Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies in World, USA

Top 10 Cloud Computing Service Provider Companies

In today’s digital world, cloud computing has become a very familiar buzzword. The benefits of adopting a cloud platform are the reason why companies are going for migration; particularly small companies.

While the benefits of adopting a cloud platform are enticing, there are many people concerned about cloud migration. Especially, the CIO’s. There is a huge inventory of security risks when it comes to the cloud computing process. Effective measures have to be taken in order to overcome these risks.

A bit of experience always comes handy in any area. Hence, we have compiled a list of experienced cloud computing service providers who can help you move to the cloud without any hassle.

Inventory of  Best Cloud Computing Companies

  1. Navtech:   Navaratan Technologies or Navtech is considered to be the quintessential company for cloud services. It is well known for providing a seamless migration experience to its customers. The company breaks down the transition process into four phases: Analyze, Plan, Choose and Execute. Navtech offers AWS and Azure consulting services.Services:

    Cross-platform Development Services
    Cloud Computing Services
    Cloud Security & Migration Services
    DevOps Services
    Digital Strategy ManagementLocation:

    USA, India, United Kingdom.
    Contact no: +1 (206) 201-2626 or +91 6305810696

  2. Marlabs: Already a leading provider of cloud consulting services. Marlabs uses a holistic approach to evaluate the applications that are best for migration. They use indigenous tools to expedite the migration to the cloud. Their unified service, One Console, offers a one-stop location for enterprises to provision, monitor, manage or govern IT services in cloud or on-premises.Services:

    Cloud Managed & Migration Service
    Cloud Security Services
    DevOps services
    Digital Asset Management
    BI Architecture Design SolutionsLocation:

    USA, Canada, Germany, India.
    Contact No: +1 (732) 465 0100

  3. Protera Technologies: Protera starts by assessing the existing environment of an enterprise. The assessment entails a thorough report of current performance, usage metrics, and recommended migration plan. The company uses a tool named Protera Flex bridge to support various types of cloud services.Services:

    Public & Private Cloud Services
    Hybrid Cloud Services
    Cloud Migration Services
    Disaster Recovery Services
    Managed Infrastructure ServicesLocation:

    USA, United Kingdom,
    Contact No: +1-877-70 PROTERA (77683)
    Emaid-id:  ———

  4. Alooma: Alooma offers a simple, efficient and secure way to shift on-premises data to the cloud. With diverse expertise in cloud-based services, it ensures a secure transition to the cloud. Alooma specializes in AWS migration.Services:

    Data Pipeline
    Cloud Migration
    Data Warehousing & Cleansing
    Database Replication
    Data Mapping & MigrationLocation:

    USA, Israel
    Contact no: +1-650-204-1116
    Email-Id: ——–

  5. Saviant: Saviant offers Azure infrastructure and security services. Their services help enterprises to securely and reliably extend infrastructure to Azure. They offer support in estimating instance capacity, recovery and redundancy planning, security management; thus enabling a successful business transition.Services:

    Data Platform & Analytics
    Industrial IoT Consulting
    Azure PaaS Development
    Cloud Adoption & Migration
    Manual & Automation TestingLocation:

    Contact no: +1(914) 292 0220

  6. NaviSite: With NaviSite Technologies, enterprises can understand all the options that are available for cloud services. They offer cost-effective solutions that help an organization to experience a smooth migration to the cloud. They offer consulting services in the Microsoft platform.Services:

    Managed Cloud Infrastructure Services
    Application Development Services
    Cloud Desktop Services (DaaS)
    Hosting ServicesLocation:

    USA, UK, India.
    Contact No: 888-264-4662
    Mail Id:

  7. Kamatera: Stress-free migration to the cloud is the battle cry of Kamatera. Its methodology is divided into three steps: Identify migration goals, Choose the right cloud and Analyze the application environments. They support you throughout the entire migration process and make sure the resulting experience is satisfactory.Services

    Cloud Infrastructure Services
    Managed Cloud Services
    Cloud Migration Services
    Disaster Recovery Management
    Cloud Systems ConsultancyLocation:

    Contact +1-212-738-9657

  8. Ironstone: Whether you are moving 10 or 1000 servers to cloud, they’ve got you covered. Ironstone’s migration methodology begins with a detailed evaluation of your business environment and needs. Further, they create a step-by-step plan and let you cherish a smooth transition to the cloud. They offer Azure cloud consulting services.Services:

    Cloud computing Services
    Azure Monitoring
    Software vendor solutionsLocation:

    Norway, Sweden, USA, Canada.
    Phone no:

  9. Zensar: If you are looking for a company that supports migration with minimal to zero downtime, then Zensar is a perfect choice. Zensar’s migration experts use industry-leading tools that help businesses get to the cloud. They offer services in AWS, Azure, Google and Oracle cloud platforms.Services:

    Digital Maintainance
    Agila IT Moderation Services
    Content Governance Solutions
    Cloud Infrastructure Services
    Cloud Modernization ServicesLocation:

    India, USA, UK
    Contact no: +1 866-425-4242

  10. Annese: One of the most dedicated cloud computing service provider. Annese determines an organization’s technical requirements, business objectives, and operational needs before devising the migration strategy. Annese has recently been acquired by ConvergeOne.Services:

    Cloud Migration Services
    Cloud Managed & Professional services
    Enterprise Networking
    Data security servicesLocation:

    Contact no: ——-
    Email-id: ——–The compiled list is completely based on research and reviews to help readers. We value your opinion and are open for suggestions to add any company to the list. Please provide relevant reasons why it is the best company.