Indian diet plan for weight loss : Try these tips to Good health

Indian diet plan for weight loss
Indian diet plan for weight loss

Everyone is aware of the importance of balanced diet, but most people are confused about how their diet should be according to their age, physical capacity, nature of work and daily routine. Dieticians and Nutritionists remove our doubts about the right diet.

Most of the people’s changed lifestyles and bad habits of eating habits affect their health. That is why awareness has increased in recent days about the balance of diet among people. Although balanced diet is based on the individual’s special needs, people often get confused about it. By removing this illusion, according to food nutrients we suggest dietician and nutritionist

Types of Dieticians

  1. Clinical nutritionist
  2. Management nutritionist
  3. Community nutritionist
  4. Nutrition Advisor

Whenever it comes to mentioning weight loss or keeping yourself fit, the first name comes from Dieting. There are many such diet plans that claim to lose weight in a short time. What are the plans and how much of it is, with the help of experts, you are telling: Dr. Amita Dhar

GM Diet

The General Motors Company took out this Indian Vegetarian Diet Formula for the sake of the fitness of its employees. After being successful there, it became very popular among those who dived. It is claimed that with its help, weight loss is reduced to 5-6 kg in 7 days.

Week plan

First day:

Eat Just Fruts On This Day, Yes Yes Eating Abundant You can take any fruit except grapes, bananas, litchi and mango. Even if you eat 20 times a day, but on this day your diet will be partly fried. In this case, you will lose weight of one and a half kilos.

Second day:

Eat vegetables today, boiled or raw, as you like. You can take as much as you want. But avoid oil and salt. Start the day with boiled potatoes and a teaspoon of butter. This will give you energy for the whole day. Do not take calories today. Completing these two days plan means that you are really serious about your mission.

Third day:

Today will be mixed day for both days before today. With this, start drinking plenty of water. Today potato is not eaten, because the fruits will get energy. Just as body fat starts to fall, so will your mind eat more. But stay on your target. It’s a bit difficult, but it’s possible.

Fourth day:

Sodium and potassium deficiency can not be included in the diet for three days. To remove this, banana and milk will remain on the day today. You can take 4 bananas and 4 times double toned milk in the day. Capsicum, garlic, onion and tomato soup can also be taken once a day.

Day 5:

Today you can return to taste. Tomatoes, paneer, sprouts, soyacakes etc. can be used as separate or as soup. Three times a day, this soup can be taken in breakfast, lunch and dinner. A cup of boiled brown rice can also be taken in the lunch. Eat 6 tomatoes a day and increase the amount of water.

Sixth day:

Paneer, sprouts and other vegetables will remain in the diet, but no tomatoes. You can take all these things in five miles a day. They can also be taken as soup. Keep salt low.

Seventh day:

In the last and important days, you should eat fresh fruit juice, one cup brown rice or half roti and other vegetables. Drink plenty of water in this diet. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. This will help in the detoxification of the body and the mind also remains relaxed.

Decrease: With this reduction in diet plan, there may be problems in muscle weakness, dehydration, headache, excessive appetite. However, as the body will adapt itself to this diet plan, it will also get rid of it.

Blood type diet

Naturopathic Physician Peter D. Adams, in his book ‘It Right for Your Type’, has described the blood plan according to the blood group. They argue that different blood groups act in their own way in digesting food proteins (lectin). If they believe, they get lactin separately from the wrong food, which causes bloating and cancer in addition to slowing metabolism. His spell is to eat the stomach according to the blood group and exercise according to need. Although the water should drink plenty of

Type O:

This is the oldest blood group, which gives Peter the name of ‘sharp hunter’. For this, he recommends taking high protein diets with lime meats, fish, pulses and vegetables. Take protein rich things in the food of all three times and take it in as much amounts as the stomach will be filled with comfort. According to them, people of this blood group are more likely to have stomach problems, so they are avoiding grains and breads. Also, these people should do a lot of exercise like jogging and biking.

Type A:

As Peter thinks, then it has been developed as a complete use of nutrients from the blood group carbohydrate source. This group recommends eating soya protein, cereals and vegetables. Five miles a day can be taken comfortably, with whom to fill the stomach. This group has a meat banner. A minimum of half an hour of exercise will be used daily.

Type B:

This group considers those people as Peter Flexible digestive system, so they can take small quantities of meat with dairy products. But not the chicken. Corn, wheat, tomatoes, peanuts etc. are not part of this diet. Do half an hour of exercise everyday.

Type AB:

This group has the qualifications of both A and B blood groups. The acid is low in their stomach. Therefore, Peter has been allowed to take meat on behalf of such people and to use tofu, seafood, dairy products and so on. Get three to five miles of the day light and avoid caffeine. Half hour light walk is very much.

Deficiency: No calorie count is mentioned in this diet plan, and it is not for one person but for the entire group, so it remains confused with it.

Atkins Diet

It can be called Long Term Planning for Weight Loss, which includes high protein, high fat and low carbohydrate diets. It was prepared by cardiologist Robert C. Atkins in 1972, who believed that carbohydrates are more responsible for weight gain.

Phase 1:

Take 20 grams of carbohydrate in the day. Avoid fruits, cereals, breads and more. Plan 3 to 6 miles a day and place protein rich items such as lentils, eggs, red meat, fish etc. Of course, take 2 liters of water. Follow this schedule for 2 weeks. 7 Forces go ahead on weight loss.

Phase 2:

Increasing some amounts of carbohydrates include vegetables, berries, nuts etc. back in the diet. If weight gain, then come on soup and salad.

Phase 3:

If you are about 4 kg away from the target, then start adding 10 grams of carbohydrates every week. Control the things like sweet potato and grain for this.

Phase 4:

Stay on the combination of above three diets that do not increase your weight. Take pizza and cake occasionally.

Decrease: After this extent, these people are starting to get boring. At the same time, due to this there is a complaint of constipation due to lack of sleep, lethargy, stomach odor and lack of fiber.

3 Hour Diet

Disturbed by over 20 kg weight, George Cruise has prepared it specifically to reduce belly fat. It claims that eating something-at some time every three hours increases body metabolism and decreases body fat. Exercise is not given much emphasis on this diet plan. There is just one condition that there is nothing to eat 3 hours before sleep. At the same time, there is no restriction on food items in this plan, because the cruise believes that no food is bad, it should be an absolute right. According to the cruise, this diet plan decreases the level of stress hormone cortisol, and the direct impact of its decrease appears on your Westline decrease.

At 7am: Apple, Walnut and Yogurt

10 o’clock (snacks): two cups carrots

At 1 a.m.: green vegetable, 1 roti and salad

4pm (snacks): One banana

At 7pm: A bowl of lentils and salads

At 10 o’clock: if needed, then an orange (below 50 calories)

This is a sample diet, which you can change according to your own. But the calories in the mile should not be 200-250 and 100-150 in snacks.

Deficiency: In this plan, going to the calorie body on the regular interval, so it is necessary to maintain the exact schedule of exercise. However, people often lose weight.

The Best Life Diet

It is not just a diet plan but a way of changing the lifestyle, which is the three-phase planning of Oprah Winfrey’s trainer and Exercise Physiologist Bob Green. Oprah had reduced weight by about 40 kgs. Bob believes that dieting and healthy regimen go both ways in physical and emotional manner. Therefore, to develop these, they should run with long term planning.

Phase 1:

Develop healthy suites for up to four weeks, taking out a time snack in addition to eating alcohol, eating nothing for two hours before sleeping, consuming daily vitamins and eating 3 times a day.

Phase 2:

Then after starting physical activity, counting calories is to start eating. In this phase, 6 things to leave, which are weaknesses and because of which your weight is increasing. It is different for every person. During this time people are very hungry, but it is controlled with calories count.

Phase 3:

The habits developed in the Maintenance phase have to be carried along for life. It has to be avoided with saturated fat, trans fat, sodium rich food, sugar, packed food etc

Deficiency: There is a lot to wait for to see big results. Often people are unable to do this and the plan is missed in the middle.

Mediterranean Diet

It has been prepared according to the eating habits of the southern coastal areas of Italy. It is believed that after following the correct way, this plan gives better results than low carbohydrate and low-fat diet. Only then it has been given the tag of the world’s best diet. In this diet, the holes-grains and non-processed carbohydrates, which contain very few unhealthy trans-fats, are included. It is believed that following this, there is no danger of diseases like heart attack, stroke, type 2 diabetes etc.

These things are included in the diet:

Plenty of vegetables and pulses

Fresh fruit daily

Olive oil as the principal source of fat

Yogurt and Low Calorie Dairy Products

Fish or chicken twice a week

Less than 4 eggs, with Yok, in a week

If you take it, then just a glass of red wine in a week


Plan 3 to 8 miles of vegetables a day. If you do not talk without rice and bread, then make half of their amount. Keep tea and coffee less than three cups a day. You can take apple and porridge in breakfast. A vegetable made in olive oil in lunch, a roti and salad, and dinner too light. Take dryfruits, yogurt and other snacks.

Deficit: This is not really a diet plan, as people expect. It is a matter of making changes in living and habits, in which people are usually not successful.

Fat Flush Diet

Nutritionist N. Lewis Gittlmann’s Low-Carbohydrate and Limited Calorie Diet Plan reduces weight by removing toxin from the body. The base of this diet is the ability to use the fat of the liver, which reduces frozen fat in the waist, hips and thais. Fat can be reduced by selecting the right things in the meal and increasing its body’s metabolism with its entire schedule. It is divided into three parts.

Phase 1:

Mix eight glass of cranberry (a fruit juice) and water daily to remove fat from the body in this detox phase. Calorie intake will be from 1100 to 1200 and there will be restrictions on wheat and dairy products. This phase is to follow up to 2 weeks. Take just cucumber, carrot, tomato salad twice a day. In this way we will lose 4 kg weight in 10 days. Take Flaxid (linseed) for omega 3 fatty acids with water and juice

Phase 2:

Take 1500 calories daily. This phase will remain until the weight loss target is complete. Take bread and vegetables twice a day, but the emphasis will be on salad and water.

Phase 3:

This is a lifestyle eating plan, in which the diet plan for whole life is determined by 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat. Brown rice, low fat cheese, corn, potato, beans etc. can be taken into the diet. A glass double-toned milk can take milk. Salt and sugar will remain low.

Deficiency: To follow this diet is to be disciplined in eating and exercising. Can not eat anywhere outside Then things included in this diet are more expensive than routine items.

GI Diet

GI or Glycemic Index Diet was originally prepared for sugar patients, but now food items with low glycemic index (below 70) have been used for weight loss. They digest slowly, causing the stomach to last longer. Include oats, whole grains, brown rice, cabbage, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, apples, oranges, strawberries, leafy vegetables, nuts etc. in the diet. Dates, beans and potatoes should not be taken in spite of being healthy, due to having more glycemic index. Plan 4 miles a day. Breakfast can be used for eggs, porridge, oats, fruits with low glycemic index, a glass of low fat etc. Yogurt, salad, green vegetable and bread in lunch. Take fruits or nuts in snacks. Take a soup in dinner.

What to Avoid: Rice, Bread, Biscuits, Banana, Sugar Mill Fruit Juice, Cookies, Ice Cream etc.

Deficiency: Food items give different reactions to each person’s body, according to the varity and timing of time, this index also changes to the conformation.

Caveman diet

It is also called Paleo diet. Its focus remains on eating when and how to eat, but not to reduce the number of calories. As the people lived in the Stone Age, according to that the demand for healthy food should be done by your body, its diet plan is prepared accordingly.

Stage 1:

Begin the first two weeks in the morning by drinking big glasses of water. Eat fruits and nuts throughout the day At night you can take a lot of your choice of food, even kibberger, pizza, etc.

Stage 2:

Continue the rule of water in the next two to six weeks, in the morning. Do not eat anything in the day and drink water. Any potato, nuts, eggs, berries etc., except potatoes, can be taken in the night.

Stage 3:

Stay in the morning with the rules of eating water routines and evening heavy foods. Take the natural things like lean meats, vegetables, nuts, on appetite in the day.

Deficiency: The rule of this diet making fat less tax is different from all other diets. It is advisable to eat plenty of food in the night, while it is usually recommended to eat light food at night.

Decrease Checklist

While saluting your effort to lose weight, we are giving a reminder to see if you missed it. If we did not take the weight measurement machine then take it now. Can also ask online. Good deal will be found. Price: 500 to 1500.

If you have a machine then take every Sunday weight! Try weighing now If you do not see the effect, take a little honesty and try. Wake up in the morning and drink a lemon in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it. It breaks fat. To eat junk, fast and packed food in the food for a short time, by completely bye-bye.

Brinj eating is one of the biggest enemies of fitness between eating food. Refrain from this. Exclude chocolates, cakes, chips and fine biscuits from home. Multigrain biscuits can occasionally take. Eat at least 3 fruits and vegetables daily. Place the salads and fruits in the refrigerator. Then the health food option will look like.

Eat dinner at least two hours before dinner or at least two hours before sleeping. Reduce the bread in the dinner. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. The cold excuse will not work. You can drink humming. Will be more beneficial.

Make at least 30 minutes of brisk walk, exercise or yoga every day. Can dance too. Mind and body, will remain fresh.

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