Law is one such thing that is most important for keeping people organized in society. Whether it is a country, a province or a society, everyone definitely has some laws. These laws govern the people there according to the rules. The law made in the country is the same for every citizen of the country. When it comes to women, there are some inequalities about women in the law as well.

Even today there are many countries in this world where the situation of women is worse than bad. Where women have almost no freedom and today we are going to tell you about one such country. Where the situation of women is very pathetic, it is not any other country but Bangladesh.

The situation of girls or women in India’s neighboring country Bangladesh is worse than bad. In this country, there is not one, but many social restrictions on women. Let me tell you that most girls in Bangladesh are married before 18 years. The situation here is so bad that in some areas and communities here newborns are getting married. Some such cases also came up in which it was found that for some money here, family members get their innocent girls married even to an elderly person.

Regarding this connection, tell you one more thing, so that you will have doubts about the situation of women here. Let us tell you that Bangladesh has the largest brothel in the world. Yes, you heard it right and here, body trade is considered legally justified. Here girls deal openly. Every year many girls are brought here and sold from outside countries. Sometimes some women choose this business on their own free will. This is because employment opportunities for women in this country are negligible. Due to this compulsion, some women are forced to adopt this profession.

The most surprising thing of all is that Bangladesh comes at number four in the world in terms of marriage of girls at an early age. After looking at the situation of women in Bangladesh, it can be said that the world has advanced a lot today, but do not know from the influence of that time why this country is still untouched.

Perhaps you can also say that due to the slow pace of development of women, this country has lagged far behind the rest of the world. Well, whatever it is, we hope that in the coming time, perhaps the Government of Bangladesh must definitely improve the condition of the women here and make their lives better. At the same time, the government here breaks the social chains and gives them freedom to breathe in the open.



Bhanu Garg