How to start a pizza delivery business in india

How to start a pizza delivery business
How to start a pizza delivery business

Working as a pizza courier can be a fun work. Famous pizza shops like Domino’s Pizza are always looking for couriers. To deliver pizza quickly and hot to pizza customers in pizza delivery, its breathtaking driving and good behavior is essential. However, the delivery of pizza delivery is much more than that! Here you can learn everything about the work of pizza delivery person, pay and part time job benefits and losses.

How to start a pizza delivery business

As a pizza delivery, you are the one who catches the ordered food from the kitchen to the customer. You are the face of the company you work for. Many people order online food or phones. Therefore, they do not come in contact with anyone other than the delivery or possibly the telephone operator. Good social skills are a bonus for this part time job. There are different tasks of a pizza courier that you have to fill with your skill.

For delivery

Delivery is the work that all pizza couriers, or ‘delivery person’ also do. As the delivery you get the number order and you have to give these orders to the customer. Food goes into a so-called ‘hot bag’. This is a bag in which the pizza is hot for a long time. Then you go on the road with that bag and when you go to the first address, give me food, then you give them a hot pizza and for this, they pay you for it. Often you will have many addresses located in the same district or city.


As a pizza delivery, you have to know all the streets of your city. Soon you will know that there is a process to know about every highway and shortcut of City Road. Example, the minimum number is often on the edge of the center. You also identify the street names on the part where the road is located. You can also use Google Maps to reach the logo quickly. You can pick up many addresses near each other or deliver pizza to customers who are already on the same path so that you can reach as many customers as possible in less time.


There are many tasks to run this business, which are important to complete. You should also take feedback from the customer so that you know how your service is to customers. To be able to work as a pizza delivery boy, you must have a valid (moped) driving license. For this, your minimum age should be 16 years.

How can you earn

The amount you earn depends on your age and your employer position. The sector you went to is the catering. So do not expect a woeful hour’s wage. Extra payments are not made in Sundays and public holidays. It is important for the extra income you earn. If you get lots of tips, you will soon earn more than another job. You can not predict how much gratuity you get. It depends on the number of trips you run, the weather, the time and place where you work.

The advantages and tricks of this job

Benefits: You can do this job with your colleagues. If you have a good performance, there will be a lot of tips on the tip, there is a flaxibble workplace, you work in the outdoor and you have freedom.

Damage: You have to do your duty in bad or good weather, you will have to work in the evening, due to traffic on the road, there may be less danger, you will start dislike pizza.

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