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What To Choose: An Offshore Company Or A Freelance PHP Developer?

What To Choose: An Offshore Company Or A Freelance PHP Developer?

It is really a big headache to hire PHP developer from best PHP Development Company. You have to check out various freelancing sites in order to hire a PHP developer. The freelance PHP developer will have many skills and you can outsource them depending on your requirement. There are different stages of the PHP web development and it is always being a tough and risky task to hire an offshore developer to develop a website because we need to check all the aspects that need to be integrated with our project as the charges of developers differ according to the project complexity.

Some people want to employ an individual PHP developer and work with them all alone while some other want to hire a PHP development company to play a role as a project administrator and coordinate with everyone who is associated with the project.

It’s always been an issue while hiring an offshore business partner, whether it should be an individual or a firm? When it comes to deciding that who will be beneficial for your project is totally depend on your project complexity.

If you have some easy work for your website and you want this to be done without any hassles in a short period of time, then you can hire an individual PHP developer, but if you need a large & complex application, then you might need a team of experts because some task simply can’t be done by a single developer. You might think of having an expert team who can work on different elements of your project at a time and can complete your project in a given time frame.

Once you will know you’ll require several developers according to the complexity and requirements of your project, you will consider hiring an offshore company.

Points to be considered when choosing between hiring an agency or individual freelancers –

1. Project Development Budget –
Before finalizing the cost of the particular project, you must take quotes from a number of PHP developers. It will give you an idea of the pricing that would justify the particular task and you can negotiate with them accordingly. The cost situation is highly in favor of individual PHP developers and hiring an individual freelancer can reduce your cost but, you may lack in quality of work. In other hands, you can hire a development agency that can offer you a complete solution with an expert team. The charges may differ slightly from an individual, but the chances of getting quality work are higher because the agency has specialists already assembled with them.

2. Requirement-
In addition, to consider any project, the most important aspect is to understand client requirements. You must think about the purpose of your project and which industry you are targeting. If you got your deploying idea, then assembling your own workgroup from the earliest starting point could have benefits in the long haul. For an individual, it may be difficult to understand some points of the project as each project have a unique concept and its not easy for an individual to be aware of all the updated technology. But for an agency it’s easy to understand requirements of any project as it has a bunch of PHP developer and they may have experience of working on different projects so this can make easy for clients to explain the requirement of what they needed.

3. Availability-
The availability is an important factor while considering a freelancer because the anyone wants that their work should be completed in a given time frame and hence the probability of choosing a freelance company is higher than a remote freelance as they can complete large work in a short period with the help of their pool of expert PHP developers. By hiring a development agency may appear to cost more, but hiring a company handles the entire project could save you a lot of time in the long run and you can stay focused on your business.

4. Experience-
The better solutions are provided by the experienced companies. They have a clear vision of different techniques which are used for implementing the PHP web development. You need to check their sample works of their previous clients. You can check the quality of work which they have delivered to other clients. If you compare an individual and a company than you will find that a company will have vast experience with different technologies and a bunch of working portfolios instead of an individual freelance developer.

5. The Project Estimate-
Another possible factor to consider development companies an offshore partner is, they are more willing to go for a settled value contract with you. The companies know how to make a better & accurate estimate of costing for all the milestones. It’s always better to go with a legal contract while you are proceeding professionally and this can be done with well-settled companies instead of an individual freelancer.

6. Checking The Authority –
You must ensure that you are giving your projects in the right hands. You just need to check the authority of freelancer to ensure that he will comply with the legal norms and standards. In case of specific requirements, you can define your own norms that the developer should adhere.

7. After Sales Service –
The quality of service also depends on the type of support after the delivery of the project offered by the developer or company. They should provide effective customer service. If a developer or a company is unable to provide you efficient after sales service, then you should not consider hiring the particular one.

So, these are some of the important factors that one should consider before hiring an individual PHP developer or a company for a particular project. This comparison of an offshore company and a freelance PHP developer will help you in selecting the right candidate, which will eventually help in providing better solutions for your requirements. You can also consult the expert team of LogicSpice for your diversified requirements. Our developers have years of experience in the field, which makes us the leaders in providing an optimal solution.

If you have the plan to develop the PHP web application, then contact the expert team of Logicspice. We have more than 12 years of experience in developing a number of custom PHP web applications. Let’s move ahead to contact.

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